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I’m scared for my life, man accused of killing Pinto says

At only 23, Mr Kisilu Mutua was jailed for 36 years for the killing of the fiery politician two years after independence.
Kisilu, who was pardoned by President Daniel Moi in July 2001 after a campaign by his family and pressure groups, insists he was not responsible for the murder of Mr Pinto who was involved in the independence struggle.
Now 80, Kisilu laments that a recent development threatens to rob him of his life in old age. He regrets that a plot he was gifted by the government in Kiambiyo area in Eastleigh Section III after his release, is about to be taken away from him. –

INSIDE KAMITI ‘CALL CENTRE’ – How inmates mint ‘millions’ from con calls

How inmates mint ‘millions’ from con calls.

Inmates target job seekers and investors.

How Did The Chinese Build The Road On Cliffs? Incredible Mega Projects

The world is full of surprises. There are always some things in the world that are beyond our expectations.

In today’s economically developed people’s living standards, it is difficult to imagine how people build roads on cliffs.

How well do you know the parts of your title deed?

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Hello landowners, how well do you know the parts of your title deed?

In general, a title deed is a booklet with 4 pages, with a seal and signature.

Watch this video as our CEO, Reuben Kimani takes you through the parts of a title deed that you need to know.