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How storing half an avocado in a tub of cold WATER keeps it fresh

A clever way to prevent half an avocado from turning brown has been shared by thousands on social media.

The hack involves submerging a freshly cut avocado pit-side down in a bowl of cold water to keep it fresh for up to two days.

The tactic was revealed by food community Whole30 who shared a video on Instagram by savvy mum Stephanie Kelley, which has since has captured the attention of more than 1.4 million people.

The hack involves storing the freshly cut avocado in a bowl of cold water to keep it fresher for longer
‘Did you know this? We were today-years-old when we learned about this brilliant kitchen hack,’ the brand wrote online.

‘We’re a bit embarrassed to admit the number of avocados we’ve had to toss over the years, and we all know that avocados are gold.’

In the short clip, the avocado is sliced in half longways, placed in a container and filled with chilled water before being put in the fridge.

The results speak for themselves as the avocado remained fresh overnight.

Other social media users couldn’t believe they hadn’t heard of the handy trick before and were eager to try it.

‘As a major avocado lover, I will definitely be using this hack!’ one person wrote.

Earlier this year a dietitian revealed three additional ways to prevent avocados from turning brown.

Rebecca Gawthorne, from Sydney, Australia revealed you can use lemon, olive oil and even onion to stop the off-putting discolouration.

Sharing on her Nourish Naturally Instagram page the popular content maker told her fans to save the video for the next time they stock up on the fruit because the methods work so well.

‘The browning of an avocado is a natural chemical reaction called oxidisation that occurs when a cut avocado is exposed to oxygen in the air,’ she explained.

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