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Lorry driver ‘tried to smuggle 17 migrants out of UK’

The alleged stowaways were discovered in the back of a truck bound for mainland Europe

A lorry driver has been charged with trying to smuggle 17 migrants out of the UK. Hakan Zengin, 36, from Turkey, was arrested after the stowaways were discovered in the back of his truck bound for mainland Europe, police said. He was stopped at the M25’s junction with the A3 in Surrey on March 21. Police added the migrants were concealed in the lorry’s trailer and were sitting on pallets that had been laid across the load to make their journey more comfortable. They were all arrested on suspicion of immigration offences and are being dealt with by the immigration authorities. Zengin appeared before Wimbledon Magistrates on Tuesday where he was remanded in custody until his next scheduled appearance at Kingston Crown Court in April.


A spokesperson for the National Crime Agency (NCA) said: ‘Smuggling migrants out of the UK is more common than you’d think, with people smuggling working both ways. ‘There are multiple reasons why they’d be leaving the UK. ‘Some have been wanted for serious criminality and are fleeing the jurisdiction. ‘Some are subject to deportation and do not want to be deported to their home country and are fleeing to Europe. ‘Some are in the UK illegally, have no travel documents and cannot leave to visit family or sort out affairs in their home country. ‘They are generally found without any legitimate travel documents when encountered in the lorries.’ –