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London tornado ravages buildings in Barking, London sparking mass panic

A TORNADO has struck in east London this evening, leaving a number of homes and vehicles damaged.

Barking residents have shared worrying footage of the extreme weather event on social media on Friday evening. Police officers and the fire brigade have been called by panicked Londoners as properties suffered structural damage.

Howling winds caused brick walls to crumble, trees to collapse and sent wheelie bins flying in all directions.

Barking and Dagenham Police has confirmed it was called shortly after 7pm to reports of damage caused to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles in Hulse Avenue and surrounding areas.

The force added the destruction was caused by adverse weather conditions, including lightning.

In one terrifying video posted on Twitter, swirling winds can be seen rampaging through a back garden with debris flying over high fences.

Menacing dark clouds could be seen closing in as an apocalyptic scene descended over the capital.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “Tornado in Barking, East London. WOW.”

In another clip, a number of collapsed trees are seen being dragged in the middle of a residential street by the strong gusts.

Wheelie bins are also decimated along with the pavements with rubbish being propelled against properties and parked cars.

A resident also captured the shocking moment the powerful winds trigger the front wall of a property to collapse, with broken bricks spread across the footpath.

He shouted: “The wall broke… the whole wall broke. Oh my god!”

Sky News’ Kiran Bhangal tweeted: “Just experienced a tornado in Barking east London. Dozens of cars and homes damaged.

“Police and fire crews on the scene. Very scary indeed.”

One local resident told the storm had travelled three miles across the capital and heavy rains triggered localised flooding.

They said: “The storm has just got here and it’s coming down. A mate three miles away who got it before us said there was a river running down his road.

“The rain is really hammering down on our roof, it’s almost as loud as our voices.”

Barking and Dagenham Police said in a statement: “Police were called at around 1920hrs to reports of damage caused to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles in Hulse Avenue and some surrounding roads in the Barking area.

“This is a weather related incident, during which there was a lightning strike…” –