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‘Burglar’ has to wait for police to arrest him after head gets stuck in railings

The suspected burglar was left a sitting duck for police

This suspected thief may have just won the award for most hapless ‘criminal’ of the year. The man got his head trapped in railings while allegedly trying to escape a burglary. His plight might have gone unnoticed but he ended up stuck between the metal bars for two and a half hours. Neighbours in the nearby block of flats spotted him trying to wriggle free and alerted the police. The marooned man was filmed by onlookers at 4.40pm but police in the Mexican city of Morelia didn’t arrive until 7pm. One witness said: ‘He looks like a rat caught in a trap.’ Three cops arrived and managed to cut him free with some bolt cutters. One officer even did a summersault to get down from the roof before the suspect was taken down. –