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2021 Study Reveals Surprising Truth About UK Cremations And Funerals

We plan our careers. We plan our holidays. We try to prepare for many things throughout our life. But there’s one important matter that most of us fail to get ready for. It’s something that’s certain to come and cannot be avoided…



A recent study from YouGov found out that only 6% of adults set up a prepaid funeral or cremation plan¹.This creates a problem for their family and loved ones.

Because the time comes and planning is no longer an option, many end up stressed with years of debt because of all the costs on their shoulders.

In fact, the cost of the average funeral in the UK has increased 122% in the last 15 years . In 2018, the total cost of dying was an alarming £9,204 per person². An online study reported the average cost of a burial is £4,321 and a cremation is £3,250³.

The final price will vary depending on the plan chosen and several other factors, but generally cremations are cheaper than burials because there are fewer costs involved.

No matter the final price, smart consumers in the UK save money by comparing quotes before choosing a plan. It may not be a motivating task, but it’s worth it.

And by not taking care of this in advance, it may have serious financial consequences and cause unnecessary stress to your loved ones. It’s more important now than ever to lock in a rate that won’t grow over time.

Projections published by the UK government in a Funerals Market Study found that funeral costs increased twice as fast as inflation⁴. With proper coverage, your relatives will be safe from this burden.

The good news is that Reassured are helping a lot of people save money by arranging prepaid plans with funeral and cremation providers.

This new method offers cost-effective plans that allow you to cover funeral costs without the burden of emotional stress.

There’s no medical exam required or need to get your health checked to qualify. Coverage is guaranteed for UK residents aged 18 and above.

To search for a plan, simply select your age below to avoid using time and effort to call multiple providers to find the perfect plan.