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Stowaway recovers after flying Kenya to Holland via Stansted in wheel bay

The teenager is thought to have climbed into the Turkish Airlines cargo

flight as it waited to leave Jomo Kenyatta International airport last week

A teenage stowaway has made a “miraculous” recovery after surviving hours in sub-zero temperatures on a 4,800-mile journey inside a jet’s landing gear. The 16-year-old’s extraordinary passage from Kenya to Holland, with stops in Turkey and Britain, was discovered after he fell from the cargo plane on to the runway at Maastricht Aachen airport in Limburg. He was taken to hospital with extreme hypothermia but within days was declared fit and well. “For us, it is a miracle,” Marvin Engh, a spokesman for the Dutch police, said. “Usually when someone stows away like this, they die because of the cold or a lack of oxygen.” An investigation found that the youngster concealed himself on a Turkish Airlines A330 aircraft at Nairobi’s international airport last Wednesday.

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