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My love for easy money made me leave my lecturer job to become a drug trafficker

Grace Akinyi holds many titles. She is a mother, a former lecturer at Kenya Polytechnic and an ex-convict who served 7 years at Langata Prison center for drug trafficking.
When her husband started cheating on her and stopped providing for his family, she was determined to maintain the same lifestyle she had and was not ready for her friends to start talking.
Then one of her so called “friend” noticed her level of desperation and introduced her to a business she regrets to date.

They Call Me Monkey Now I Bought a Brand New House For My Mom

This is a Follow Up Of a Story Of a Child Who Was Born Different, Bullies Call Him Monkeys Now His Life Has Changed Completely
Note: Original Video created in Kinyarwanda by Afrimax Ltd which means we own its right 100% as long as we are the one who produced the original one and this is English Version Please subscribe for more Afrimax English Videos
This video shows a story of children born in a different way, we visited them and their parents shared with us the whole situation.