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Have your vaccine or face losing your job, Government to tell NHS workers

Around 100,000 NHS workers are still yet to have a single Covid-19 vaccine.
The move comes following a rollout of mandatory vaccination for social care workers in England.
NHS staff in England will face losing their jobs if they do not comply with government mandatory vaccines, according to reports.
Despite a massive 1.4 million NHS staff having already been vaccinated against Covid, around 100,000 people are still yet to have a single jab.
As reported by i news earlier today, in a bid to increase uptake NHS staff in England are to be told to have both the COVID-19 and influenza vaccines or face losing their jobs. Sources suggest hesitancy to be vaccinated from some ethnic minority communities and women planning on becoming pregnant.
The move comes following a rollout of mandatory vaccination for social care workers in England.
Unacceptable uncertainty.
A draft policy document seen by the publication states: “As we return pre-pandemic norms seasonal flu and SARS-CoV-2 viruses have the potential to add substantially to the ‘winter pressures’ usually faced by the NHS, particularly if infection waves from both viruses coincide – vaccination against both Covid-19 and flu is a critical step in protecting the vulnerable as well as the wider health and social care system against a tough winter this year, and in future years.”
The low uptake of the flu jabs in some hospitals and care homes is causing “unacceptable uncertainty”.
It further explains: “While this was accepted by some in the past as the way of things, a normal feature of excess winter mortality, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in both hospitals and care homes brings in to very sharp focus whether in future that absence of protection for patients and those who are served by health and social care should continue to be accepted as the norm, for both flu and for Covid-19.”
A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson added: “We have taken action to introduce vaccination requirements in care homes and we recently consulted on extending this further across health and other social care services. No final decisions have been made and we will set out our response in due course.
“Vaccines are safe and effective and almost 4 in 5 people in the UK have already had both jabs to protect themselves against Covid-19. It’s never too late to take up the offer and we would urge everyone who is eligible to come forward as we head into the winter months.”
Trust leaders support mandatory vaccinations.
Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers claims around a third of NHS bosses support the move. He said: “A majority of trust leaders support mandatory vaccinations for health staff, but there are risks that the government must manage.
“The main concern is about staff shortages at a time when the health service is already significantly stretched and heading towards a difficult winter.
“To date, the health service has done extremely well on vaccinations through encouragement, not obligation. The government must first support efforts to maximise voluntary take up, particularly among hesitant staff groups, rather than creating a rapid cliff edge deadline.
“If the government is to proceed with this, it makes sense that the deadline for mandatory vaccinations for health staff is no sooner than April 2022.”