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Motorway fly-tippers escorted back to rubbish they dumped

Three men were seen leaving bags of rubbish on a grass verge between junctions 12 and 13 of the M6 in Staffordshire (Picture: @CMPG / Twitter)

A group of motorway fly-tippers who were caught on camera dumping their rubbish were escorted back to the scene – and ordered to pick it all up. Traffic cops pulled over three men on the M6 on Sunday and escorted them back five miles in the opposite direction to clear up the waste they had left at the side of the road. CCTV operators from Highways England alerted the police after seeing them leaving bags of rubbish on a grass verge between junctions 12 and 13 in Staffordshire. Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group officers then intercepted the vehicle between junctions 14 and 15 – and took them back to the scene. Pictures posted on Twitter show the trio bending down to scoop up the rubbish after being ordered to do so. Social media users praised the officers for delivering ‘instant karma’ to the fly-tippers. Carl Brindley said: ‘Instant karma right there – serves you right lads. Show us their faces next time.’ Jim Sanbrooke commented: ‘Hahaha, what a bunch of tools. Got everything they deserved, I hope they were fined as well.’ Ann Williamson wrote: ‘Brilliant! Should have got them to pick up everyone else’s rubbish whilst they were there.’

Nick Williams added: ‘Absolute class, guess it wasn’t a clean getaway for them.’ A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said: ‘We were alerted by Highways England on Sunday that their cameras had picked up an incident of littering in an Emergency Refuge Area. ‘Two of the three occupants of a Volkswagen Passat were spotted dropping fast food wrappers, plastic bottles and other rubbish on the side of the M6 northbound between Junction 12 and Junction 13. ‘No commercial waste or hazardous substances were left. ‘Officers attended and intercepted the vehicle still travelling northbound between Junction 14 and 15 and stopped it at Stafford Services. ‘They turned the vehicle around at Junction 15 and made the vehicle return to the scene and pick up their rubbish again as part of a community resolution.

‘Their details were passed onto Environmental Health for monitoring.’ Highways England network operations manager for the Midlands, James Hawkes, said: ‘We spotted this blatant and reckless abuse of one of our designated emergency areas on our CCTV system and quickly passed it to the police. ‘We continue to work closely with our police colleagues who enforce issues like this. Emergency areas are there for just that, an emergency. ‘They’re not there for people who fly-tip, which is highly irresponsible and illegal.’ –