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Mother who lost son, husband and daughter in three weeks

Charlotte Crawford, a mother-of-three, has said her Covid vaccine has saved her life (Picture: CBS)

A mother fully-vaccinated against coronavirus lost her husband, son and daughter – who were yet to receive their jabs – all within a three-week period. Heartbroken hospital worker, Charlotte Crawford, has said she received her second Covid vaccine dose in January and just seven days later, her family started getting sick after contracting the virus. Crawford, from Forney, Texas, managed to get her jabs earlier than most as she work at the local Parkland Hospital. Sadly, the rest of her family were left un-vaccinated, meaning while she was protected, the virus was able to rip through her household. ‘My son died first. My husband died second and my daughter died after that’, Mother-of-three, Crawford said, reports CBS Minnesota.

She said that her son Royce, aged 33, died after weeks in ICU. at the end of January and around the same time, her daughter Natalia, aged 38, was also admitted with damaged lungs/ Her husband, Henry Royce, was diagnosed with the virus around the same time as the couple’s children and tried to help support them through their illnesses. Tragically, Henry Royce died from Covid two weeks after his son died, and one week later Natalia succumbed to the virus. Crawford, who watched two of her children and her husband die from a virus that she was now protected against, has said the vaccine saved her life. Instead of seeping in sorrow, Crawford has vowed everyone to get their Covid vaccination as soon as they are eligible. She said: ‘I would like everyone to hear me, especially the Black community and the Hispanic community. ‘The only reason why I’m sitting here is because I got my shots. If I can help someone else to save themselves and their family, I want to do it. ‘Once this disease gets in your house, you have no control over it.’ –

Former UK resident Peter Mbugua dies in Kenya

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the sudden demise of Mr Peter Kihara Mbugua of Githunguri and formerly of UK.
His death occurred on 10th March. He was father to Sammy Mbugua and Kennedy Kariu, grandfather to many.
He was uncle to Naomi Gitu, Naomi Eddy (Mama Candy), Kui Ben (Mama Dexter), Cira, Janet 21, Kinjo John, Ritchie Ranx among many others.
The family would kindly ask for your financial assistance as our Uncle has left a huge hospital bill. If you would like to assist the family during this difficult time to clear the hospital bill and funeral costs please do so through Mpesa to:
Naomi Nyoro @0705882524
Naomi Mwai @0719764767,

UK account Number Natwest Bank
NM Mwai
Account 53141954
Sort Code 60 01 38.

Please put your name as a reference.

May God bless you as you give and pray for the entire family.

Further details will follow as they unfold.
#Naomi Gitu 07488709081
#Mercy P 07572154126.

When will hairdressers and barbers open in England?

Hairdressers and barbers across the nation are getting prepared to reopen their doors. (Picture: Getty Images)

Hairdressers and barbershops had to close their doors once again in January as the UK entered lockdown. Non-essential businesses such as salons and clothes shops were told to remain closed in an attempt to control the outbreak. However, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have all been revealing their roadmap out of the current restrictions. So, when will hairdressers and barbers reopen? Here’s everything you need to know. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s four-part roadmap, hairdressers, barbers and salons will be able to reopen in England from Monday, April 12. This is also the date that has been proposed for the reopening of non-essential shops. Mr Johnson has emphasised that the government will focus on ‘data not dates’ when it comes to lifting restrictions, so there is a chance this date could be delayed if infection rates rise again across the country.

Hairdressers and barbers in Wales are getting ready to open their doors on Monday, March 15. The Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, said the Government will begin reopening society ‘cautiously, carefully, and step-by-step’ going forward. As for Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon still hasn’t announced an exact date, but she vowed to not delay the reopening of hairdressers and barbers any longer than necessary. During a recent parliament annoucement, Ms Strugeon said she is hoping to ease restrictions sooner than expected. People in Northern Ireland hoping for a trim are not in luck, either, as salons are expected to remain closed until at least April 1. Are mobile hairdressers open in lockdown? Mobile hairdressers are not allowed to operate in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or Level 4 areas in Scotland during the lockdown. This applies to people who come into your house, and also those who work out of a van or other vehicle. But if your pampered pooch desperately needs a haircut for their health, you’re in luck as dog groomers are open for pets that need a trim for their welfare. –

JKUAT students charged with hacking bank, stealing millions

Two university students are accused of allegedly stealing Sh24.4 million after hacking into a local bank’s system, and are also said to have attempted to move another Sh190.7 million. The Information and Technology (IT) students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) were on Monday charged with conspiring to defraud NCBA Bank of over Sh190.7 million and stealing Sh24.4 million. Antony Mwangi Ngige, 23, and Ann Wambui Nyoike, 21, were arraigned before senior resident magistrate Carolyne Muthoni Njagi over the offences that the prosecution alleges were committed between October 20 and 22, this year. They denied the charges before Ms Njagi at the Milimani Law Courts. The prosecution said the two students conspired to defraud the lender with others who are yet to be arrested. Curiously, the court heard that it was Mr Ngige had alerted the bank via Twitter about the systems hitch that he discovered through NCBA’s mobile app. “It is the first accused (Ngige) who initiated his prosecution process by informing bank authorities that there was a hitch in its system,” the magistrate was told by their lawyer. The defence argues that Mr Ngige is a whistleblower who has now been turned into a suspect.


The lawyer explained that when the bank failed to respond urgently to Ngige’s tweet, the accused “took it upon himself and wrote an SMS (a short text messenger) to the bank about the anomaly.” Following the SMS, the bank’s management summoned him on Saturday. He presented himself and again they was asked to report today (Monday), after which he and Ms Nyoike were arrested and later brought before court. “I urge this court to release the suspects on a reasonable cash bail of Sh100,000 given that they are students and not financially able to raise a substantial amount,” the lawyer urged Ms Njagi. The prosecuting counsel, Ms Winnie Moraa, did not object to their release on bond. But she asked the court to consider the colossal amounts involved and impose more stringent measures. In her ruling, Ms Njagi said bail is a constitutional right for every suspect “unless compelling reasons are presented by the prosecution.” She directed each of the accused to deposit a bond of Sh2 million with one surety or similar amount or they deposit a cash bail of Sh500,000 each. She directed that the case be mentioned virtually on November 10, 2020 for pre-trial directions. –

ODM leader Raila Odinga tests positive for COVID-19

ODM leader Raila Odinga has tested positive for COVID-19, a statement from his doctor revealed on Thursday night. Consultant neurosurgeon David Oluoch-Olunya said he is responding well to treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. “Following my letter of the 10th of March 2021 we have confirmed that Rt. Hon. Odinga has SARS-2 COVID 19. We are continuing to monitor his progress,” the statement reads. The ODM leader was admitted to hospital on March 9 after he complained of general fatigue and body aches. On Thursday, Mr. Odinga said in a statement that he received a briefing from doctors who had conducted numerous tests on him for the last two days to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. “While the tests were several, one important result, which I have authorized the doctors to make public is that I have been found to have been exposed to Covid-19.“Despite the fact that I feel strong and in good shape after a few days in hospital, I have agreed with my doctors to undertake the mandatory quarantine,” he said. He thanked the medical personnel for their service and emphasized that Kenyans should acknowledge that COVID-19 is real.

“It is in our midst and we need to observe all the measures being put out by the government, scientists and health personnel,” he added. Studies have found that the most prevalent symptoms of COVID-19 include chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, abdominal pain, cough, low back pain and fatigue, CNN reports. On Thursday, the Health Ministry reported that 829 more people had tested positive for coronavirus out of a sample size of 6,239 tested in the last 24 hours. The country’s caseload now stands at 111,185. One patient succumbed to the disease pushing our cumulative fatalities to 1,899. The CS said a total of 566 patients are currently admitted in various health facilities countrywide, while 1,694 patients are on Home Based Isolation and Care. 91 patients are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 22 of whom are on ventilatory support and 60 on supplemental oxygen. 9 patients are on observation. Another 28 patients are separately on supplementary oxygen with 26 of them in the general wards and 2 in the High Dependency Unit (HDU). –

Woman arrested with grenades, teargas canisters in Marsabit

Woman in possession of grenades and teargas canisters

A 24-year-old woman was Thursday arrested in possession of three hand grenades and four teargas canisters in her pouch at Sololo Makutano road block in Marsabit County. The woman was travelling in a Nanyuki Sacco vehicle that was heading to Marsabit town from Moyale on the Kenya-Ethiopia border. The woman was arrested by multi-agency security team which was acting on intelligence. A police signal seen by the Nation identified the woman as Galmo Mohamed Galgalo. Hand grenades and teargas canister. The hand grenades and teargas canisters that were recovered from a 24-year-old woman at Sololo Makutano road block in Marsabit County.


Suspected militant
The signal also indicated the woman’s final destination is yet to be established. Also arrested was the driver of the vehicle the woman was travelling in. The driver has since been identified as Qalicha Godana. “She was arrested at around 10:25am and we have handed her over to the Anti-Terror Police Unit for further investigations,” Sololo Deputy Commissioner Dennis Kyeti told the Nation on phone. Mr Kyeti explained that a preliminary investigation based on a number of videos found in the woman’s phone gallery hinted that she could be an active militant. –

My Grandfather Disowned My Mother For Marrying a Kenyan man (US)

A mixed-race woman has come out to share the ordeal her own mother who is a white woman went through in the hands of her family just because she married an African. In a series of tweets, the woman known as Gesare Chife revealed that her maternal grandfather disowned her just because she married a black man from Kenya and her narration is in reaction to claims by Meghan Markle that racism exists in royal family. When my white mother married my Kenyan father in 1965, her father disowned her. He banned all the family members from attending the wedding. My aunt sneaked out & came to church with her hair dripping wet. When my eldest sister was born, grandpa came around. Our parents moved to Kenya, for the 46 years they were there, mum’s family never visited her. When Mum came to visit my sister and I in the USA, we took her to visit her brother. Everything in his house was white, even the dogs. He rushed us out of the house to a restaurant. Next day he had changed his number. Years later when Mum had cancer, My uncle came to my home. He seemed shocked and commented that he thought we would live in the projects. Inside Africa was on TV, he was shocked Kenya had a stock market. When mum died, he did not call. We grew up with the love of our father family, oblivious to the issues. My mother built a great life, educated thousands, did so much for community. She took in orphans, cared for so many.

She was very gentle, calm and kind. When she visited the US, it was as an African. I remember when her father died, they told her days later. Mum locked herself in a room and cried for two weeks. That was when I finally realized the pain, the suffering, the sacrifice she had endured all those years. I came to respect her incredible strength and resilience. When we fall in love, we may do so with people who don’t look like us, who come from different far away places; who practice different religions; who are from different cultures. Marriage is a great bridge. Lets try to be more understanding, tolerant, kind & let love win. Our aunt was the one family member who was very loving. I think it was hard for her to deal with both sides. She did tell me that she regretted never visiting her sister in Kenya. It must have been hard for her too, because she really adored her sister. In the later years, Mum visited her sister several times and they shared a lot of joy and laughter. My aunt remained close to me until her death. I remember visiting and meeting her for the first time (since I was 2) after mums death. She looked and acted so much like her. –

World’s biggest facility that turns corpses into compost

World’s biggest facility that turns corpses into compost, then gives soil to families. Micah Truman is on the verge of opening the world’s largest facility that turns corpses into compost, then returns it to families (Pictures: KOIN) A groundbreaking new facility that will be the largest in the world to turn human remains into compost is preparing to open in the coming weeks. Return Home plans to open in Seattle in April – and will hand grieving families an urn of soil belonging to their late loved one. It can process 10 bodies a month. CEO Micah Truman switched from banking to the funeral industry in 2019 after learning that it had become legal to compost bodies in Washington. His facility packs human remains into a container, alongside bulking agents such as alfalfa, sawdust and wood chips. Water, heat and air are added to speed up decomposition. After 30 days, a body’s soft tissue has decomposed, with bones and teeth then ground up and added to the mix, which is odor-free. A special sifting machine is used to screen out artificial material such as metal screws or silicone implants.

The compost is rested for a further 30 days, before being returned to family members. The process, known as natural organic reduction, or terramation, is an environmentally-friendly way of disposing of human remains, with Micah predicting an explosion in its popularity in the coming years. He has tested it out on pig corpses, and showed the results to KOIN. Families can include flowers or other organic material – such as their loved one’s favorite food – in their vessel, and will be charged $4,950 for the process. That is cheaper than the $5,500 price of most burial plots in the state of Washington, even before the costs of embalming and caskets are taken into account. Micah said: ‘When I saw this I thought this is the thing that’s gonna change the world. ‘So we’re now able to have a very human process which we’ve done for thousands of years. ‘We stand next to our loved one, and we say goodbye to them and we cover them in organic material that we ourselves choose.’

Micah plans to construct a farewell area where families can bid a respectful farewell to their loved one, complete with music and flowers if they wish. They will be offered as much of their relative’s compost as they like, with the average corpse producing 500 pounds. Any left over will be donated to local environmental initiatives to use as compost. Katey Houston, from Weeks’ Funeral Homes in Seattle, says terramation is currently viewed as a ‘hippyish’ option.

But she predicts it will also be instantly popular with farmers who wish to ‘return to their own soil,’ and thinks terramation will account for a fifth of funerals in a decade when people become used to the idea. Katey says she wants her facility to begin offering its own terramation services in the near future. California, Oregon and Colorado are poised to follow Washington in legalizing terramation in the coming months, with Micah predicting a sharp upswing in its popularity. He said: ‘What we have here is a way for people to say goodbye to their loved one in a way that just plain feels good.’ –

Six hour queues at Heathrow as passengers face ‘crippling’ Covid checks

Airport bosses have called on the Government to provide more resources to deal with the queues (Picture: @nivachou/Tom Warwick)


Passengers are having to queue for up to six hours to get through passport control at Heathrow because of the time coronavirus checks are taking, airport bosses have claimed. Emma Gilthorpe, who runs the airport, called on the Government to provide more resources so that all the border desks could be manned to reduce the waiting time. Passengers have complained that the queues are making a mockery of the Government’s hotel quarantine policy because thousands of people are being packed together with little social distancing. The airport has been compared by some to a ‘petri-dish’ because of the risk of infection spreading among people standing in close quarters.

Ms Gilthorpe told the Commons Home Affairs Committee on Wednesday Border Force was already under a ‘huge amount of pressure’ at the airport and there were ‘unacceptable levels of queueing’. Ms Gilthorpe said: ‘We are seeing significant pressure on the border and we are seeing very long queues and that is a worry.’ She later added: ‘Now it is not uncommon to see queues of three hours and we have had queues extending out to nearly six hours on occasion. ‘The extra layers that have been introduced are crippling the resourcing capability that Border Force has in place.’

The airport – which typically sees 80 million passengers in a year – presently has around 10-15% of its normal volume of travellers, the committee heard. The aim is for EU passengers to wait no longer than 25 minutes, or 45 minutes for non-EU travellers, at the border. Delays have increased ever since the London Olympics in 2012, and queues of up to two hours before the pandemic were common so there had been a ‘big push’, with the Home Office and Border Force to improve the situation, Ms Gilthorpe said.


Covid compliance checks – like ensuring travellers have filled in a passenger locator form, have pre-departure test results, can justify their travel and whether they need to go into hotel quarantine after coming from a red list country – need to be made digital ‘rapidly’ so that E-gates can reopen and boost capacity, she added. –

Raila is in good spirits, says his personal doctor Olunya

Mr Raila Odinga who is undergoing further medical examination at The Nairobi Hospital. His doctor says the ODM leader has since been advised to take a rest.


Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga is undergoing further medical examination by a team of doctors after a successful check-up on Tuesday. In a statement on Wednesday, his personal physician, Dr David Oduor Olunya, said the former prime minister has since been advised to take a rest. “Hon. Odinga walked in for routine medical tests at The Nairobi Hospital on the March 9, 2021 after feeling some fatigue. He has had a rigorous campaign and needed to have some check-up. This was carried out successfully,” said Dr Olunya, a consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital. He noted that the ODM leader was undergoing some further investigations by a team of doctors who advised him to take a rest.


Monitor his condition
“We are continuing to monitor his condition, and no doubt he will be able to address the country in due course. He is in good spirits,” the doctor said. Mr Odinga’s elder brother, Dr Oburu Oginga, earlier said the ODM leader’s condition was stable and there is no cause for alarm. “He is under monitoring by the medics and is in good condition,” Dr Oginga said.


BBI campaigns
Mr Odinga was last Week engaged in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) campaigns at the Coast for five days. He toured Taita Taveta, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale counties while drumming up support for the BBI. In June last year, Mr Odinga took a three-week medical trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he had a minor operation. In June 2010, Mr Odinga, then Kenya’s prime minister under President Mwai Kibaki’s Grand Coalition government, underwent an operation at The Nairobi Hospital to remove fluid from the brain. –