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PART 1 :My Indian husband said he was going to marry me the first day we met

When Grace Lobo saw a “hi” on her inbox, she would have chosen to ignore it, but her gut feeling told her to reply and so she said hello right back. What followed would be a date where her future husband declared he would marry her and the rest is history.
Over a decade later, they have four children together and beautiful memories;
And not to forget, her husband even took her back to school….

No-Go Zones – World’s Toughest Places – Ghost Town, South Africa

Ghost Town – one of the toughest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. The deadly no-go area is ruled by the “Ugly Americans”, one of the toughest street gangs in Cape Town. Whoever enters their territory must fear his life. No police or ambulances will help one there. Drug trading, addiction, violence, shootouts, and prostitution.
Get an exclusive view of one of the worlds toughest places without putting your life in danger. Win win! And enjoy

Safari of my Life – Wildlife Photography Documentary with Klaus Tiedge

A film capturing not only what it’s like to be on safari in Kenya but also telling a tale of bravery in the face of adversity. “Life is too short not to do exactly what you want.”
In 2017 Klaus Tiedge embarked on a rather ambitious journey to go to Kenya in 2018 and make a film.
This “film idea” was something that Klaus had been thinking about doing for a few years already as a way to challenge himself to do something more than “just” photography. He hired film editor, Dean Paarman, to start the process by turning his existing footage into short videos for social media.
After receiving shocking news that Klaus was diagnosed with life threatening cancer, the idea of a film turned from an idea into a must-do goal.
“Life is too short not to do exactly what you want.”
Klaus underwent a severe surgery in 2017 and while in recovery decided that when he was out of the hospital, the planning would begin. True to his word Klaus spoke to his film editor Dean Paarman and proposed he come with to help make this project a reality.
By February 2018 only final touches were required before the two of them would set off to film “The Safari of a Lifetime”.
An epic month of adventure, blood, sweat and tears ensued. Klaus’s Family joined them for the last week to make it one of the most memorable safari trips of all time.
(The film also includes some of the last footage of “Big Tim” – the Amboseli Elephant – which sadly passed away earlier in 2020)
Filmed & Edited by Dean Paarman @Travelvids