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Deadline to return old paper £10 notes in UK fast approaching

At least £2.1bn worth of old £10 notes need to be spent or exchanged before they cease to be legal tender, the Bank of England says. The deadline to spend or exchange old £10 notes - featuring naturalist Charles Darwin - is 1 March. Plastic polymer tenners depicting author Jane Austen entered circulation in September. Currently, weekly returns of paper £10s are averaging at a value of £85m or 8.5 million notes, according to the Bank. To exchange an old tenner, people can either post the notes to the Bank of England, or visit the Bank in person in the City of London. The Bank will exchange all old £10 notes indefinitely. The Bank says people can also try to exchange paper tenners at their local bank or post office. However they are not legally required to accept old notes after the deadline. The Bank does not expect all old £10 notes to be returned, because some will have been destroyed, gone overseas or kept as memorabilia. Counterfeiters do not seem keen on targeting old paper £5s and £10s, according to the Bank. In 2017, just 0.0054% of all ten pound notes were found to be counterfeit, and much less for the fiver at 0.0002%.



Britain's first major Time's Up

protest on the BAFTA red carpet



Netanyahu holds up drone piece and warns Iran: 'Do not test Israel'

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning to Iran over the actions of its "proxies" in Syria. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Mr Netanyahu held up what he said was a piece from an Iranian drone shot down in Israeli airspace. In a comment directed at Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who he described as a "smooth-talking mouthpiece", Mr Netanyahu held the piece aloft and said: "Mr Zarif, do you recognise this? "You should - it's yours.


Raila is Re-Grouping: Urgent Letter to Uhuru



NATO uncovers Russian plot to spark UK race war using Twitter trolls posing as attractive young women


Kate attended BAFTAs ceremony with Prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge has defied the Time's Up protest by arriving at the BAFTAs in a green dress (left) instead of the black donned by the majority of the red carpet. Film stars and directors, dressed in black to show support for the fight against sexual harassment against women, began arriving at London's Royal Albert Hall Sunday evening for the film awards. With Hollywood still reeling from the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the all-black dress theme mirrors other recent American red carpets - including last month's Golden Globes - showing solidarity with the #MeToo and 'Time's Up' anti-sexual harassment campaigns. The Duchess of Cambridge, who carried a black clutch bag (right), gave no prior indication on whether she would follow suit in the all-black attire when she attended with her husband Prince William (centre), president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). But she decided err on the side of caution and stick to royal protocol by not aligning herself with a public protest. - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS


Sunday Edition: Alfred Keter detained






UMOJA Inner-core plot; 3 floors with a total of 15 units (1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units).

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We are looking for experienced carers and support workers who are available

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We also train monthly and offer work thereafter.

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Moody’s downgrades KCB, Equity and Co-operative banks


Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded three Kenyan banks – KCB Group, Equity and Co-operative – following the weakening of the credit profile of the government. In a statement, the rating agency said that the banks had been downgraded to B2 from B1. The move relates to the long-term local currency deposit ratings. “Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded to B2 (stable outlook), from B1 (rating under review outlook), the long-term local currency deposit ratings of three Kenyan banks: KCB, Equity Bank Kenya, and Co-operative Bank),” said Moody’s. It added that the lower rating resulted from the downgrade of the issuer rating of the Kenyan government given earlier this week. KCB Group said its rating had been affected by the sovereign downgrade but added that an upgrade would have a similar effect on the bank, given its capital ratios and resilient business.

“Today’s rating actions conclude the review for downgrade initiated on October 4, 2017, on the three Moody’s-rated banks and follows the weakening of the Kenyan government’s credit profile as captured by Moody’s downgrade of the sovereign rating on February 13, 2018.” Moody’s said that an erosion of financial metrics and rising liquidity risks, all relating to debt levels, had contributed to the lower rating of the banks. However, Geoffrey Mwau, director-general of budget, fiscal and economic affairs at the Treasury, disputed the sovereign downgrade saying it did not reflect the country’s fundamentals. He said that the last fiscal year marked by difficulties, including drought and two elections, had occasioned huge one-off costs. “These are just shocks that affected us and they are going to go down. I don’t think that analysis was well informed,” he said in an earlier interview. - Sunday Nation.



Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

A minor earthquake with a 4.4 magnitude has affected parts of Wales and England. The quake was felt over all of Wales, most of western England, as far east as London and as far north as the southern edge of the Lake District, the British Geological Survey (BGS) said. The epicentre was approximately 20km north-north-east of Swansea and at a depth of 7.4km, it added. There have been no reports of serious damage or injuries. Events of this magnitude happen in the UK every three to five years, the BGS said. Roger Musson, from the BGS, said it was the largest earthquake in mainland Britain for the last 10 years - since one with a magnitude of 5.2 struck in 2008 in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. He said it was "relatively shallow" for a larger British earthquake. They are usually around 15-20km deep.



Isaiah 54:2-4


The desire to change
We read in Isaiah 54:2-4: “Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes. The desire to change is the key to growth in any area of life. Most of us desire improvement, yet at the same time we resist change. But you can’t have one without the other! Change is possible only if you want it badly enough. ‘You are the way you are, because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be any different, you’d be in the process of changing right now.’ Change is never easy. It takes lots of time, tremendous amounts of energy, perseverance, and – of course – desire. But the desire to change must translate into a decision to change. And you must make that decision day after day. Our forefathers in Kenya fought for independence and most of them scarified their life for the freedom of our country Kenya. If you want to change, you must ask yourself a similar question. Are you going to keep working and sacrificing, or is this as good as it gets? The Bible puts it like this: ‘Enlarge the place of your tent; and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes.’ Pay close attention to the words enlarge, stretch, lengthen, and strengthen. What do they have in common? They all require commitment and persistence. That’s what it takes to change your life. And the good news is that with God’s help, you can do it – starting today.

Our guest Singer for today is Ghana Nigeria South African music mix - CLICK HERE


Uber to report crimes direct to police to boost safety


Ababu Namwamba, High Commissioner Amayo and Chegeseen receiving

their New Boss Monicah at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



"Everybody is talking about bitcoin," she went on to say. "Nobody understands it."

Expatriates earn millions working in Kenya illegally

Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa addresses the media after the e-passport launch in Nairobi on

August 31, 2017. He wants Kenyans to report foreigners living in the country illegally to authorities

As the dust settles on the unceremonious deportation of Miguna Miguna, the self-proclaimed ‘‘General’’ of the National Resistance Movement,Saturday Nation has learnt there are hundreds of foreigners leaving and working in the country illegally. The expatriates, mostly from the United States, Europe and Somalia are attached to international charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) either operating in Kenya, South Sudan or Somalia but have their headquarters in Nairobi. The NGO Coordination Board, a government body which regulates the sector, estimates more than 12,000 expatriates live in the country working on issues from human rights to maternal health and conservation. The foreigners have found a clever way of evading local security dragnets to extend their welcome as they operate on their tourist visas instead of acquiring work permits. The Director of Immigration Services Gordon Kihalangwa said he was not aware of such practices going on in the country and therefore could not substantially put a number to the foreigners exploiting tourist visas to work in Kenya.


He said the procedure is that a foreigner can only work in the country with a work permit or a special pass while awaiting the processing of the former. “A tourist visa only allows you to visit and stay in the country for a specified moment but you need a work permit or at least a special pass to work in the country.” On June 2016, the government announced it will only issue work permits to expatriates in instances where Kenyans lack the requisite skills and qualifications to undertake such jobs. But the expatriates changed tack to take advantage of Kenya’s perforated security system to thrive years-on end without proper documents.


A case in point is an international charity organisation based in Nairobi’s Westlands but has programmes across the East African region. The Saturday Nation has seen documents of more than five senior officials attached to the organisation. The officers apply for tourism visas, which are valid for three months, then travel back to their countries and return on fresh visas. “The top management of the organisation earn more than $400,000 (Sh40m) a month but since they do not have work permits their salaries are remitted to their bank accounts in their countries,” a source said. “Some of these officers tried to apply for work permits but were denied because the government said there were thousands of Kenyans to occupy such positions, so they decided to come in as tourists,” he said, adding that the organisation only employs locals to occupy lower positions such as drivers and liaison officers.

The source further said that the foreigners sit for interviews before being sent in here to take up the plum jobs. So, essentially the organisation are abetting the criminal act. Initially, some of the officers tried applying for work permits but were denied after the government said there are many qualified Kenyans for the positions. The officers therefore resorted to working locally while lying to the authorities they are here for tour. Rtd Maj Gen Kihalangwa denied knowledge of such people saying if the information is credible they should be apprehended. “If there are such people then we need to be informed for the department to act on them.”


Similar sentiments were expressed by the NGO Board in a circular dated April 21, 2016, claiming foreign workers on average earned four times their Kenyan peers. “Yet they fail to transfer jobs to local workers, and instead stay on in Kenya as lifelong career expatriates,” the regulator said. Former Foreign Affairs assistant minister and Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka blames the loopholes exploited by the foreigners on lack of stringent registration procedures at the borders, toxic corruption at the immigration department, bilateral agreement and lack of laws to regulate the entry of the foreigners. Rtd Maj Gen Kihalangwa agrees a number of loopholes exist in the country that could be exploited by the foreigners, including dishonest employers, failure by citizens to report the foreigners and sheer taking of risks by the foreigners.


Mr Onyonka points out that the local security system is not watertight enough when it comes to the management and control of illegal immigrants. He also says lack of incorporation of technology in the registration of the foreigners at the borders is problematic as it does not give the officials a system to track the foreigners and know what they are doing. “My belief is we don’t have a database and we have not been maintaining strong data and entry system within the immigration department and that has been a major problem,” the former minister said. He reckons toxic corruption at the Immigration department has also made it easy for the foreigners to cheat the system. “Everybody knows that one of the most corrupt department in the government is the immigration one where foreigners can even get passports and identification cards,” the legislator pointed out, adding that Kenya has signed bilateral agreements with some countries to allow citizens from those countries to be in Kenya on tourist visas as long as they want without changing their status, thus creating a loophole often exploited by the foreigners. “All the foreigners have to do is keep renewing the visas and they come right back,” he said.


Going forward, Mr Onyonka says the country must adhere to biometric system of registration of individuals to enable continuous follow up of the foreigners. “This is why the government is introducing the new electronic passport where it will have certain features one cannot easily circumvent,” he pointed out. Mr Jacob Nyaudoh, a security consultant, says allowing foreigners whose backgrounds and motives are not well understood pose threats to the country’s security. “World over, terrorists employ agents who come as tourist to visit their target country to conduct reconnaissance before an attack,” observed Mr Nyaudoh. Background checks, he says, should be conducted on foreigners and their information gathered before the embassy issues them with visas. Mr George Mucee, an immigration expert and practice leader at Fragomen Kenya, says the immigration department has a capacity challenge to enable it properly reinforce crackdowns on runaway immigrants. He also says the government loses taxes by hosting foreigners who do not have work permits. - Daily Nation


Former Portsmouth owner Sulaiman Al Fahim

jailed for stealing £5m from his wife to buy club

The disastrous past ownership saga at Portsmouth took another extraordinary twist when it was reported on Thursday that Sulaiman Al Fahim, the businessman who owned the club for six weeks in the Premier League in 2009, stole £5 million from his wife to fund the purchase. Al Fahim was previously also the front-man for the Abu Dhabi United Group’s takeover of Manchester City in 2007, although he was almost immediately sidelined from any involvement at Eastlands and later re-emerged in English football at Portsmouth. According to The National, Al Fahim has now been convicted of forgery by the Dubai Criminal Court and sentenced to five years in prison. The report said that his wife had opened an account in 2009 with a fixed deposit and, when she checked for any profits in 2011, discovered that the money had been transferred to a UK Law firm to fund the Portsmouth deal. At the time of becoming Portsmouth owner, Al Fahim had talked optimistically of building a new stadium by 2015 and becoming a top-eight Premier League club. As it was, Portsmouth had a series of other owners and ultimately fell into administration, suffered three relegations and were ultimately taken over by the Portsmouth Supporters’ Trust. A spokesman for the trust said that Thursday's report raised questions of the Premier League’s ownership rules, which were tightened up following the Portsmouth experience.




Here is the collection of oddly shaped fruit and vegetables all around

the world that you may haven’t seen them all in once yet.


Ethiopia declares state of emergency

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn addresses the 67th

United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York. 

Ethiopia announced a state of emergency on Friday after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday announced his intention to step down amid a political crisis in the Horn of Africa country. The ruling EPRDF coalition's council met on Friday and decided to impose emergency rule, the state-runEthiopian Broadcasting Corporation said. The announcement did not say how long the rule would be in place. The council "came to the conclusion that imposing emergency rule would be vital to safeguarding the constitutional order of our country", it said. Further details are expected to be given by the defence minister on Saturday morning. An opposition leader said earlier on Friday the ruling coalition had lost its authority and all parties must help map the country's future. Mulatu Gemechu, deputy secretary of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress, said Ethiopia needed a completely new political system after years of unrest. "Ethiopians now need a government that respects their rights, not one that keeps beating and killing them," he told Reuters. Rights advocates have frequently criticised Ethiopia's government for mass arrests and long jail terms handed to political opponents and journalists. But more than 6,000 political prisoners have been freed since January as the government has struggled to placate discontent. The prime minister's resignation followed a wave of strikes and demonstrations successfully demanding the release of more opposition leaders. 




Njoki wa Ndegwa, host of Jambo Radio Network (JRN) has passed away in USA on Friday 16th February, 2018. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. She successfully combated the disease and was given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, she was later taken ill to Parklands Hospital in Dallas, TX where she was diagnosed with Metastatic Brain Tumors. In September 2017, Njoki wa Ndegwa started having problems with her voice and balance. Upon going to hospital, she was again diagnosed with aggressive Metastatic Brain Tumors. The tumors have led to a loss of her voice as well as mobility. Njoki wa Ndegwa has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments as well as specialized machines that help her breathe and specialized day to day care. We want to take this opportunity to pass our condolences to the the family of Njoki wa Ndegwa.


Zimbabwean anti-corruption investigators said they had arrested a university

professor over the suspected fraudulent awarding of a

doctorate to former first lady Grace Mugabe


Kurung'a Igiri: Jane Watîrî eyendagia

kimwiri Koinange mbere yake kuhonoka



 Business full bulletin 2018/02/16-Lapsset Update - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Anthony Ndegwa (Tony) of London, UK has lost his father in Kenya

It is with great sadness and acceptance of gods will that we announce the passing of our Father Mr Bernard Kuria Ndegwa (Mr Wiseman) former editor Nation Newspaper Kenya, India High Commission Nairobi Kenya after illness bravely borne on the 6th February 2018 in Nairobi Kenya. He was husband to the late Mrs Mary Muthoni Ndegwa , father to Lucy Ndegwa(Kenya), Anne Lowers (Netherlands), Anthony Ndegwa(Tony) UK, Jayne Ndegwa (Kenya). He was the father in law to Adje Lowers (Netherlands) Julia Ndegwa(Julie)UK,in law to Mrs Esther Mwangi (Dallas Tx). He was blessed with grandchildren Namely Nicholas Ndegwa (Houston Tx), Andrew Ndegwa (Kenya) Ken Njehia (Kenya)Kevin Lowers(Netherlands) Philip Ndegwa(Kenya), Linda Ndegwa(UK), Ian Ndegwa(UK) and great grandfather to many.
Family and friends are meeting at Tony and Julies Resident in Thamesmead London, Address 168 Waterside Close, SE28 0GS for prayers and support from 7: 00pm.For more information contact Tony on Mbl No 07756292667 or Julie 07768789313 Hse Tel No 02083107147. Any support can be made to Mrs Julia Kuria Ndegwa:- NatWest Account Number11330120 Sort Code 602426 towards burial arrangement will highly be appreciated. The burial will take place on Thursday 22nd February 2018 and the last day of Prayers and meeting will be on Sunday 18th February 2018 from 6:00pm at the above home address.
To our dear Departed Dad “always loved, never forgotten forever missed”


If the weight proves too much please leave, Uhuru tells CSs

 President Uhuru Kenyatta congratulates Margaret Kobia after she was sworn in as Cabinet Secretary for Gender and Youth Affairs at State House, Nairobi, on February 16, 2018.  President Uhuru Kenyatta spared neither love or sweet words for the nine Cabinet Secretaries who were sworn in at State House, Nairobi, on Friday. He minced no words when he spelt out what he expected from the new members of his team, who now completes his line-up after they were cleared by Parliament on Wednesday. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


You should thank God for what you have


Russians charged over US 2016 election tampering

Thirteen Russians have been charged with interfering in the US 2016 election, in a major development in the FBI investigation. Three of those named have also been accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five have been accused of aggravated identity theft. The announcement was made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating alleged Russian meddling. Three Russian companies are also named in the indictment. One of them is the Internet Research Agency, based in St Petersburg, which the 37-page indictment said "had a strategic goal to sow discord in the US political system, including the 2016 US presidential election". Speaking at a news conference, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said there was no allegation that any American was "a knowing participant in this illegal activity" nor was it alleged that the meddling altered the election outcome. Russia has repeatedly denied interfering in the US presidential election.

What does the indictment say?
It says a group of Russians:
Posed as Americans, and opened financial accounts in their name
Spent thousands of dollars a month buying political advertising
Purchased US server space in an effort to hide their Russian affiliation
Organised and promoted political rallies within the United States
Posted political messages on social media accounts that impersonated real US citizens
Promoted information that disparaged Hillary Clinton
Received money from clients to post on US social media sites
Created themed groups on social media on hot-button issues, particularly on Facebook and Instagram
Operated with a monthly budget of as much as $1.25m (£890,000)
Financed the building of a cage large enough to hold an actress portraying Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform

The indictment says those involved systematically measured how well their internet posts were doing and adjusted their strategies to maximise effectiveness. It also says those named in the indictment had visited the US posing as American citizens and had begun discussing how to affect the election as early as 2014. "By 2016, defendants and their co-conspirators used their fictitious online persons to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election," the indictment continues. "They engaged in operations primarily to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump." Mr Trump was briefed on the indictment earlier on Friday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. The president later tweeted that his campaign had done nothing wrong.


Mrs. Mary Nzekei of London has lost her mother in Kenya

Am sad to announce the death of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Nzekei in Makueni, Kenya on Tuesday 13th February, 2018. She was the mother of Jane Muindi of Emali, Mary Nzekei of London, UK, James Malika Nzekel of Nairobi, Joe Nyerere Nzekei of Sultan Hamud and the late Daniel Nzioki. May the Almight God rest her soul in peace.


Alfred Keter arrested over fake Treasury Bills

Nandi MP Alfred Keter.

Nairobi, Kenya: Firebrand Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter has been arrested with two other for allegedly dealing in forged Treasury Bills worth Sh633 million. The embattled legislator was handcuffed by plain clothed officers alongside two directors of Desai Industries Madat Chatur and Arthur Sakwa. Representatives from Central Bank confirmed that the trio tried to present forged bills to CBK director Patrick Njoroge. They have been taken to CID Headquarters for interrogation. Recently, Alfred Keter was among the four Jubilee legislators; James Gakuya (Embakasi North), Silas Tiren (Moiben) and Kangogo Bowen (Marakwet East) kicked out of house committees. - The Standard





Betrayal and 2022 ambitions blight Nasa

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, joined by his Nasa co-leaders, addresses a media briefing at

Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi on February 1, 2018. They insisted that the coalition is intact.


Accusations of betrayal over the January 30 ‘swearing-in’ of Raila Odinga and lingering ambitions for a stab at the presidency in 2022 are threatening to break the National Super Alliance, just a year after it was formed. And a resolve by the Jubilee Party — which has reportedly set itself an internal March 2018 deadline to scuttle the Opposition by either wooing parties out of it or using divide-and-conquer tactics — is worsening an already bad situation by painting Mr Odinga’s party, the Orange Democratic Movement, as the biggest beneficiary in the sharing of parliamentary positions. Messrs Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper, Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress, and Moses Wetang’ula of Ford-Kenya skipped Mr Odinga’s Uhuru Park ‘oath’ event, kicking off a series of accusations and counter-accusations that now threaten to scuttle the opposition alliance.

Insiders told the Nation that the move by the trio to skip the event, and which Mr Musyoka alluded to on Tuesday, was to keep their chances of getting to State House in 2022 alive. “I do not want to talk about it, at all, at all. Spare me that,” Mr Wetang’ula told the Nation when asked about the state of the coalition, a rather unusual response for a man who one week earlier was bullish about the unity of the alliance. On whether he was worried each party was planning for 2022 at the expense of the coalition, Mr Wetang’ula said: “Where I stand, and where I sit, I do not want to be dragged into such issues.” Ford-Kenya deputy party leader Boni Khalwale, a co-chair of the Nasa coordinating committee, was more blunt, falling short of declaring that the coalition was dead. “We (Ford-Kenya) are opening ourselves to fresh negotiations with political parties within Nasa and, where an opportunity presents itself, outside it,” Dr Khalwale, the former Kakamega senator, said. Without saying they will bolt out of Nasa, Dr Khalwale maintained that Ford-Kenya is now focused on rebranding itself and pushing for electoral and judicial reforms to ensure that the 2022 race is free and fair. - Daily Nation.


The Daily Express looks at new US research that suggests having

two portions of yoghurt reduces the risk of heart attacks...





It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing ofValentine Wanjiru Njuguna, sister to Joan Njuguna (Mama Jermaine) of Baltimore, MD. She passed away on her 20th birthday on February 14, 2018 in Karen Hospital Nairobi after undergoing surgery. She was a daughter to Peter Njuguna and the late Mary Gathoni. She was a sister to the late Esther Wambui, John Mwaura, Pius Mbugua, Dominic Wanda, Teresia Waithera, Patricia Nyambura, all in Kenya. She was a cousin to Celestine and Barbara Pere of Maryland. Friends and family will be meeting daily at 7pm for prayers, support and funeral arrangements at 1548 Waverly Way Baltimore MD 21239. Memorial Service will be at 4pm on Sunday February 18, 2018 at Elimu Center 9600 Pulaski Park Drive Suite 115 Middle river MD 21220. For more information contact: Julie Weche 4103033335, Pastor Mugweh 4102365401, Susan Maina 4438465662, Barbara Pere 2027585246 and Celestine Pere 3016330289. -


Ethiopian PM resigns to ‘end unrest, and upheaval’

Ethiopian prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn during a joint press

Conference with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House on June 23, 2016

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has resigned unexpectedly, saying he hoped to end years of unrest and political upheaval. In a televised address, he said his resignation was "vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy". Hailemariam, who has led the country since 2012, also stepped down as chairman of the ruling coalition. Hundreds of people have died in three years of anti-government protests. Demonstrations first spread across the country in 2015 amid calls for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption. Most of the unrest has centred on Ethiopia's two largest regions, Oromia and Amhara. A 10-month national state of emergency ended last year. "Unrest and a political crisis have led to the loss of lives and displacement of many," Mr Hailemariam said. "I see my resignation as vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy." Since coming to power, Mr Hailemariam has been seen by the political elite as weak and lacking in leadership. His resignation could be a move by the coalition to find a stronger leader, or it could signal divisions among the constituent parties along ethnic lines. Particularly visible is the tension between the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front, which has seen its dominance and influence wane, and the Oromo People's Democratic Organisation, which is becoming increasingly more assertive. Replacing Mr Hailemariam might also be one way to meet the demands of Oromo protesters who have accused the authorities of marginalisation. The coalition has repeatedly promised reforms over the past three years. Two of its member parties have already changed their leaders while the remaining two are expected to follow suit.


Paradise in the Village



Miguna Miguna's deportation is illegal, Judge Kimaru rules

Kimaru rules By Mercy Asamba | Published Thu, February 15th 2018 at 11:33, Updated February 15th 2018 at 12:08 GMT +3 SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter It was a reprieve for Miguna Miguna on Thursday after High Court declared the decision to deport him as illegal. In his ruling, Judge Luka Kimaru said that at the time the fiery lawyer was deported, IG Joseph Boinnet and DCI George Kinoti were in contempt of court orders. He also ordered the Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa to surrender his revoked passport to the court within seven days. “CS Matiang’i declaration of Miguna Miguna as a foreigner and consequent deportation is declared null and void,” Judge Kimaru ruled. On Monday, the outspoken lawyer had filed a suit at the High Court through veteran counsel John Khaminwa seeking to quash the deportation orders and reinstate his citizenship. The case filed under a certificate of urgency lists seven respondents among them Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’I, Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa, Attorney General and officer in charge of flying squad Said Kiprotich. Miguna welcomed the court ruling saying NRM and patriotic Kenyans will use the Constitution in fighting against injustices. “Kenyan patriots and freedom fighters believe in and are fully committed to the Rule of Law. We shall use the Constitution as the spear and the shield in the fight against the despots,” Miguna said in a tweet. Miguna was deported aboard a KLM flight on the night of February 6, 2018 over what the government termed as violation of the provisions of section 33(1) and 43(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011. Interior Ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka claimed Miguna lost citizenship when he acquired a Canadian passport in 1988 after his application for a Kenyan one was denied on September 12, 1987. - The Standard


A Whispers from London (Valentine as I saw it)
Written by: Man ManKambugua E-mail: Facebook: Man Man Kambugua


If you ask me who St. Valentine was and what he represented, I will tell you that I don't know and I don't care. I have been told that he was one Italian who was a true man of God. During his time, the ruler was called Claudia who had banned all kinds of marriage ceremony. He believed that when people got married, they would not want to serve in the army because their commitments would gravitate towards family issues rather than in the army. Being a good man, Valentine decided to resist and went ahead with performing marriage ceremonies to those in love, with or without licence despite the consequences.

When the authorities heard that he had broken the law, they got hold of him and jailed him. While in prison he healed the daughter of one of his jailers who had become his friend. On 14th February AD 226 he was beheaded. Before his death he wrote a farewell letter to the daughter of his jailer and signed it 'From your Valentine.' From that day, the day (14th February) is remembered in his honour.

When I was growing up, we never heard of anything like Valentine day. I am not in any way trying to suggest that the villagers did not have love feelings for one another. Absolutely not. It was against the traditions to show love openly. Holding hands like two love birds in public was considered as taboo, uncouth and disrespectful and one could even be reported to the sub chief for punishment. As young boys, we had girlfriends who we only communicated through letters. Our salutation would always started with ‘Here I come, yours in hot.’

At one time in my village, there was one American man who was teaching in a nearby high school and he fell in love with a village girl called Susan. She was also madly in love with him since being seen with him was interpreted by the locals as luck that would make her cross the valley of poverty. Unfortunately, wherever they walked, they were holding hands which was a cardinal sin as far as the villagers were concerned. By going against the village customs, Susan was regarded as the greatest prostitute of all times for the simple reason that she was holding hands and kissing in public with a ‘Mzungu.’

If a villager wanted to be accorded respect, he or she had to first and foremost be circumcised traditionally. Secondly, s/he had to be educated since not many people were educated by then. I would want to tell you of a girl called Hanna who was circumcised, had passed her Primary Exams and was admitted to a prestigious national school and was in a relationship with a certain guy called Blessings who was a teacher in a local village polytechnic.

I was a young boy of eight years and I naturally liked Hanna because she used to buy me sweets and chocolate. I could not wait for her to close school so as to bring me those delicious things. As far as I was concerned Hanna's word was final so when she asked my mother to let me go with her to visit her school mate, my mother did not refuse. According to Hanna, we could go and come back in the evening. The journey would take us thirty minutes which we enjoyed. On the way, I asked her what kind of classmate we were going to visit and she told me that we were going to see somebody who had insulted her and that she wanted to go and give him a piece of her mind. On asking her whether I should carry a stone to stone that demonic man, she told me that there was no point of hitting him physically and that her words were enough. I could not believe that somebody in his own senses could have the audacity of insulting my heroin, the one and only Hanna the great. If Hanna insulted him, I would also insult him and possibly call him a big D.O.G. with a tail.

On and on we went with the scorching sun heating our backs until we reached the village Polytechnic. The whole place looked deserted but as we made our way to the only timber house nearby, there was a very heavy smell of chapatti which was a very rare food in the village. We knocked the door and out came a man in his mid-twenties who was smiling from ear to ear. He was extremely dark and had a large mouth so when he laughed, his mouth looked like a cave. I could see that he was very happy to see us. He gave Hanna a big, big hug which lasted for several minutes. I had never seen anybody being hugged so I thought that that was adult's way of starting a fight. Considering that the smell of chapatti had engulfed the air in the house, the last thing I wanted was a quarrel because that in itself would destroy all the chances of being given the rare food.

As they both hugged, they were calling each other darling, sweetheart, tomato and any other foreign name that they could think of. I had no idea what those words meant but I presumed they were probably referring to a new bus stop or a certain new hotel. Remember my perception of a hotel was one that was written 'Usiingie Jikoni' on the door entrance to the kitchen. After sometime they let off each other but with tears flowing freely from Hanna's eyes. In my own world, I thought that the so called Blessings or whatever had pinched her when they were hugging. This was something I was not ready to take with the smell of chapatti or not. All in all, I just kept quiet in case the 'demonic' Blessings swallowed me with his satanic mouth.

To my surprise, Hanna went straight to the kitchen and started to help Blessings cook the remaining chapatti. Meanwhile, Blessings served me with 'Tarino' Juice. Again, this was another rare thing which when taken at the right temperature made a villager feel like he was in Heaven dancing with Angel Gabriel. I started seeing Blessings as a friend from his sudden generosity. In fact it was at this juncture that I saw that his mouth was not that large after all. Oh! The devil is liar! I sipped my juice in style hoping that it will not get finished, unfortunately, it had to. Ten minutes had already gone since I had taken the last drop of the celebrated juice and I was still putting my small lips on the glass hoping a certain miracle could bring more juice. It had not occurred to me that while I was praying for the miracle by putting my tongue as much as I could inside the glass, Blessings was looking at me shaking his head wondering what to make of me. He left the kitchen and brought me more juice in another glass. Yes! I was in Heaven, life had never been that good.

After about thirty minutes, Hanna and Blessings had finished cooking and we were now all set to eat delicious meal. For reasons I can’t tell, Blessings took a lot of interest in me by asking me how old I was, what class I was, name of my teacher, my favourite food etc., etc. He then told me that he liked stories and even asked me whether it was okay for me and Hanna to tell him stories. Naturally, I was born a story teller so I chose the best story and narrated to the best of my knowledge. Whether he was listening or not I could not tell because his eyes were always fixed on Hanna’s chest. At some point, I saw him close his eyes somehow and I asked him whether he was drank from the way his eyes were rotating like that of a chameleon. He told me that he was missing cigarettes and if I did not mind, I should go and get them from the shops for him. He put his hand in the pocket and gave me two shillings for his cigarettes. I was to buy ten cigarettes and as for the balance change, I should buy my sweets. To say that I was overjoyed was an understatement. I then left him and Hanna in the house hoping that Hanna would tell him a good story as mine’s.

After I had gone for one mile, I remembered that I had left some sweets on the cupboard next to where I was seated in the house. My young mind told me to go back for them then go for cigarettes later. I ran back as far as I could. On reaching the house, I was shocked to find that the door was locked from inside. I could hear Blessings and Hanna talk in whispers and then all of a sudden Hanna would make a sharp cry. I knocked again and again and all what I could hear was deep breathing and sharp cries at intervals. Suddenly I remembered that Blessings owned a very large mouth so he could have been trying to eat Hanna up. Out of fear I knocked loudly and started telling Blessings to leave ‘our’ Hanna alone! I saw the door get opened slowly by none other than Hanna.

She only showed her head so I thought that Blessings had eaten her other part of the body. I was not convinced that she was okay so I forced my way in to see whether she had her legs and arms. She did not want to harm me with the door so she let me enter but in a split second, she went back to the bedroom. I followed her inside so as to give Blessings my piece of mind. They were not prepared for my presence so when they saw me, they got shocked as I also got shocked to see their condition. Each of them was wearing their birthday suit but at least I was happy to see that Hanna was alive. She assured me that she was very okay and that she was just trying to tell her story through drama. When I saw her laugh, I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that she was okay.

I took my sweets and headed to the shops. In the shops where I was to buy cigarettes, my mother happened to be in the shopping centre. On seeing me, she was surprised that I was alone without Hanna. I explained to her that Hanna was with Blessings in the bedroom where she was narrating stories in her birthday suit. I also informed her that before I entered Blessing’s house, I was worried that Hanna was being eaten alive from the way she was crying at intervals like our cat Bella.

My mother listened to me carefully without saying any word. She finally asked me to take her to where Hanna was and I took her. On reaching the house we knocked and out came Hanna and Blessings. Before anything else, my mum wanted to know who gave Blessings permission to send me to buy cigarettes. As for Hanna, she was asked to explain how on earth she would expose me to some situations that could lead me to a lake of fire. The harder she explained the more my mum got agitated. As expected, Hanna was reported to her parents and I was called to narrate all what had happened. My guess is that any time I opened my naïve mouth, Hanna wished the ground would open and swallow her. For many years she never talked to me again, reason being - I was an insatiable chatterbox. The truth of the matter is that I destroyed her valentine day without knowing. Whoever said that we perish because of lack of knowledge was right.

My hope is that you had a very happy Valentine day. If you did not have a valentine, just know that there is someone for everyone and he or she is not very far from you. There is someone with a huge crush on you and sooner or later he/she will come to you. When he/she comes do not be like those who already have and do not appreciate. You never know what you have until you lose it.




At least 17 dead in high school attack

Mr Cruz had posted many pictures of himself with weapons on his now-deleted Instagram account

At least 17 people are dead after a 19-year-old man opened fire at a high school campus in Parkland, Florida. The suspect was Nikolas Cruz, a former student at the school who had been expelled. He escaped with fleeing students but is now in police custody. As the attack unfolded students were forced to hide as police swooped in on the building. It is the deadliest school shooting since 26 people were killed at Connecticut school Sandy Hook in 2012. It is the sixth school shooting incident this year so far that has either wounded or killed students. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters Mr Cruz killed three people outside the school, before entering the building and killing another 12. Two people later died after being taken to hospital. "It's catastrophic. There really are no words," Sheriff Israel tweeted later Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters Mr Cruz killed three people outside the school, before entering the building and killing another 12. Two people later died after being taken to hospital. "It's catastrophic. There really are no words," Sheriff Israel tweeted later.


Former student Nikolas Cruz, 19, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland armed with an assault rifle and began shooting just after 2pm yesterday. Investigators are now looking into whether Cruz may have pulled the fire alarm to draw people into halls so he could get a higher death toll. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that 17 people had been killed and dozens more were injured. Cruz was armed with at least one AR-15 rifle and had 'multiple magazines' when he stormed the school, according to the sheriff. The teenager had been expelled from the school for unknown 'disciplinary reasons'. Authorities have already started dissecting his social media accounts and reported that some of things he had been posting was 'very disturbing'. Traumatized students said that once they heard reports of a mass shooting at the school they knew it would be Cruz, while one teacher said he had been identified as a potential threat to his classmates last year.


Huawei launches first urban 5G “Wireless to the Home”

Huawei today announced they have launched an end-to-end user trial for “Wireless to the Home” (WTTx) 5G service using a specially-designed 5G CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) unit. The trial is taking place in downtown Vancouver’s “5G Living Lab,” a co-venture with TELUS, Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications company. It is believed to be the first trial of its kind in North America, and among the first globally. The use of a new 5G CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) represents another milestone in bringing consumer-oriented 5G-ready products to market. The current trial is being conducted in the homes of Vancouver-based TELUS employees and is based on the successful 5G 3GPP mmWave tests that TELUS and Huawei conducted in June 2017. The 5G wireless trial system provides users with a fibre-like experience with their home network. In addition to the unique 5G in-home equipment, the network utilizes the 5G gNodeB and related elements built as part of the TELUS/Huawei 5G Living Lab. The trial system operates on the 28GHz mmwave band with 800 MHz of bandwidth and includes many 3GPP key technologies, such as Massive MIMO, F-OFDM, and Polar Code. 5G-capable wireless solutions have the potential to complement fibre to the home (FTTx) solutions by providing an alternative “last-mile” solution consumer and business services. In both urban and suburban regions, the ability to deploy 5G wireless solutions will help reduce costs for operators and increase accessibility of 5G for end customers. 5G networking equipment also requires a much smaller footprint than traditional mobile networks, reducing requirements for government approvals of new tower locations.



Jacob Zuma: South African president resigns

Embattled South African president Jacob Zuma has said he is resigning "with immediate effect".  In a press conference, Mr Zuma said he did not "fear exiting political office" after facing a no-confidence motion from his party, the African National Congress (ANC). He said: "I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the Republic with immediate effect, even though I disagree with the decision of the leadership of my organisation. "I have always been a disciplined member of the ANC. "As I leave, I will continue to serve the people of South Africa as well as the ANC, the organisation I have served all of my life in it." Sky News' Africa correspondent John Sparks said Mr Zuma had become increasingly unpopular in South Africa after facing a string of corruption allegations. The country's parliament was poised to remove the 75-year-old leader on Thursday and replace him with deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.



Miguna is Luo king in waiting, will take over from Raila – Mutahi Ngunyi


Freezer body murder: Uncle jailed

for Celine Dookhran rape and killing

Celine Dookhran was found dead in an empty house in Kingston, south-west London and

on right Mujahid Arshid denied raping and murdering his niece Celine Dookhran

An uncle has been jailed for life for kidnapping, raping and slitting the throat of his niece before putting her body in a deep freezer. Mujahid Arshid, 33, was found guilty of murdering Celine Dookhran, 20, and the attempted murder of a second woman. Arshid, who will serve at least 40 years in prison, snatched the women in July before taking them to a house in Kingston, south west London. His co-accused, Vincent Tappu, 28, was cleared of kidnapping charges. Both defendants were cleared of possession of a firearm with intent for allegedly using a Taser during the abduction, which took place on 19 July 2017. Arshid, of Homefield Gardens, Mitcham, has also been convicted of sexual assault charges against the second woman between 2008 and 2010. Members of Ms Dookhran's family shouted "yes" when the verdicts were read out. Arshid reacted by shouting that the surviving victim had "killed them all", while Mr Tappu - in tears - thanked the jury.

Seven suspected thugs shot dead at Kibunja area in Molo

Police have shot and killed seven suspected gangsters in a foiled robbery attempt at Kibunja trading centre in Molo along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway. Confirming the incident, Molo OCPD Daniel Kamanza said three others escaped with gunshot wounds. Mr Kamanza said his officers were alerted by members of the public about two suspicious vehicles before they pounced on the suspects. According to the police, the thugs were using a Toyota Fielder and a Toyota Prado during the attempted robbery along the busy highway. “They were trailing a truck that was carrying sugar from Nairobi heading to Eldoret. “Members of the public suspected the vehicles and alerted the police who moved swiftly and gunned them down,” said Mr Kamanza. - Daily Nation.



Tanzanian President has appealed to men in his country to try to marry two or more women as a way of reducing prostitution and redundancy among Tanzanian Women. Speaking in Dar-es-Salaam this morning, President Magufuli said Tanzania has more women than men forcing a lot of unmarried women to commit adultery with other people's husbands. The President said according to statistics, out of approximately 70 million Tanzanians, 40 million are women and only 30 million are men. "I am not forcing you, but just encouraging you to marry two or more wives to reduce on women staying without husbands", Magfuli told a conference of about 14,000 men who were receiving training in various life skills in the commercial capital. "Our women are crying every day due to lack of men to marry and support them economically hence they engage in prostitution. So please try to work hard and be productive so that you can help our women by marrying two or more wives provided you are able to provide for their basic needs". "As government, we shall be giving some small incentives to such men provided you don't abuse your wives", said Magufuli. Tanzanian has the highest level of prostitution in East Africa among young girls and women who are not in school or formal employment.




A local leader of the main Tanzanian opposition party, Chadema, has been found beaten

to death after men bundled him into a car, party chairman Freeman Mbowe said Wednesday


Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dies aged 65

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has died in South Africa, a senior official in his MDC party has said. Mr Tsvangirai, 65, a former prime minister, had reportedly been suffering from colon cancer. "He died this evening. The family communicated this to me," MDC vice president Elias Mudzuri told Reuters. Mr Tsvangirai's career was marked by a long political struggle against former President Robert Mugabe. He had been beaten and imprisoned numerous times. Announcing Mr Tsvangirai's death, Mr Mudzuri said on Twitter that the MDC had "lost our icon and fighter for democracy". Mr Tsvangirai founded the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) in 2000, repeatedly challenging Mr Mugabe during the ex-president's long grip on power.


The European Union economy grew at its fastest pace in a decade last year, figures from the EU statistics office Eurostat have confirmed.


National Assembly approves Uhuru’s 9 Cabinet nominees

AIROBI, Kenya Feb 14 – The National Assembly has adopted and approved the report by the Committee on Appointments that vetted the nine Cabinet Secretary nominees last week. The report, which was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, was easily adopted by Jubilee Members of Parliament who found no fault with the nominees. While moving the motion of approval on the floor on the House Wednesday, Leader of Majority Aden Duale said the nominees had complied with all the laid down requirements and proved beyond any reasonable doubt to be competent individuals. “All the nominees who were vetted satisfied the committee and their qualifications matched their respective dockets,” said Duale. Sports Secretary nominee Robert Achesa’s nomination once again took centre stage but Duale said that his nomination should not be looked on the basis of his qualification but instead on what he can offer the nation. “Achesa, the son of a peasant, should be given an opportunity to work. Not every Kenyan gets to be born in a well off family like a few individuals in the country,” said Duale.

Murang’a Member of Parliament Sabina Chege who seconded the motion echoed Duale’s sentiments and said that it was time for the 9 to get down to business. “The country needs to move forward and all the nine nominees should now get down to work. As a committee we will also be keen to observe the promises and pledges they made during the vetting process to see if they will be able to achieve. But I am confident that the now approved nominees will be able to deliver on their mandate,” said Chege. In a session where NASA members made good their threat to boycott the sitting, Jubilee members went on to laud President Uhuru Kenyatta for the wise nominations. The nominees are Margaret Kobia (Public Service and Youth), John Munyes (Mining), Farida Karoney (Lands), Peter Munya (East African Community), and Monica Juma (Foreign Affairs). Others are former DPP Keriako Tobiko (Environment and Forestry), Simon Chelugui (Water), former Marsabit Governor Ukur Yatani (Labour) and Rashid Achesa (Sports).
The names of the nine will now be sent to Kenyatta for appointment and subsequent swearing-in.  - CapitalFM


Moody's breaks ranks with hired ratings

agency to downgrade Kenya’s debt

Kenya will be spending Sh2 in every Sh10 to service interests on its debt, before settling salaries, pensions, spending on development or even paying the principle sum borrowed. In 2013 when the Jubilee government took over, Kenya was paying Sh1 and 30 cents from every Sh10 collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to pay interests on its loans. Ratings agency Moodys has downgraded our credit ratings for both local and foreign loans arguing that debt is growing faster than the Gross Development Product (GDP) and that new loans used to pay old debts are becoming expensive. “On 08 February 2018, a rating committee was called to discuss the rating of the Kenya, Government of. The main points raised during the discussion were: The issuer's fiscal or financial strength, including its debt profile, has materially decreased. The issuer has become increasingly susceptible to event risks,” Moodys said.

Moody's forecasts government debt to increase to 61 per cent of GDP in the next fiscal year (2018/19) when Kenya’s debt tips over Sh5 trillion from 56 per cent of GDP in financial year 2016/17 and 41 per cent of GDP in 2012. Moodys downgraded Kenya’s overall ratings to B2 from B1, local debts from B2 to B3 and foreign loans from Ba2 to Ba3. These are 11 grades below America’s triple A ratings, and is classified as non-investment grade speculative, or junk bonds. The ratings agency dismissed by Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich as ‘Desktop Analysis’ has differed with S&P and Fitch contracted by the government to do a review of Kenya’s debt position. Fitch and S&P both said Kenya’s long term debt was stable at B+ which would mean that is less likely to default on the debt. The ratings comes at a crucial time for the government as Treasury shuttles between the United Kingdom and the United States talking to investors over issuing $1.5 (Sh151 billion) and $3 billion (Sh303 billion).





Kenyan jailed 10 years for US treasury fraud

Ndungi is accused of stealing Sh7.7 million through cheques issued on federal income tax returns filed electronically from Kenya. A Texas court has handed a Kenyan 10 years in jail and a Sh25 million fine for stealing from the US government. Jeffrey Sila Ndungi, 32, who owns two small planes in Kenya, was convicted last September but sentenced in January for theft. Justice Jane Boyle sentenced Mr Ndungi after a three-day trial found him guilty of two counts of theft of public funds and one count of aggravated identity theft. Very little is known about Ndungi in Kenya, except that he is the registered owner of two Cessna planes, one a two-passenger, the other a four-passenger, that are parked at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Ndungi will serve 10 years in a Dallas prison. He was arrested in September 2016 at the Los Angeles Airport in California as he tried to flee after committing crimes involving the theft of Sh7.7 million from the US treasury. During his trial, the court was told that Ndungi illegally obtained the cash by presenting to the United States Department of the Treasury a cheque payable to an individual identified as CS that had been issued on a federal income tax return filed electronically from Kenya. Undercover agent Investigations revealed that on August 9, 2016, he presented the treasury cheque to an undercover agent of the Internal Revenue Service - the US equivalent of Kenya Revenue Authority - in exchange for Sh4.8 million. He was also convicted of stealing another treasury refund cheque that had been issued on an electronically filed return filed in 2012. Ndungi, who at the time of his trial was in the US on a tourist visa, was denied bail for being a flight risk. - The Standard




South Africa: Gupta family home raided by police in graft probe



Muthama Swears to Hit Kalonzo With Bible If He Refuses to be Sworn-In



Hundreds of passengers evacuated from plane

at Heathrow Airport after 'serious accident'

Hundreds of passengers have been evacuated from a plane at Heathrow Airport following a ‘serious accident’. Emergency services rushed to the scene at Terminal 5 at around 8am this morning. A spokesperson for Heathrow said: ‘Following an incident on the airfield involving two members of staff, an investigation is underway and we are working with the Police. ‘This incident didn’t involve any passengers and is not expected to cause any impact on journeys today.’ A later update said: ‘We are dealing with a serious accident involving two vehicles on the airfield. ‘We are working closely with the emergency services and updates will follow. The airfield remains open and we will work to minimise disruption to our passengers’ journeys.’ One passenger tweeted that his plane was being delayed for ‘hours’. British Airways confirmed that ‘inaccessible stands’ were causing delays to departures.




Uhuru reads riot act as MPs troop back to Parliament


Men arrested after police discover cocaine haul stashed in fake buttocks

 The two cushion-like implants, which were attached to swimming trunks, contained at least 5,000 individual portions of cocaine. Two men have been arrested after 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine was found in a pair of fake buttocks at Lisbon Airport. A Brazilian man carrying the two cushion-like implants, which were attached to a pair of swimming trunks, was detained by Portugal's anti-narcotics agency. Later, another man was arrested at a train station under suspicion of being due to receive the drugs. It is not yet clear how police discovered the haul.  The cocaine stashed in the fake buttocks was equivalent to at least 5,000 individual portions of the drug, police said. Drug possession and use is decriminalised in Portugal, but drug trafficking may incur prison sentences of up to 12 years.



'Zuma didn't want to sign nuke deal before exit' - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Wavinya Ndeti to Pay KShs. 10 million to Mutua



A close ally of National Super Alliance (NASA) co-principal Kalonzo

Musyoka has opened fresh debate as to whether the

coalition is falling apart following Raila Odinga’s swearing-in on January 30


Why MP wants building of Murang’a water tunnel stopped

Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi wants construction of the Northern Water Collector Tunnel stopped over an agency’s failure to supply water to the locals before connecting to Nairobi. The MP said Athi Water Services Board had violated the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta that it should first ensure that the locals are first connected. The controversial Sh6.8 billion-tunnel is set to collect flood water from rivers Irati, Mathioya and Gikigie channelling it to Ndakaini dam which supplies water to Nairobi county. Its construction came to public limelight in 2016 after opposition leader Raila Odinga raised alarm saying it would have devastating impact on the environment. Describing the project as tunnel of death, Mr Odinga said seven counties would be turned to desert. However, government officials rubbished Mr Odinga’s claims saying environmental assessment had been conducted and the World Bank-funded project given a clean bill of health. After a series of meetings with officials from Ministry of Water to convince Murang’a leaders about the project, they (leaders) gave a condition to the government; give our residents water first before taking it to Nairobi.


“All leaders agreed with the government that locals will be prioritised in supply of water but they have ignored the agreement, they are now burying already connected pipes heading to Nairobi,” Mr Ngugi said adding that he would mobilise his constituents to oppose the project. “This time round we mean what we say and we say what we mean. We can’t allow giving our water to Nairobi residents while ours are suffering due to water shortage, that is forcefully taking our only natural resource for free,” the MP said. His sentiments were shared by Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria who said they will demand that the county also gets a percentage of the revenue from Murang’a water, just like Turkana residents are set to get a share from oil income. “We want someone to explain to us how water is not a natural resource ,” the governor said. -



Jubilee party leadership vows punishment for errant legislators - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Kalonzo now says Odinga oath was illegal - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Uhuru reads riot act as MPs troop back to Parliament



President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have demanded discipline and cooperation from hisJubilee Party MPs as Parliament resumes this afternoon. During a Parliamentary Group meeting held at State House, Nairobi, Uhuru is said to have read the riot act on the MPs and promised to take action. Sources told the Star on Tuesday that Uhuru has demanded that all MPs sponsored to Parliament through Jubilee must toe the party line and secure the government agenda.


PSCU in it dispatch said that the emphasised the need for Members of Parliament to work as a team in ensuring that the party delivers on the Big Four Agenda. “It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we deliver on the pledges we made to Kenyans in line with our party manifesto,” State House quoted the President as saying. The President, who was concerned about the Tuesday attendance, is said to have told his MPs that the Jubilee Party PG meetings were “not voluntary”. MPs from the meeting have, off the record for fear of being reprimanded, have said that the warnings by the President cannot be taken lightly. Uhuru is said to have also warned that he and his deputy William Ruto, who also attended the meeting, will not tolerate wrangles within the party. This warning comes at a time when there are reports that some MPs were preparing to reject some of Uhuru’s nominees to Cabinet on Wednesday.

It also comes weeks after some of the party’s MPs were kicked out of Parliamentary committees’ leadership positions following orders from Uhuru. Last month Uhuru summoned MPs from four committees after some of them defied the party’s directive to resign from the committees they were elected to head. These were Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, Moiben’s Silas Tiren, Marakwet MP David Bowen and Emgwen’s Alex Kosgey. The four were accused of defying the party’s directive on equitable sharing of Parliamentary positions to accommodate all regions. During the Tuesday meeting, the Star has learnt that some of the MPs who feel aggrieved failed to attend the PG leading to Uhuru’s warning. According to Uhuru’s press team, the President called for rapid implementation of legislation that will secure delivery of the Big Four Agenda.

Uhuru said that both the party and the executive were focused on a legislative agenda that will ensure swift execution of the Big Four. The Big Four Plan includes the provision of affordable housing, universal healthcare, food security and enhanced manufacturing. Uhuru cited the Energy Bill, Land Index Bill, Roads Bill and Cyber Crime Bill as some of the legislation that should be given priority. “We need to pass laws that will enable us to achieve the agenda that will transform the lives of Kenyans. There is no time. We have to maximise the resources at our disposal,” the President said. The President also said names of members of the Judicial Service Commission have been forwarded to Parliament for further action.

The PG meeting agreed to work closely to support the Big Four Agenda through legislation and approval of the budget provisions. Ruto said supporting the Big Four Agenda will help in securing the President’s legacy and ensure that the Jubilee manifesto achieves its targets. The Deputy President asked members to work towards ensuring that Jubilee remains a vibrant party that unites the country. “We formed Jubilee as a party of all regions that will remove the politics that breeds division, hatred and ethnicity. We will continue to share with you the vision that makes Jubilee a party that is focused on bringing together all Kenyans,” Ruto said. National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale and Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju also addressed the meeting. –

Seven killed after car overturns in Kisii


Seven people, including two pedestrians, were killed Tuesday evening after a Probox car overturned and landed into ditch in Keroka, Kisii. The people riding in the car were returning from a burial ceremony in Riasena. Police said the car brake failed as the driver descended a steep slope along the Nyangusu- Keroka highway. Keroka police boss Phillip Wambugu said two other people are fighting for their lives at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital. A church elder and a primary school teacher are among those whore were killed in the crash. - Daily Nation



Kenya's top eight richest pastors and their net worth

Kenya allows freedom of worship to her citizens and this has led to numerous denominations in the country. These denominations have places of worship where different pastors take lead in directing worshippers to the right path. Following the rise of self-established houses of worship, many pastors have derived material wealth and have made it to the top cream of the society. Although Kenyans do not have the privilege to know how much such pastors make, it is easy to estimate from the lives lived by their families, the posh cars they drive around and the estates they move into. Having said this then, one can list among the top richest pastors in Kenya. These include;

Prophet David Owuor (left) with President Uhuru

This man of God commands respect wherever he goes by his large entourage that accompanies his KSh 25 million worth Mercedes s500.

Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna

This power couple has always made news on social media platforms after awing Kenyans with pictures of their flash lifestyle. Their home in Karen makes a statement by itself without adding to the fact that the Bishop is said to be planning to purchase a private plane, for easy ministry.

Rev Teresia Wairimu

This longtime serving Woman of God is the proprietor of the billions worth sanctuary in Karen which was opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta himself alongside Reverend Reinhard Bonnke. She is also behind the Faith Evangelistic Ministries Family Church which serves many worshippers.


Bishop Margaret Wanjiru


The founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries, among Nairobi’s biggest churches, falls in this list too. The former Starehe Member of Parliament gave Kenyans a peak of her worth when she planned to construct a building worth millions along Haile Selassie Avenue in the CBD.

Pastor Thomas Wahome

Although not quite popular, this man of God, the founder of Helicopter ministries makes his statement by driving a range rover sports car and living in a house worth over Sh50 million. His wealth was revealed when his wife sued him for upkeep and demanded a whooping Sh 500,000 on a monthly basis.

Pastor Victor Kanyari


Kanyari once made news over his ‘panda mbegu’ saga where he was accused of selling miracles but that did not deter his work in the ministry. He has built multi-million palace along Kangundo road and recently treated Kenyans to a picture of himself with bundles of notes.

Bishop Mark Kariuki


A televangelist who has graced Kenyan screens for a while, the General Overseer of Deliverance Church Kenya has held top church positions in the church and lives a lavish life.


Brother Kamlesh Pattni


The list would be incomplete without Pattni, who converted into Christianity from Hindu before founding a church. Brother Pattni owns a chain of airport duty-free shops and has investments in Mombasa, Nairobi and in the Maasai Mara National Park. - The Standard


Githu Muigai resigns as Attorney General

Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai has resigned. Prof Muigai will leave his State Law Office job after a six-and-a-half years after he took office in August 2011. He will be replaced, if approved by the National Assembly, by President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki. “I have received with regret the resignation of Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai. I thank him for his service for the last six and a half years,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a tweet from his verified account. That tweet sent out at 2.51pm sealed the career of a man who had distinguished himself at Sheria House with his impeccably good English. nProf Muigai took over from Amos Wako in August 2011 following the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution that required him (Mr Wako) to exit office. Mr Wako, now the Busia Senator, had served for two decades as the country’s top legal adviser. Prof Muigai holds a bachelor's degree in Law degree from the University of Nairobi, a master's degree in International Law from Columbia University School of Law, and was awarded a doctorate degree in law in November 2002. - Daily Nation



Tanzania has burnt 5,000 one-day old chicks illegally imported through the northern Namanga

border with Kenya. The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Maria Mashingo,

said the unnamed importer did not have the necessary documents.

Tanzania says the move to destroy thechicks is aimed at preventing the spread of bird flu.



Kenyan arrested in India with 23Kg of gold

A 29-year old Kenya Airways crew member was on Monday arrested in India with 23kg of gold valued at about Sh100 million.  Abdalla Ali Said, who was allegedly supposed to hand over the gold to Ibrahim Ali Hussein, was able to pass by the tight security at the airport with the gold bars unnoticed. Being a crew member, Said was not physically frisked but only his luggage was checked by the security personnel at the airport. According to The Times of India, the gold seizure which is the biggest ever to be seized in India, was hidden in a waist belt and knee-cap supports. Said had tried to check into a five-star hotel near the international airport when Mumbai police arrested him. The alarm was raised by the hotel staff who was suspicious of his movements upon arrival on Monday. “The hotel staff got suspicious when they found Hussein walking around with Said after the latter checked in. The staff immediately alerted the police,” said Mumbai police. Police handed over custody of the two suspects to airport customs. - The Standard


Sanctuary in Kenya cares for Africa's

orphaned or abused chimpanzees



Chimpanzee Facts

Chimpanzee Chimpanzees are our closest relatives. Natural habitat of these primates is Africa and most of them can be found in the rainforest, grassland and woodland of West and Central Africa. Their body is covered with long dark hair. Unlike other monkeys - they don't have tail. They live in large communities of up to 150 members. Chimpanzees are highly endangered animals. Loss of habitat and increased commercial hunt reduced the number of chimpanzee from 2 million to 300,000 individuals.

Interesting Chimpanzee Facts:
Chimpanzees are omnivores which mean that they eat both plants and animals. They like to eat fruit, insects, eggs and meat.

Chimpanzees thumb is in opposition with other fingers which means that their thumb is not in the same line with other four fingers (just like in human hands). Specific shape of hands allows them to develop and use tools, to groom each other....

Chimpanzees use tools like sticks to extract ants from the trees/holes, or stones to break the shell of the nut.
Chimpanzees can be infected with same diseases like humans: measles, ringworm, hepatitis B, influenza...
They exchange kisses, hugs, touches in their community and use complicated system of sounds to communicate.
Grooming is important ritual that creates close bonds between community members. It can also calm the nerves of excited animals.

Chimpanzees are 6-7 times stronger than humans.

When chimpanzees are bored, they organize various games to entertain themselves.

Chimpanzees in captivity can learn human sign language.

They spend night in nests in the tree. Nests are made of leaves and branches. Each night, chimpanzee changes location of his nest.

Although they use all four limbs for walking, chimpanzee can walk on two legs.

Female will give birth to a baby each 3-4 years. Bond between mother and young animals is very strong and it lasts over 7 years.

Baby chimpanzee has white tail tuft that disappears in time.

When they are ill, chimpanzees will eat medicinal plants to heal themselves.

In the wild, chimpanzee lives 40-50 years, and in captivity between 50 and 60 years.


South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has formally asked

President Jacob Zuma to resign after he refused to do so earlier, reports say.




Deportation of Kenyans increasing

under Trump administration

More than 100 Kenyans were deported from the United States in 2017, a sharp increase during Donald Trump's first year as president. The rise in the number of Kenyans removed from the US — from 63 in 2016 to 103 last year — reflects an overall increase in deportations of Africans. US authorities expelled a total of 2, 134 individuals from sub-Saharan countries in the past fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2017. That was more than double the 920 removed from the US during the corresponding period in 2016. The jump for the sub-Saharan region may be partly a product of Mr Trump's crackdown on unauthorised immigration. It might also be related to his reportedly vulgar characterisation of African countries, the New York-based online publicationQuartz recently suggested in a story on increased expulsions of Africans. Somalia, one of eight countries targeted in the latest iteration of Mr Trump's selective ban on immigration, accounted for the sharpest increase in African removals.

A total of 521 Somalis were sent home last year, compared to 198 in the previous year. While Africans still account for only a small share of all deportations from the US, the steep rise in their numbers stands in contrast to a drop in total “removals” last year. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) reported that 226,119 unauthorised immigrants were deported in fiscal 2017, compared to 240,225 in the previous year. ICE defines a removal as “the compulsory and confirmed movement of an inadmissible or deportable alien out of the United States based on an order of removal.” ICE attributes the decrease in overall removals primarily to a decline in the number of Mexicans and Central Americans apprehended as they attempt to cross unlawfully into the United States. "Overall removals are down because the border is under better control than it has been in 45 years,” ICE deputy director Thomas Homan said at a news conference last year.

Simultaneously, more immigrants without papers are being arrested inside the US. That shift may also help explain the relative increase in African removals, since many African violators of US immigration law had been cleared for entry at border stations but had then overstayed their visas. A growing number of court challenges is also slowing the rate of deportations. The US federal immigration court system now faces a backlog of more than 600,000 cases, the Washington Post reports. Appeals against removal orders are growing as US-based immigrant advocacy groups attract greater funding from opponents of Mr Trump's policy. But ICE removals from the US were actually greater during the Obama years than has so far been the case under Mr Trump. Removals climbed to a high of 410,000 in the 2012 fiscal year, leading critics to deride Mr Obama as “deporter in chief.” - Daily Nation.


PLO Lumumba interview-Lowell Massachusetts USA



Amazon plans hundreds of layoffs

Amazon is cutting hundreds of positions at its headquarters and global operations, a reset that comes after several years of significant growth. The cuts were first reported by the Seattle Times, which said the actions are focused on streamlining the firm's consumer retail business. Amazon said it is working to offer affected staff new roles. It said it expects "small reductions in a couple of places and aggressive hiring in many others." Amazon, which lists thousands of job openings on its website, has expanded rapidly in recent years, both through skyrocketing sales and acquisitions of companies such as grocer Whole Foods. The company reported about $3bn in profit on nearly $178bn in sales last year. It counted more than 560,000 full and part-time workers worldwide at the end of December, an expansion of more than 65% from the previous year. The firm's website shows many of the new positions report to Amazon Web Services, the firm's profitable cloud computing division. The firm is also building up units focused on the company's Alexa robot and other devices. Previous consolidations at the company have led to layoffs in some areas. Last year, Amazon closed and other sites operated by Quidsi, which it announced a deal to acquire in 2010 for about $500m. That led to more than 260 layoffs in New Jersey.


Here is the collection of oddly shaped fruit and vegetables all around

the world that you may haven’t seen them all in once yet.




West Hampstead house collapses 'from roof to basement'

The front of a house has collapsed "from the roof to basement level". Firefighters were called to West Hampstead, north-west London, at 12:06 GMT and requested the help of the police to cordon off Sumatra Road. Ten people were evacuated from neighbouring properties, London Fire Brigade said. The London Ambulance Service sent an ambulance crew and an incident responder, but said there were no patients to treat at the scene. London Fire Brigade (LFB) said firefighters were making the scene safe and working with Camden Council's structural engineer. A spokesperson added: "There has been a total collapse of the two-storey property from the roof to basement level." The Met Police said it received no reports of injuries. Planning permission to renovate the basement of the property was granted by Camden Council in April 2014.




Bitcoin energy use in Iceland set to overtake homes, says local firm

Iceland is facing an "exponential" rise in Bitcoin mining that is gobbling up power resources, a spokesman for Icelandic energy firm HS Orka has said. This year, electricity use at Bitcoin mining data centres is likely to exceed that of all Iceland's homes, according to Johann Snorri Sigurbergsson. He said many potential customers were keen to get in on the act. "If all these projects are realised, we won't have enough energy for it," he told the BBC. Mr Sigurbergsson's calculations were first reported by the Associated Press. Iceland has a small population, of around 340,000 people. But in recent years it has seen a marked increase in the number of new data centres, often built by firms wishing to tout green credentials. Nearly 100% of energy in Iceland comes from renewable sources. Bitcoin mining refers to the work done by computers connected to the global Bitcoin network. These computers solve complex mathematical problems - a process that in turn validates transactions between users of the crypto-currency. The computers that do this validation work receive small Bitcoin rewards for their trouble, making it a lucrative exercise, especially when done at a large scale.


Miguna Miguna sues to be allowed back into Kenya

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has filed a suit seeking reinstatement of his Kenyan passport and citizenship. He is also seeking an order to allow him back into the country, as well as access to immigration and customs clearance. Dr Miguna filed his suit through lawyers John Khaminwa and Nelson Havi who swore an affidavit on his behalf. Dr Miguna sued Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i, immigration boss Gordon Kihalangwa, Inspector-General of police Joseph Boinnet and Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti. He has also sued officers in charge of the Flying Squad police unit, the one commanding at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the Attorney General Githu Muigai. "The case relates to illegal and arbitrary revocation of Dr Miguna's citizenship and the confiscation of his passport as well as the declaration that he is a prohibited immigrant," his lawyers said. They allege that his ‘deportation’ to Canada is a total violation of constitutional, municipal and international law on citizenship and right to a fair administrative action and dignity. He therefore wants an order issued suspending the declaration by Mr Matiang'i that he is a prohibited immigrant hence not a Kenyan citizen. He also wants the sued parties ordered to reinstate his passport within five days and that they should also facilitate his re-entry. He further wants the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, which is listed as an interested party in the case be allowed access to the immigration and customs so as to generate a report to be filed in court with regards to his treatment. Dr Miguna was deported to Canada on February 6 after being held incommunicado for five days. - Daily Nation


A suspected poacher was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of lions close to the Kruger National

Park in South Africa, police said Monday, adding that little was left of the victim's body



Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes talking to Kenyans in Leeds, UK last weekend

where she explained about Kitusuru Phase 4 (right) coming up soon.

Heri Homes has become the talk of town in the Diaspora as well as in the Property circles in Kenya. The company sold over 300 properties in the diaspora in the year 2017 and now targeting to sell over 500 properties this year of 2018. Heri Homes success has been contributed by their honest, their equity model which is friendly to a common man and their delivery promise. To facilitate their delivery the company has opened an office in London. Heri Homes Kikuyu Road houses are all sold out. Phase I is complete, Phase 2 is almost done and Phase 3 is all sold out and is half way done. Currently they have 4 PHASES in Kitusuru. Kitusuru One and Two are sold out and Kitusuru THREE and FOUR are currently available. The Marketing Director of Heri homes Mrs. Mary Njonjo currently in UK had a successful tour in Leeds last weekend where several members converged into 5+ to form a group and enjoy the lucrative package  Heri Homes offering to groups. If you want to form a group or you are in a Chamaa and you want to invest, they have something tailor made specifically for groups. Breaking ground of Kitisuru Phase 3 (left) and Phase 4 (right) will be done in a few weeks to come. Kitisuru Phase 3 Price: 3 Bedrooms with a servant quarter – pay 1.98M as deposit. Do not be left behind. Kitisuru Phase 4 Price: 2 Bedrooms – Pay 90K per month for 54 months. 3 Bedrooms – Pay 110K per month for 54 months. You should not miss this golden opportunity. A deposit has been a challenge to many and what is happened now is to team up a group of 5 members or more then raise a deposit for one person and then move on to raise for the rest of the team one by one. If you want Mary Njonjo to visit your group call her on 07407679182, and she will come right where you are.



Britons killed in Grand Canyon helicopter crash named


Britons killed in Grand Canyon helicopter crash named

Three British tourists killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon have been named by US police. Becky Dobson, 27, Jason Hill, 32, and his brother, Stuart Hill, 30, died in Saturday's crash, Hualapai Police said. Three other Britons and the pilot were injured when the helicopter, on a tour of the canyon, came down at about 17:20 local time (00:20 GMT) in Arizona. It is not clear what caused the crash and witnesses say rescue efforts have been hampered by high winds.


London City Airport shut as WW2 bomb found in Thames


Russia jet carrying 71 people crashes after Moscow take-off

A Russian airliner has crashed after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing all 65 passengers and six crew on board. The Saratov Airlines jet vanished minutes after take-off and crashed near the village of Argunovo, about 80km (50 miles) south-east of Moscow. The cause of crash is unclear. Investigators and emergency crews are working at the snow-covered site. The Antonov An-148 was en route to the city of Orsk in the Ural mountains. Pieces of wreckage and bodies were found spread over a large area. One of the flight recorders has been recovered, officials say. President Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences to the victims' families and announced an inquiry into the cause of the crash. This is the first commercial passenger jet crash for more than a year - 2017 was the safest year on record for air travel.


UK is braced for snow showers and an icy blast

so cold that PHONE SIGNAL could be lost

An ice blast could cause phone signal to cut out across the country, with a severe weather warning forecasting snow and storms in the coming days. Mobile reception could be lost across the UK if expected icy winds dry air moisture onto power cables and cause them to break.  Issuing two yellow weather warnings for snow and ice, the Met Office forecast potential power cuts and said mobile phones could be affected.  Conditions are expected to bring travel chaos and this afternoon a car was pictured having careered off an icy road in Scotland when it spun 180 degrees. - CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY



Kenyan Parents
Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni



Raila Odinga tells envoys to keep off Kenyan politics

Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Sunday hit out at western envoys led by US ambassador Robert Godec after calls that he should accept the legitimacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mr Odinga, who last month ‘took the oath of office as the people’s president’, asked the diplomats to keep off Kenyan politics and said that Kenyans are capable of solving their problems internally.

Mr Godec, UK’s High Commissioner Nic Hailey and Sara Hradecky of Canada on Saturday warned that Kenya risks plunging into a political should both the government and the Opposition continue disobeying the law. They said Mr Odinga risks ruining his legacy if he continues disregarding the leadership of President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. But Mr Odinga accused the envoys of serving self-interests after they endorsed the August 8, 2017 presidential election and the repeat October voting.

The August polls were annulled by a majority decision of the Supreme Court on grounds of illegalities and irregularities committed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The Apex court, however, upheld the win of President Kenyatta in the October election, which was boycotted by Mr Odinga. Mr Odinga spoke in Lang’ata while visiting residents whose houses were razed by a fire last month that killed at least four people. He said that Kenya was an independent country guided by the Constitution. The diplomats, Mr Odinga argued, were observers and should stick to that role. The Nasa leader said the envoys should only offer advice when needed.

Kenyans do not dictate to any European country who their leader should be, he added. “We want to tell them in clear terms that Kenya is an independent country and the problems of Kenya will be solved by Kenyans themselves. They can only be, but observers,” said Mr Odinga. “Their only interest is to do business at the behest of their countries. They are not interested in our democracy. Kenyans saw the role of the international observers on the 8 August and the kind of statement that they came up with,” he added. He was accompanied by a Nasa MPs Simba Arati (Dagoretti North), TJ Kajwang (Ruaraka) and George Aladwa (Makadara).

Mr Odinga said that prior to the repeat October polls, Mr Chebukati was on record saying that IEBC was not prepared and ready to conduct the polls. He said the statement was contradicted by the envoys who argued that the preparations were adequate.  Mr Odinga said Nasa will not allow the country to go back to the colonial days when the country’s leadership was determined by western nations. “So they cannot come out now as independent observers to try and lecture Kenyans about democracy. Kenyans will solve the Kenyan problems themselves. We do not need advice from the American Ambassador or from the British High Commissioner,” he said.

Earlier, Mr Odinga donated mattresses and blankets to the residents left homeless by the Lang’ata fire. He accused “land grabbers” of being behind the fire. “Those who want to grab land here must know that we will not allow them to send our people into the cold,” he said. Mr Kajwang accused the government of using retrogressive steps in arresting him, Mr Aladwa and lawyer Miguna Miguna over Mr Odinga’s “swearing in”. - Sunday Nation.


Kansiime AnneAfrican Comedy




US Gov gives cryptocurrency the green light - markets

respond with an $83 billion one day boost!

It's been a truly great day in the cryptocurrency world! The US Government today met on the topic, with the heads of the SEC coming face to face with Congress. (Link) We were worried they'd ask for new laws and regulations - but they asked for none. Beyond that, SEC and members of Congress made some surprising points - they understand the technology's potential, don't want to slow it down, and that at least for now - only crypto scammers need to fear the government. How did the markets respond? With an $83 billion dollar boost! From a low of $278 billion cap - now leaping up to $363 billion. Out of hot waters? At least for now, it appears so.



National Geographic - everything about deadly

and poisonous bees - documentary




Elderly woman trapped in bath for three days is rescued by Essex police

 An elderly woman was trapped in her bath for up to three days before police broke into her Essex home to rescue her. Officers were alerted on Wednesday afternoon by a concerned neighbour who noticed the woman in her 80s was not answering her door for post and still had her curtains drawn. PC Tom Matthews and student officer Tom Currin forced their way into the property in Aveley and heard the woman calling for help. "The woman sadly has no nearby family or friends that are able to make regular visits to check on her," said PC Matthews. "When we found the woman she told us that she'd been trapped in the bath for up to three days. "This incident is an example on why it's essential to check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours." He added: "In this case a neighbour spotted a few minor things that were out of character and she rightly called for help. "We would like to praise her for taking the time to consider the welfare of an elderly person within her community.



Uhuru should Disobey the Law: Raila has No Plan



I’m coming back to Kenya,

Miguna Miguna declares



Kenya’s dual citizens should not have

to re-apply for their birthright


In one breath they are encouraged to continue investing in “their country,” to keep sending the remittances that have become among the top forex earners for Kenya. But in another and not so fresh breath, they are told they are not Kenyan citizens and must reapply for citizenship. This is the unfortunate predicament of those Kenyans in the diaspora who, although having acquired citizenship of other countries, continue to dream of returning to their motherland. There is a stark contradiction between the Dual Citizenship clause of the new Constitution: “A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country,” and the reality of the requirement being put to Kenyans in the diaspora, that they must reapply for Kenyan citizenship if they acquired another citizenship prior to August 2010, when the new constitution came into force. The plain meaning of the words of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land, seem unambiguous enough. So why do Kenyan’s in the diaspora remain subject to the old constitution while the rest of the country moves on? Under the old constitution; “A person who, upon the attainment of the age of 21 years, is a citizen of Kenya and also a citizen of some country other than Kenya shall... cease to be a citizen of Kenya upon the specified date unless he has renounced his citizenship of that other country.” Arguably, the plain meaning of these words was automatic loss of citizenship for those who acquired other citizenship, and that may well have been if that was the end of the matter. But it was not.

A Kenyan who acquired other citizenship was required to be proactive in completing the loss of Kenyan citizenship by filling out a declaration of renunciation of Kenyan citizenship (Form L) in duplicate, having it notarised, paying a fee, and surrendering their Kenyan passport. Many dual citizens never filled out this declaration, therefore their loss of citizenship arguably never became effective. Amazingly, the landmark Kenya High Court ruling of January 22, 2010 by Justice L. Kimaru seems also to have been forgotten. In Sirat v. Abdirahman, Justice Kimaru ruled that under the constitution then in place, dual citizenship was allowed for persons who got their Kenyan citizenship by birth and had not renounced it while acquiring the second citizenship.

Those who did effectively renounce their Kenyan citizenship are on record as having done so. Logically, it is these people that would now have the opportunity to re-apply for Kenyan citizenship under the new Constitution’s provision that, “A person who is a Kenyan citizen by birth and who has ceased to be a Kenyan citizen because the person acquired citizenship of another country, is entitled on application to regain Kenyan citizenship.” It is a long and winding road, however, from allowing those who did formally renounce their citizenship to apply for reinstatement and declaring that all have lost their citizenship prior to the new Constitution whether they formally renounced it or not; and that in the face of the plain meaning of the current law of the land, “A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country.”


Kenya’s choice; gain or lose
The sad truth is, there are probably many Kenyans in the diaspora who, never having renounced their Kenyan citizenship, may decline to reapply if required to do so, and choose to continue with their lives as they are. It is foolhardy to ignore the fact that Kenya needs these citizens as much as they need Kenya. Kenya’s diaspora remittances hit a new high in February 2012 at $103.98 million. In 2011, diaspora remittances were $891 million, an increase of 39 per cent from 2010. As a foreign exchange earner, diaspora remittances are right up there with tea, which brought in $1.27 billion, tourism $1.18 billion, and horticulture $1.10 billion. In 2011, the Central Bank of Kenya revised its investment procedures to allow Kenyans abroad to open accounts for buying Treasury securities. The government’s savings development and infrastructure bonds issues and subsequent awareness campaigns led to increased diaspora interest in investing through these formal channels over this period, according to the CBK. A diaspora-targeted infrastructure bond attracted Ksh13.5 billion ($159.7 million), while a savings bond raised Ksh19.5 billion ($230.8 million). Official estimates indicate that the Kenya diaspora is about three-million strong. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are about 500,000 Kenyans, although only some among these have taken US citizenship.

Kenyans in the diaspora include some of our highest achieving athletes, as well as other high achievers in various fields whom others are already happy to call citizens of their own countries. Swimmer Achieng Ajulu-Bushell, a former world No. 1 in the 50m, now competes for Great Britain; long distance runner Lorna Kiplagat, holder of five world records, gained Dutch citizenship in 2003 and competed for the Netherlands thereafter. She and her husband have since founded the High Altitude Training Center in Iten, Kenya, where high profile athletes from all over the world come to train. Kenyan-Danish athlete Wilson Kosgei Kipketer holds the current indoor world records in the 1,000 and 800 metres race. Kipketer’s 800 metres world record stood for almost 13 years until it was broken on August 22, 2010 by Kenya’s David Rudisha. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. By all indications, Kenya recognises the value of its diaspora, at least on paper. The government has ratified the Amendment to the African Union Constitutive Act Article that lists among the AU’s objectives, to “invite and encourage the full participation of the African diaspora as an important part of our continent in the building of the African Union.”

Kenya’s Foreign Policy document has also incorporated Diaspora Diplomacy as one of the five key pillars of Kenya’s foreign policy along with Economic Diplomacy, Peace Diplomacy, Environmental Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy, with Diaspora Diplomacy slated as one of the paramount strategic objectives to be achieved. Kenya’s Vision 2030 has highlighted the diaspora as one of the flagship projects under the financial sector. Perhaps the time has come to recognise their value in practice as well. Permitting dual citizenship under the new constitution has been an excellent first step. But this clause, like all others in the new constitution, must be correctly interpreted and implemented quickly. There are Kenyans in the diaspora who, identifying more with their roots in Kenya than any other place on earth, might play along and apply to regain their “lost” citizenship, and indeed have it “restored.” But the matter is more complex than that, and the repercussions more dire.

Kenyan citizenship is acquired by jus sanguinis (Latin for “right of blood”), a legal principle by which citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having one or both parent who are citizens of the nation. It contrasts with jus soli (Latin for “right of soil”), which confers citizenship by place of birth. Kenyan citizenship “by birth,” along with the privileges of running for election or appointment to state office and the right to run for election as president or deputy president, is the entitlement of those who are born to a Kenyan citizen parent anywhere in the world and are therefore “citizens by birth.” If Kenyans in the diaspora accept that they are deemed to have automatically renounced their Kenyan citizenship the moment they acquired other citizenship prior to the promulgation of the new constitution, they are accepting that they were not and are not now Kenyan citizens prior to reapplication; nor are any children born to them at that time Kenyan citizens. How will these children regain their “citizenship by birth” status, not having been born to Kenyan citizens?

The new constitution sheds little light on the predicament of these children, stating only that, “A person born outside Kenya shall be a citizen by birth if on the date of birth that person’s mother or father was or is a citizen by birth.” The “was or is” of this clause is among the areas that the diaspora may want to seek urgent clarification on to safeguard their children’s citizenship status if they themselves are indeed required to reapply for citizenship. Will their children subsequently have to be registered as citizens? As “registered citizens” rather than “citizens by birth” they can never be appointed to state office or run for president or vice-president.

Calls have continued to be made to Kenyans in the diaspora from as high up as the head of state to continue investing in Kenya and building their country. Many would-be dual citizens have invested in land in Kenya. Under the current constitution, “A person who is not a citizen may hold land on the basis of leasehold tenure only, and any such lease, however granted, shall not exceed ninety-nine years.” Now it appears that for some, their citizenship status may be in question, and along with it the status of their land. Besides, those who acquired freehold land prior to the time they “lost” their citizenship may find themselves victim to the clause that reserves freehold land ownership for citizens.

For the first time in history, Kenyans in the diaspora have the constitutional right to register and vote in a national election remotely from wherever they reside — but only if they are citizens of Kenya. The constitution requires parliament to enact legislation to provide for “the progressive registration of citizens residing outside Kenya, and the progressive realisation of their right to vote.” The issues raised by the qualification of this right with the word “progressive” are an important issue for another day. More pertinent here is the issue of whether dual citizens who acquired their citizenship in another country prior to the 2010 Constitution will be able to vote. If they must re-apply for citizenship, how long from the date of their application to approval and their eligibility to register as voters or run for election to public office if they choose to do so? As the constitution does not allow a dual citizen to hold state office, one who “lost” Kenyan citizenship under the old constitution would need ample time to have it reinstated and to renounce the other citizenship before vying for state office.

As far as dual citizenship goes, is our citizenship law one that gives with one stroke of the pen and seeks to take away with another by criminalising the very people meant to benefit from the new law? Indisputably, the government has a legitimate interest in collecting data on how many Kenyans acquired other citizenship and where. But the proclamation of the Citizenship and Immigration Act, that, “Every dual citizen shall disclose his or her other citizenship...within three months of becoming a dual citizen,” and its prescription of a “fine not exceeding five million shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both,” perhaps goes more than a little too far. Crimes that attract similar jail terms under Kenyan law include “intimidation and molestation,” “supply of harmful substances to children” and common theft. Some might say it appears more than a little odd to criminalise citizens and impose such harsh penalties simply for failing to report that they have done what the law allows them to do — become dual citizens.

Most urgently, clarification for those Kenyans in the diaspora who acquired other citizenship prior to the new constitution is needed. Are they or are they not Kenyan citizens? Need they reapply for what for all intents and purposes appears to be their constitutional right? Can their children some day run for top office? What is the status of their landholding in Kenya? Will they be voting in the coming election? The letter of our constitution, the current law of the land, appears well in their favour: “A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country.” There is no qualification to this statement — no “forthwith” or “henceforth” about it. Hopefully this is the interpretation and implementation that will be given to this clause. - Source: Kenya Embassy, Washington DC website


Drought-hit Cape Town rejoices at rainfall

When the forecasts turned out to be true and rain fell from the skies, the residents of Cape Town in South Africa rejoiced, thanked God and stood outside to feel the water on their skin. In the drought-hit city, Friday night's 8mm (0.3 inches) was long-desired. Residents of the city have been under orders to save water meticulously to avoid the city's taps running dry. There is a very real chance that Cape Town will simply run out of water. The city has had low rainfall for three years. In January, local authorities slashed residents' water allowance to 50 litres (88 pints) each a day. That's enough for a very short shower and just one flush of the toilet when other needs - including just one load of the washing machine a week - are taken into account. So the rainfall on Friday came as a boon to many who saw their chance to store some extra water, for watering plants, flushing toilets or cleaning.
Boko Haram releases 13 hostages to Nigerian government





Kiambu County’s five star morgue

* The General Kago Funeral home was built at a cost of Sh300 million
* The cold rooms and refrigeration equipment can hold 112 bodies

At the heart of Thika town, Kiambu County, stands an ultra-modern funeral home, one that has become the talk of the town. The giant morgue built by Mount Kenya University at a cost of Sh300 million has changed the face of Thika Level 5 Hospital. The morgue was recently voted among the best in the county by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board (KMPDU). It has state of the art cold rooms and refrigeration equipment and can hold up to 112 bodies, replacing the old mortuary at the hospital which was built in 1941 and which had a capacity to hold 12 bodies. The multi-million, one storey General Kago Funeral home, named after the famed Mau Mau freedom fighter Kariuki Kago Mboko was built through Public- Private Partnership (PPP) and opened in 2014. The morgue also has a resource centre normally used by Mount Kenya University medicine students. “Medicine students often come here to study.  The resource centre which has a sitting capacity of 12, and has both hard copy and E-learning books,” said Cecilia Thuku who is in-charge at the centre. In addition to all the above mentioned facilities, the funeral home has ample parking lot that can hold up to 100 vehicles. –


Shilling hits new high against dollar ahead of Valentine’s Day


The shilling touched a 20-month high against the US dollar yesterday, largely supported by increased horticultural earnings ahead of Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day and foreign investments in government securities. The currency was exchanging at 100.72 units at 12.09pm — its strongest level since early June 2016 — having gained slightly from opening levels of 100.91/101.11 units against the dollar. “There have been strong flows targeting the infrastructure bond and the general market sentiment is bullish on the shilling,” Raphael Agung’, head of treasury at Commercial Bank of Africa, said. The shilling has gained 2.16 per cent against the US currency since the beginning of the year. The Kenyan unit has this year seen a steady run against the greenback. It emerged as one of the most stable currencies in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in 2017 after shedding a marginal 0.66 per cent. “The shilling has been an alpha SSA currency in a world of high beta for quite a while now. “The recent bounce to a 20-month high has certainly caught many off-guard,” Aly-Khan Satchu, the chief executive of Nairobi-based data vendor Rich Management, said. The benchmark Brent crude yesterday dropped 0.44 per cent to $65.07 a barrel, which is good news for the Kenya economy which runs on imported fuel. For a net importer country such as Kenya, a strengthening currency may result in lower consumer prices while exporters feel the pinch as earnings in shillings dip. “The Central Bank of Kenya’s FX operations are simply off the charts, especially when you consider we have a freely convertible currency which is something of a rarity in SSA these days,” Mr Satchu said. The CBK has sufficient foreign exchange reserves that stood at $7.108 billion (Sh717.91 billion) last Thursday, to iron out any volatility of the shilling on need-basis. That is the equivalent of 4.75 months of import cover, which is above the statutory requirement for four months imports cushion. Some forecasts see the shilling trading below 100 units later this year, but Agung’ believes this may take time. “If that’s the direction it is going, I think it will be a gradual move.” “Every indication is not pointing to that but trading in currency can go either direction because it should be the stabilising force,” he said. - Daily Nation.


"Thirikari ti shûguo" ûthiî ûkomîre mbere



Kenyan woman Homeless after being deported from UK

My name is failure and unstable, I moved to the UK a few years ago just like so many immigrants i become illegal just as i was trying to get myself legalized i went to a detention center yarls wood but was released a week later. For the last five years i have been fighting my immigration case. The last appeal landed me back at yarls wood, i ended up been locked up for 9 months and a half. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and post traumatic depression but i still ended up being deported to my country. I am currently homeless in fear over my life and am with my daughter struggling,my daughter has spinal injury and has low white blood cells. I am requesting for medical help and financial help to get to a safe haven for me and my daughter urgently. Any donation or help i receive will change our life enormously

My gofundme

By Nyawira Wakaronde Kariu -




Miguna is a Canadian political refugee, not Kenyan, says Kihalangwa


Equity Bank has won ‘The Most Improved Bank’ Award

Equity Bank won ‘The Most Improved Bank’ Award in the Kenya Bankers Association 2018 Catalysts Awards recently held in Nairobi. Equity Bank was also 1st Runners Up in the ‘Sustainability through Policy and Governance’ Category, 2nd Runners Up in the ‘Best Overall Bank Award’ Category, 2nd Runners Up in the ‘Best Practice in Sustainable Finance’ Category and 2nd Runners Up in the ‘Case Study on Bank Operations (Green Policy/ Green Branch/Green HQ).

Equity’s Director of Strategy, Mary Wamae (2nd Right) receives the ‘The Most Improved Bank’ Award from Director General of Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat Dr. Julius M. Muia (Left) during the Kenya Bankers Association 2018 Catalysts Awards. With her are Equity’s General Manager of Corporate Banking, Moses Ndirangu (2nd Left) and Equity Group Foundation’s General Manager, Energy & Environment, Eric Naivasha (Right).


Nairobi Securities Exchange Chief Executive, Geoffrey Odundo (Left) presents an award to Equity’s team led by the Director of Strategy, Mary Wamae (2nd Right), Equity Group Foundation’s General Manager, Energy & Environment, Eric Naivasha (2nd Left) and Equity Bank’s General Manager of Corporate Banking, Moses Ndirangu (Right).

Equity Bank’s team lead by the Director of Strategy, Mary Wamae (Right) pose for a photo with ‘The Most Improved Bank’ award won during the Kenya Bankers Association 2018 Catalysts Awards. The award was presented by Director General of Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat Dr. Julius M. Muia (3rd Left).


Construction of the new Nairobi-Mombasa highway will start towards end of the year, the Kenya National Highways Authority has said.



Here is the collection of oddly shaped fruit and vegetables all around

the world that you may haven’t seen them all in once yet.






One on One with Ahmednassir #JKLive



South Africans prepare for Zuma's exit

South Africans have started calling it “Zexit" - the long, fractious process of nudging President Jacob Zuma out of his job. Quite why it’s proving so difficult is still not entirely clear. Today, the man poised to replace him, Cyril Ramphosa, said only that they’d been busy discussing “pertinent matters.” The best guess is that Mr Zuma, who is facing multiple corruption charges, may be looking for some sort of legal guarantees - although an amnesty is not an option in South Africa. Mr Ramaphosa, already sounding like the country’s new president, said both he and Mr Zuma were aware of people’s anxieties, and the need for a speedy resolution in the “coming days”. He made it sound as if "Zexit" was now inevitable.


Old Ethiopian plane becomes popular cafe


After reaching the end of its life in the skies, an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet has been relaunched as a cafe, drawing crowds with its unusual setting and homemade honey wine. One customer describes the quirky venue's appeal: It feels like you're on board for take off. But we don't fly, we just sit here an end enjoy."



Bank puts Sh1bn Kitisuru estate up for auction

Nairobi auctioneers have put on sale a Sh1.19 billion residential estate in upmarket Kitisuru estate, citing the developers’ failure to settle a bank loan. The notice, published by Valley Auctioneers, invites potential buyers of the estate to attend a fire sale event on February 15, signalling distress for off-plan investors who were to pay Sh10 million for the homes and have since been booking big gains in their investment. The estate sits on a 5.23 acre parcel of land in the wider Kabete area of Kiambu County and features more than 100 three-bedroom maisonettes. “The development comprises 119 three bedroomed flat roofed maisonettes each with a master ensuite, a club house, a swimming pool and a borehole,” says the notice.

“All interested purchasers are required to view and verify details of the financiers. A deposit of 25 per cent must be paid in bankers’ cheque or RTGS during the day of auction and the balance within 60 days.” Developers of the estate, Homex, had set the price of each off plan development at Sh10 million, setting the minimum possible value of the development at a value at Sh1.19 billion. House prices ordinarily go up on completion of construction, which means the maisonettes are now probably worth much more than they were before completion. The Business Daily had not established how many buyers have paid so far. - Business Daily



Stock markets: US shares steadier after wild swings

Wall Street shares slipped on Wednesday, but were somewhat steadier than in recent days, which saw sharp trading swings. The Dow Jones dipped less than 0.1%, while the S&P 500 fell about 0.5% and the Nasdaq dropped 0.9%. Declines in technology and energy shares weighed on the markets, which have seen a sudden increase in volatility. Investors are worried by policy shifts, including higher interest rates. European stock markets also recovered ground on Wednesday, but a rally in Asia faded. The volatility marks a turn for the markets, which rose steadily for much of last year. But analysts and economists, who for months have forecast that rapidly-rising markets were due a correction, said investors should get used to choppier markets. "It's not like this is going to be one and done," said JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist for TD Ameritrade.

Signs of volatility have been rising in recent weeks, as investors digest the impact of new tax cuts and other policy shifts. Signs of strong wage growth last week triggered a sell-off last week, as investors saw a sign that inflation could rise faster than expected and prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates more quickly. The market plunge spread globally as investors rushed to redistribute assets in reaction to the shift. Wednesday's declines came after US lawmakers announced a budget deal, which would lift spending caps and could add to the inflationary pressures. Meanwhile, soft demand for US Treasuries at an auction on Wednesday sent yields higher - typically a signal of higher rates. London's FTSE 100 closed 1.9% higher, in Paris the Cac-40 rose by 1.8% and Frankfurt's Dax was up by 1.6%. In Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225 index pulled back from early highs to add 0.2%, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng lost 0.8%. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 ended up 0.8% while South Korea's Kospi index dropped 2.3%.



The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 which implements Chapter 3 of the Constitution commenced on 30th August 2011 and effectively repealed the Kenya Citizenship Act Cap 170, The Immigration Act Cap. 172 and the Aliens Restriction Act Cap 173, Law of Kenya. .....More )

A citizen by birth who acquired citizenship of another country, and renounced the Kenyan citizenship may apply to regain citizenship.
1. Declaration form duly completed Form 5
2. (Two) 2 Copies of Kenyan passport or identity card previously held
3. (Two) 2 Notarized copies of valid Passport of the other country
4. (Two) 2 Notarized copies of Naturalization Certificate of the other country
5. (Two) 2 passport size pictures. (NB: Most current picture taken maximum within the last one month.)
6. A Money Order or Cashiers Check of $120.00 : (Payable to Embassy of The Republic of Kenya)

A dual citizen is required to disclose her/his other citizenship within three months of becoming a dual citizen
1. Declaration form duly completed Form 2
2. (Two) 2 Copies of valid Kenyan Passport
3. (Two) 2 Copies of valid Kenyan National I.D and / or Kenyan Birth Certificate
4. (Two) 2 Notarized copies of valid Passport of the other country
5. (Two) 2 Notarized copies of Naturalization Certificate of the other country
6. (Two) 2 passport size pictures. (NB: Most current picture taken maximum within the last one month.)
7.Applicant must be 18 years or above






We are pleased to announce heri homes will be coming to Northampton, you do not want to miss this investment talk with Mary Njonjo, head diaspora Heri homes ( UK)

Among the topics will be:-

*what a buyer should consider before buying property in kenya

*measures heri homes has taken to ensure all its projects are safe

*future of real estate in kenya

*learn the 5 gears of excellence

* why heri homes is a success


WE HAVE A GREAT PACKAGE FOR YOU,(5 + MEMBERS) - come and find out.


4C Harehills Road,

Leeds, LS8 5PB


TIME: 3.00 P.M. TO 6.00 P.M.


TIME: 2.00 P.M. T0 4.30 P.M.


Eastern district social hall
Crest wood Rd north
Northampton - NN3 8JJ

DAY : 18 th FEB 2018

TIME : 4 pm - 7 pm.

For more information please contact

Mary Njonjo in UK on 07404679182, Email:


NEXT STOP: Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester.

"Success begins with one step in the right direction"



Deliveries by Sea!

Luton, UK

Dear Customer,

The End of January container is now gone. We are now collecting for the next shipment, collection cut off is 15th February. Airfreight is every Friday, cut off is every Thursday

We will be collecting in London and surrounding areas on Mon, Tue & Thursdays. On Wednesdays- B/ham, Coventry, Northampton and MK areas,On Thursday- Bedford, P/borough and Cambridge areas. On Friday- Reading, Slough and the surrounding areas. Saturdays- Team 1: Manchester,Wakefield,Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham areas.
Team 2: Bristol, Glocester, Swindon,Oxford And surrounding areas.

Kindly send your address if you have anything need going or call our office line 01582 561029 for booking


Morris Njuguna 07949 531 238, 07474 951 195 Sanaipei 01582 561029 0739 810 5110 Kenya Exports Ltd.







Meet the seedless avocado, and you can eat the skin too

LONDON - Just when you thought the avocado could not get anymore hipster and on trend, meet the stoneless avocado.  Yes, no more wrestling with the avocado pit. This new variation on the fruit is a smaller version called the cocktail avocado. Measuring about 5cms to 8cms, this mini-version also boasts edible skin.  This magical fruit is being sold by British retailer Marks & Spencer in 149 outlets around the United Kingdom.  According to a report in The Guardian newspaper, the fruit is stoneless because it is the result of an unpollinated blossom, which then grows into a seedless fruit which is also smaller. The fruit is cultivated in Spain and available only in December.  M&S agronomist Charlotte Curtis has been quoted in various media as saying that the company has got only a limited amount of the fruit for the season.  Of course given the limited supply, this varietal is pricier -  £2 ($3.60) per pack - compared to regular pitted avocados which cost  between 85p per fruit and  £1.50 for a pack of two from other British supermarkets.  But the price might be worth it to avoid knife injuries. Recent media reports have talked about the rise in "guac hand" injuries as more people have ended up at the emergency rooms at hospitals with stab/slash wounds after trying to cut open an avocado.  Although M&S has gone viral with this latest offering, it is not the first retailer to sell seedless avocados. The Sun newspaper reported that British supermarket chain Sainsbury had sold this item as far back as 2005.

Youth demand to swear in Hassan Joho as Raila's deputy






Kenyan Parents
Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni




So far 5 children have been sponsored.



Following my previous posts on misterseed on child sponsorship, below is the progress.

Children sponsorship so far:

1. James Maina - sponsored by Lucy UK, (Photo above with mum)
2. Peter Masese 365/500- Sponsored by (PCEA London)
3. Helen Waithira 349/500- Gitugi Girls - Sponsored by Mary London
4. Ann Njeri 289/500- Sponsored by Mr Kamau UK
5. David Githaiga Mwangi - Sponsored by Ann UK (Photo 1 and 2 above)


Yet to be sponsored and still at home:

6. Beth nduta 398/500 lenero Eldoret- photo 5 above
7. Gullian Mumbi 382/500- failed to join form 1 2017 & now 2018 (photo 6 above)
8. Rose Watiri 249/500 - Ingwamiti Sec School
9. Josphine Njeri 248/500 - Pasenga Sec School
10. Peter Waithanka Form 2- Sponsored last year only
11. Joan Wacera form 2 drop out
12. Moses Chege 333/500 - Shilange Sec School
13. Lorence Muthoni 372/500 Karima Boys Nyeri
14. Grace Mwangi 388/500 - Reported
15. Dorcas Wangari 244/500- (maid now after failing to go to sch last year)
16. Jacinta Wanjiru 281/500 - Sailent Sec School
18. Kelvin Mwangi 365/500

All above children still at home due to lack of funds to go to secondary school. The bursary for form one is between ksh 6,000 - 8,000 and is only for the lucky few. Some of the children have performed very well, two girls did not get a sponsor last year and this is their second year at home...easy to say they are class 8 dropouts.

If anyone would like to help please email me on or call me on +447532358061

I will give you child's contact, school contact and account number where you can send the money straight. Also please have a look at the more children who have been sponsored and yet to be sponsored on my website below. NB on welcome page click on adobe flush on the right to view the proper format of website.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored a poor child go to school.

For more information please visit




Lions vs Hyenas Hyena Trying to Eat Lion Most Amazing Animal Attacks Craziest Animal Fights - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



At least 90 migrants feared drowned after boat capsizes off Libya

At least 90 migrants are feared to have drowned after a smuggler's boat capsized off Libya, the UN migration agency has said. Olivia Headon, from the International Organisation for Migration, said most of those on board were Pakistanis. "They have given an estimate of 90 who drowned during the capsize, but we still have to verify the exact number of people who lost their lives during the tragedy," she said. The bodies of two Libyans and eight Pakistanis are reported to have washed up on Libyan shores, while three people are thought to have survived, she added. Security officials in the western Libyan town of Zurawa said two Libyans and one Pakistani had been rescued. She added that Pakistani nationals had been taking an increasingly large share of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean via Libya to Europe. Zurawa - near Libya's border with Tunisia - is often the site of migrant boat departures. The numbers of people trying to reach Europe from Libya has dropped sharply since July.





Greetings from the Republic of Kenya where I have visiting for the last one month. During my visit, I met Property Developers, Bankers and other business groups who are coming to the UK this year. I met a property developer who is constructing houses for sale with a deal which is too good to be true BUT after investigations I found it was true. More later.


Theresa May has apparently clashed with her International Trade Secretary over

whether Britain could be involved in a customs union with the EU after Brexit.






Kenyan UK based politician Daniel Munyambu who was once a Councillor in Basildon, UK and in 2015 contested for MP in Thurrock is condemning the criminal act by Uhuru government in shutting down live TV coverage while also threatening to arrest innocent  NTV journalists.  Munyambu says although the swearing-in ceremony of Raila Odinga was unlawful, it was necessary. Revoking gun licence for Hon. Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangura  has no basis in law but rather is an act of abuse of power by the state agencies. Uhuru should be reminded that the role of the government is not to create 21  positions of Chief Administrative Secretary for his cronies but rather to implement  social economic policies that will create jobs to millions of unemployed youths and eradicate absolute poverty. Munyambu categorically said the day's of Moisim and Kenyattaism are over and Kenyans has the duty to transcend their differences and liberate our country from the yoke of tyranny and  kleptocrat regime.  - Contact:





AU Commission criticises Raila Odinga 'swearing-in'

The African Union Commission on Friday criticised Nasa principal Raila Odinga over the January 30 ‘swearing-in’. In a statement posted on its website, Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said he is closely following the situation in Kenya. He said that an African Union Election Observer Mission led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki observed the elections, whose results were validated by the Kenyan Supreme Court. “Against this backdrop, and in line with its relevant instruments, notably the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, the African Union rejects all actions that undermine constitutional order and the rule of law. “The Chairperson urges all concerned to desist from any such actions, which also put the political stability of Kenya at risk. He urges all stakeholders to act in strict compliance with the Constitution of Kenya and other relevant texts,” the statement said. - Daily Nation.


At least five dead as two helicopters crash in southern France



Will you be visiting Kenya for business or holiday?

Co-operative Bank has a dedicated Diaspora team and office to serve you better.
We would like to meet you and discuss your investment and future growth plans.
Kindly visit us on address below and leave with a souvenir!

Diaspora Center, Ground Floor,
Co-operative House (Next to former USA embassy)
Contacts: +254 711 049 972,+254 711 049 467, +254 711 049 780



Inflation rate in Kenya increases to 4.83 per cent in January

Kenya’s year-on-year inflation rose to 4.83 per cent in January from 4.5 per cent in December, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics reported yesterday. It attributed the increase to the jump in food prices in December 2017 and January 2018, with the food and non-alcoholic drinks index going up by 1.69 per cent. The housing, water, electricity, petrol index, KNBS Director-General Zachary Mwangi said, also increased by 0.90 per cent in January compared to December 2017.  - The Standard



1 Corinthians 7:10


The marriage covenant
We read in 1 Corinthians 7:10: "To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife." Having God’s blessing on your marriage is contingent upon your operating according to His rules. To enjoy His protection, peace, and prosperity you must follow His instructions. For example, you can spend hours arguing and still not resolve the issue, when if you’d just followed God’s rules, the argument could have been over in a matter of minutes. And both parties would have been satisfied at the end of the process. When your car breaks down, you take it back to the dealership. Why? Because they sold it to you and they know how to fix it! God performed the first marriage. So, when your relationship gets into trouble, if you’re wise you’ll talk to Him about it before talking to each other. Furthermore, when you get married with the attitude, ‘If this doesn’t work out I can always get a divorce,’ you’re running in the opposite direction from the truth of God’s Word. Paul writes: ‘For those who are married, I have a command that comes not from me, but from the Lord. A wife must not leave her husband. But if she does leave him, let her remain single or else be reconciled to him. And the husband must not leave his wife’ (vv. 10-11 NLT). Yes, there are some acceptable reasons for divorce, but they are the exception and not the rule! Recently a Hollywood celebrity spent millions of dollars on her wedding and then divorced her husband two months later on the grounds of ‘incompatibility’. When you say, ‘Till death us do part,’ you say it before God and you’re supposed to mean it.



Heri Homes have 3 ground-breaking ceremonies this year,

during this first quarter of the year, for the following projects:

1. Kitisuru phase 3-February 2018
2. Kitisuru phase 4-February 2018
3. Daystar Shopping Complex – February 2018

Breaking ground of Kitisuru Phase 3 (left) and Phase 4 (right) will be done in a few weeks to come.

Kitisuru Phase 3 Price: 3 Bedrooms with a servant quarter – pay 1.98M as deposit. Do not be left behind.

Kitisuru Phase 4 Price: 2 Bedrooms – Pay 90K per month for 54 months.    3 Bedrooms – Pay 110K per month for 54 months.


Mary Njonjo who is the Head of Marketing Diaspora, Heri Homes, is seen taking some client through their projects in London UK. Book an appointment to see Mary Njonjo (Head of Marketing Diaspora, Heri Homes), in London from Monday to Wednesday (9.00 AM-9.00PM at 321-323 Shadwell Heath, Office 1 Romford, RM6 6AX or call her on - 07404679182, Email:




Left, Heri Homes CEO, Mr. Kimani Kimotho and his wife hosted a dinner in respect of Mr. Seed, Wanjiku Gichiri, Mark and Wanjau. Right, Mr. seed is seen with the Heri Homes CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho outside the Heri Homes Offices in Nairobi, Kenya.



Mr. Seed pays a courtesy call to

Heri Homes Offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Left, Mr. Seed is seen with the CEO, Mr. Kimani Kimotho in Heri Homes Office in Nairobi, (centre) in the Heri Homes Diaspora Office and (right) posing for a group photograph with the Heri Homes Team. Mr. Seed had been hosted by the Heri Homes CEO, Mr. Kimani Kimotho, Finance Director and the top Management of the Heri Homes.


Breaking ground of Kitisuru Phase 3 (left) and Phase 4 (right) will be done in a few weeks to come.

Kitisuru Phase 3 Price: 3 Bedrooms with a servant quarter – pay 1.98M as deposit. Do not be left behind.

Kitisuru Phase 4 Price: 2 Bedrooms – Pay 90K per month for 54 months.    3 Bedrooms – Pay 110K per month for 54 months.


Mary Njonjo who is the Head of Marketing Diaspora, Heri Homes, is seen taking some client through their projects in London UK.

Book an appointment to see Mary Njonjo (Head of Marketing Diaspora, Heri Homes), in London from Monday to Wednesday (9.00 AM-9.00PM at 321-323 Shadwell Heath, Office 1 Romford, RM6 6AX or call her on - 07404679182, Email:





Hebrew 11:32

Samson and Samuel are mentioned in the Scrpture

Samson and Samuel are mentioned in the same Scripture in the same Scripture, but there are big differences between them. You ask, ‘Why should I be interested?’ Because as a Christian, you are like them. Each had a miraculous birth, so they’re a picture of those who’ve been born again and called to serve God. Paul writes, ‘These things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition…Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall’ (1 Corinthians 10:11-12 NKJV). Difference one: Finances. Samson was greedy and manipulating, whereas Samuel practised integrity. One day Samson bet thirty Philistine princes that they couldn’t solve his riddle, saying, ‘If you cannot explain it to me, then you shall give me thirty linen garments and thirty changes of clothing’ (Judges 14:13 NKJV). Quite a wardrobe, eh? Samson’s emphasis was ‘you shall give me’. He’s an example of Christians in business who discredit the cause of Christ by unethical practices, and those in ministry who twist the Scriptures and resort to emotional manipulation to raise money. The world is watching, so let’s heed the Scripture: ‘Provide things honest in the sight of all men’ (Romans 12:17 KJV). Samuel was totally different. After forty years of his exemplary leadership, the people paid this tribute to him: ‘You have not cheated or oppressed us’ (1 Samuel 12:4 NKJV). When others can say that about you, you did it right! Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’ (Matthew 6:21 KJV). The condition of your heart is revealed in how you handle finances.


Our guest singer today is DISHON MIRUGI A Gospel Singer from the Republic of Kenya  - CLICK HERE





Some of the children who need sponsorship

Following my post last week two children have been sponsored and reported to school this week. I still have a very big list of very poor children who will not go to school unless someone helps them. School fees isn't free in Kenya but there is a small bursary that a few children are getting of Ksh8, 000. It’s not easy or straight forward to get it as these children do not have it yet!!! The girl on photo Joan I tried so much to help Wacera, Photo 1 above, last year without luck but some money raised during her mums burial was used to put her in Form 1 butshe dropped out later due to lack of School fees. She has an offer to go back to form 1. Very touching stories of these kids. The children with high marks will be very lucky to get a place in National Schools. Nakuru High has been ringing for Grace but she is already late. There is also another Grace, who scored 388/500 in 2016 and failed to go to Secondary school last year. Please, can someone help.

The following is the progress this year, some are from my list of last year who did not get sponsors and did not go to school, but can still join form 1 a year later.


1. Peter Masese - Nyahururu Boys - Photo 1 & 2

2. Helen Waithira - Gitugi Girls


3. Dorcas Wangari 244/500- maid now after failing to go to school last year

4. Ann Njeri 289/500- Silenti Sec School

5. David Githaiga Mwangi - Kangui 382/500, Photo above
6. Ann Wambui 289/500 - Njeru’s Sec Photo 6
7. Josephine Njeri 248/500 - Pasenga Sec. School
8. Rose Watiri 249/500 - Ingwamiti Sec. School
9. Joan Wacera form 1 drop out - Photo 3

10. Peter Waithaka Form Sponsored last year only form 1
11. Josephine Njeri 248/500- Pasenga Sec School

12. Moses Chege 333/500 - Shilange Sec School
13. Margaret Wanjiru - 250/500 - Pasenga Sec School
14. Grace Maina 389/500 Nakuru Girls Photo 4
15. James Maina 250/500 Sailent - Photo 5
16. Grace 388/500 – failed to go to School last year 2017

17. Jacinta Wanjiru 281/500 - Sailent Sec. Photo 7

Please let us help and give these children a better future by putting them in school where they should be thus avoiding child abuse, child labour, earlier pregnancies, joining gangs/drugs and avoiding generations of poverty.

If anyone would like to help please call or email me. I will send you child's photo where you can visit them if able to in future, child's contact, school's contact and account number where you can pay fees straight to school.
Please have a look at my website here below to see photos of these children above and a few others that have been sponsored before.


To view the website on proper format please click on link below, go to welcome page and on right hand click on
Get adobe Flush Player in red so as to open it adobe.

Charity website for the education and sponsorship of children in Kenya run by Joyce and Calum Kerr

Email mobile +447532358061




Some of the children who need sponsorship

It is January again time to remember the poor and unfortunate ones in Kenya that cannot afford to send their children to secondary school. Fees is said to be free from this year but it’s only a small deduction per child on tuition fees and the day scholars are the ones benefiting most having to pay only a small amount. As boarders who are over 75%, they have to pay at least over shs15, 000 for boarding, food and other school facilities as well as buy uniform and beddings which amounts to a larger figure. The following are children needing sponsors this year, 2018

Thanks as always all the sponsors from UK, America, Australia, Germany and France who have sponsored over 150 kids over the last 9 years and special thanks to Mr. Seed as it’s only thorough your website this has been a success.

The following are children needing sponsors this year, some are from my list of last year that did not get sponsors so did not go to school therefore, but can still join form 1 a year later.
1. Dorcas Wangari 244/500- maid now after failing to go to school last year
2. Francis Musau 369/500 -Olekejuado High School, mum very poor cleans Church
3. Helen Waithira 349/500- Gitugi Girls, mum
4. Ann Njeri 289/500- Silenti Sec School
5. David Githaiga Mwangi - Kangui 382/500, photo above
6. Ann Wambui 289/500 - Njurus Sec School
7. Josphine Njeri 248/500 - Pasenga Sec School
8. Rose Waitri 249/500 - Ingwamiti Sec School
9. Peter Masese 365/500 - Nyahururu High School
10. Peter Waithanka Form Sponsored last year only
11. Victor Nyamari 409/500- Meru High School
12. Moses Chege 333/500 - Shilange Sec School
13. Margret Wanjiru - 250/500 - Pasenga SEc Schoo;l
14. Beth Nduta 389//00 Limuru Girls
15. James Maina 250/500 Sailenti
16. Eunice Wanjiru 278/500 Orphan - Shamata Girls
17. Jacinta Wanjiru 281/500 - Sailent Sec School

Please let us help and give these children a better future by putting them in school where they should be thus avoiding child abuse, child labour, earlier pregnancies, joining gangs/drugs and avoiding generations of poverty.

If anyone would like to help please call or email me. I will send you child's photo where you can visit them if able to in future, child's contact, school's contact and account number where you can pay fees straight to school.
Please have a look at my website here below to see photos of these children above and a few others that have been sponsored before.


To view the website on proper format please click on link below, go to welcome page and on right hand click on
Get adobe Flush Player in red so as to open it adobe.

Charity website for the education and sponsorship of children in Kenya run by Joyce and Calum Kerr

Email mobile +447532358061



Mwanaka opens a new Maize shop West Midlands, UK
19-20 Vicarage Place, WS1 3NA

David Mwanaka, the first arable black farmer in the UK is opening a 12 000 square feet supermarket in, Walsall, West Midlands on the 1st of December. The new supermarket is a two floor building at number 19-20 Vicarage Place, WS1 3NA. Unlike the London shop, the Walsall branch with have a butchery, groceries department, hair salon, hair products department, recruitment agency and a restaurant.

Mwanaka started farming maize in the UK more than fifteen years ago. He was at first discouraged by UK agronomists who advised him not to grow white maize because they believed white maize could not grow to maturity in the cold UK climate. Having not taken the advice of agronomists, he started growing just about twenty acres. Now having proved the agronomists wrong he farms more than 150 acres."

Though the fresh maize season is over Mwanaka said he freezes a lot of his maize in summer so he can continue selling throughout winter. “We also have the usual products like sweet potatoes, fresh groundnuts, pumpkins and in addition we are going to stock a lot of food from East Africa.”

Besides being the first farmer to grow white maize in the UK, Mwanaka was also the first farmer in the country to grow white sweetcorn that he sold to large supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Harrods. Having started farming in Enfield, North London Mwanaka then opened the first shop about ten years ago. After the West Midlands branch he hopes to open more across the country.
According to Mwanaka the Walsall supermarket will have many departments. The hair dressing salon is being run by Mrs Hazel Sango who owns Tete Hazel Hair and Beauty Parlour. They have moved from their Colchester site to team up with us at the West Midlands store. Tete Hazel is well known for being a top stylist in the hairdressing industry.

“We will also have groceries from different African countries and will continue with our theme of selling beef on the bone and other meat products in our butchery. On the other hand our restaurant will specialise in Afro-Caribbean food with a twist. It’s going to be with a twist because we are not going to be limited by the term “Afro-Caribbean”. What we want is good food and that’s what we will serve. I hope the restaurant is the beginning of a chain of restaurants under the name, “Jamrocker”.

Our recruitment agency, B and D M Care Services Ltd has already started recruiting nurses and healthcare staff. We are also looking at recruiting teachers from abroad.

“The fashion Boutique will be run by non-other than Pastor Cecilia Dewu who owns fashions boutiques in London, notably Finsbury Park. Her Cerrura Fashions is famous for selling among other things, exclusive quality occasion wear. Her boutique is also a one stop wedding shop.

“What is unique with our shop is that it is probably the first black owned supermarket in the UK to have so many departments. We are also open to anyone who has a good business idea and is looking for a space to run from,” said Mwanaka. - For more information please contact David on 07859813238.


Wolverhampton and Birming where are you.




New Year Deliveries by Sea!

Luton, UK


Happy New Year

We hope you had a fabulous festive season.

We will be collecting in London and surrounding areas on Mon, Tue & Thursdays. On Wednesdays- B/ham, Coventry, Northampton and MK areas,On Thursday- Bedford, P/borough and Cambridge areas. On Friday- Reading, Slough and the surrounding areas. Saturdays- Team 1: Manchester,Wakefield,Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham areas.

Team 2: Bristol, Glocester, Swindon and Oxford areas.

Next Seafreight- 15th January, 2.20£ per Kg plus 10£ handling fee.
AIRFREIGHT- cut off Every Thursday, 4.50£ per KG plus 20£ handling

Kindly send your address if you have anything need going or call our office line 01582 561029 for booking.


Morris Njuguna 07949 531 238, 07474 951 195 Sanaipei 01582 561029 0739 810 5110 Kenya Exports Ltd.


Kansiime Anne African Comedy





Bitcoin exchange clocks highest rate of $13,200

Bitcoin, the most powerful currency on planet earth


The Bitcoin closed on Wednesday December 2017 with  exchange rate  of $13,200 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Sunday 3rd December 2017 with  exchange rate  of $11,821.73 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Tuesday 28th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $10,035.04 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Monday 27th th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $9,801.04 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Sunday 26th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $9,473.23 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 25th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $8,539.71 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Monday 20th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $8,345.16 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on  Sunday 19th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $8,190.68 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Sunday 5th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $7,615.57 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 4th November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $7,373.54 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 3rd November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $7,373.54 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Thursday 2nd November 2017 with  exchange rate  of $7,042.25 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Wednesday 1st October 2017 with  exchange rate  of $6,712.31 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Tuesday 31st October 2017 with  exchange rate  of $6,453.28 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 27th October 2017 with  exchange rate  of $6,238.69 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 20th October 2017 with  exchange rate  of $6,083.47 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 16th October 2017 with  exchange rate  of $5,717.95 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 13th October 2017 with  exchange rate  of 5,524.00 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Thursday 1st September 2017 with  exchange rate  of 4,812.00 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Thursday 31st August 2017 with  exchange rate  of 4,764.98 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 25th August 2017 with  exchange rate  of 4,603.98 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 25th August 2017 with  exchange rate  of 4,432.00 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Monday August 2017 with  exchange rate  of 4,287.98 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 12th August 2017 with  exchange rate  of 3,806.02 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 15th July 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2023.29 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Sunday 25th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,601.04 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 10th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,900.00 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 9th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,838.38 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 5th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,654.96 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 2nd June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,444.83 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Wednesday 31st May 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,277.85 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 26th May 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,256.87 against the US Dollar

On 3rd May 2017 the Bitcoin was worth $1,555.6 today Thursday 11th May - 1 Bitcoin = 1,873.63 US Dollar

For more information contact Mr. Seed on 07951220695 or











Dear Esteemed Customer,

We take this opportunity to appreciate and thank you for choosing to bank with us. We would also like to remind you of your Account which is yet to be funded.

Kindly make an effort to send in funds to keep your it active for future transactions including access to mortgage facilities for investment back home.

In case you incur challenges, kindly do not hesitate to reach me through the contacts below for assistance.

Kind Regards,

Francis Xavier | Relationship Manager
Diaspora Banking | Retail Banking Department
Office Line: +254 711 049 780 | Ext 13780 | 020 3276 780
Emails: | | Website:




The Non-Profit making NGO is selling a 3-bedroom house for KShs. 7.6 million

Option Homes International Canada team (left) and a sample of the houses they are building in Kenya. The team

will be meeting Kenyans in the UK on Wednesday 15th November and Saturday 18th November in Stratford, London


A Canadian Housing NGO team with footprints in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Cameroon team are coming to the UK. They want to meet Kenyans and sell their idea of Affordable Houses for the Communities in Kenya. A 3-bedrooom house is going for KShs. 7.6 million. The team will be in London, UK as from 13th to 18th November, 2017. They will be meeting Kenyans on Wednesday 15th November, 2017 at 4.00 p.m. and on Saturday 18th November, 2017 as from 2.00 p.m. at The Holiday Inn 196 High St, London E15 2NE. The team has some upcoming projects in Kenya. Please confirm if you want to attend the meeting through Mr. Seed on 07951220695 (text or whatsapp) or through email

Options Homes International is a Not-for-Profit organization and an affiliate of Options for Homes Canada. They build quality and cost -effective homes for sale. They have started some housing project in Kenya.

Options Model
The Options model focuses on building homes at the lowest possible cost to make them affordable to as many people as possible. This low-cost development approach yields a significant amount of surplus.

In the Options model the surplus is transferred to a non-profit entity created explicitly to manage surplus for the benefit of the entire community. This entity reinvests the surplus in more housing developments and in social enterprises, and in the process creates even more surplus that is again captured and reinvested. The result is a self-perpetuating financing model that quickly generates significant financial resources for the community.

Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation (“Options”) is dedicated to providing quality homes in great communities at the best possible price. Options strives to bring homeownership within reach for households with a wide range of income levels, from young families to those downsizing from a larger home. This goal has been achieved with all of our communities.

Since 1994, Options and its affiliated organizations across Canada and abroad have provided over 6,500 households with homeownership opportunities. Options has assembled an experienced team of professionals and builders to produce quality homes our owners can enjoy. Options acts as a consultant to homeowners, working on their behalf to create their community. For more information please contact



Kenyan Parents
Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni









Co-operative Bank of Kenya Retail Banking Manager Ms. Nancy Gathuku signing a visitor's book at the Kenya High Commission offices in London in July. She was accompanied by the Co-operative Bank Diaspora team from far right is Julianne, Francis and Milka Wachira (far left). Mr. Evans Kinyanjui of the High Commission witnessed the occasion.

Would you like to buy land in Kenya?
Would you like to buy a property in Kenya?
Would you like to build on your land?

Look no further, Co-operative Bank has mortgage products to suit your needs.
We can finance you a maximum of 80% at 10% interest p.a. (terms and conditions apply)
We further provide due diligence on the property you are buying through our panel of experts i.e. lawyers and valuers

Deal with the bank directly! No relatives involved!
Talk to the experts today: Francis Manyonje +254 720 360 405, Julieanne Onsando on +254 722 343 097 or James Muchiri on +254 708 345 355.


Kansiime Anne African Comedy





Diaspora Care

Today, Kenyans can be found in virtually every capital city in the world undertaking different activities including work, studies, business, sports, etc. While abroad, the majority of Kenyans retain active links at home in Kenya which is attested to by the fact that their remittances back home have been found, through studies, to play a key role in Kenya’s economy. While abroad, Kenyans remit monies back home for various purposes that include real estate, business whether active or prospective/speculative, charity etc. In this regard, there arises a need for Kenyans in the Diaspora to access legal services in a timely manner for any or all of the following issues:
Representation of one’s legal interests in Kenya on diverse matters such as:

* Land Matters – undertaking due diligence on identified property, drafting the sale agreement, drafting necessary transfer documents, liaison with various persons, representation in meetings that require legal representation, registration of transfer documents, and attending court to articulate the client’s concerns where necessary;

* Corporate Matters – incorporation of company, business, partnership or joint venture; attending crucial meetings on client’s behalf including voting by proxy where requested to; restructuring of company such as change of shareholding, name change, and increase of share capital; restructuring of business or partnership; filing of annual returns at company registry; drafting of contracts and agreements for various purposes; preparation of legal opinions; advising on the necessary licences and permits required for the purpose of undertaking different business activities and other activities such as research, cinematography, photography; supervision of execution and implementation of contracts entered into with parties in Kenya for various works; and attending court to articulate client’s concerns;

* Family Law Matters – child support and succession (transmission of estate of deceased persons), preparation of wills, execution of wills and creation of trusts;

* Immigration – immigration status and citizenship issues; and

* Undertaking other Routine Legal Work – such as assisting clients to establish charitable organisations under either the Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO) Coordination Act which will be replaced by the Public Benefit Organisations Act once issued with a commencement date, Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act or a Trust under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession)Act; intellectual property matters such as registration of patents and copyrights; preparation of power of attorney; preparation of non-disclosure agreements; and execution of instructions by client with respect to the implementation of matters of concern to them that require periodic and regular updates.

For more information please contact Dr. Linda Musumba and Co. Advocates – Law Firm Located in Kenya, Location: First Floor, Suite No. 16, Bishop Magua Centre </br> Ngong Road,  Nairobi, Kenya. Address: P.O. Box 8971-00100, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel No. +254 (0)724 871 538, Email Address: or




This land is in Ruiru we call it Ruiru Ridges only 10mins drive from Ruiru Town

1/8 @ KShs. 1.95m, 1/4 @ KShs. 3.9m, 1/2 @ KShs. 7.6m and 1 acre @ KShs. 15m.
Commercial plots @ KShs. 2.5m.The land touches the tarmac and it's next to Jacaranda

Coffee Research and Tatu City. It's controlled development. Please note this is the introductory price.

For more information contact Wanjiru on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or



One Bedroom Holiday Flat near Nairobi City Centre near State House. Security in that area is very good. Minimum 2 weeks let. If interested please call 07908521056 Email:







Are you looking for a peaceful, quiet place where you can withdraw yourself from the busy schedules of life and spend time with God in prayer and meditation? Ebenezer Retreat Centre is the place for you at affordable rates from £40 per person per night which includes bed and breakfast. You can book as an individual or as groups of upto 20 people. For More information please contact the numbers on the flier.




White Maize from David Mwanaka's farm in North London is now ready. You can now visit their shop in North London. They have variety of products including White Maize (fresh and frozen), White Sweetcorn, Pumpkins, Pumpkin Leaves, Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Peanuts and Mustard Leaves (Tsunga). As the United Kingdom is colder than most places where white maize is grown, our maize has a unique taste. Because of this taste many people think that white maize has a better taste than normal sweetcorn. It is usually served in the same way as corn on the cob, but also tastes great when roasted. The kernels can also be crushed to make all kinds of dishes. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised. We also grow many varieties of large sweet pumpkins. From the pumpkin plants we also supply pumpkin leaves which are a popular nutritious delicacy in many countries including China, Malaysia, India, large parts of Africa and South America. The farm shop is located at 744 Hertford Road, Enfield, London EN3 6PR. Opening times is Monday to Saturday – 10:30am to 5:30pm and on Sunday – 10:30am to 5pm. Directions to the shop: From M25 exit at junction 25 towards London Enfield. At traffic lights turn left into Bullsmoor Lane. If you are coming from London along the A10, turn right into Bullsmoor lane at the last set of traffic lights before the M25. At next junction with Esso filling station on left, turn right into Hertford Road. Nearest Train Station: Enfield Lock and Turkey Street (a few minutes walk). Buses: Bus route 279 runs past the shop. For order and more information please contact the man from Zimbabwe Mr. David Mwanaka on 07708572914


Some of the Products from Mwanaka's Shop in North London




Mwanaka Fresh Farm Foods is the brainchild of David Wilfred Mwanaka, an award winning writer and journalist. Born in Zimbabwe, David grew up eating white maize. When he came to Britain in the early 1990s, David was surprised to know that white maize was not grown or even known about. He missed eating white maize so much that he thought of growing the crop himself. David then started carrying out trials, growing white maize. After 6 years, David was confident he could grow white maize commercially in Britain. From such simple beginnings, helped by his wife Brenda and their three children Jonathan, Ruth and Miriam, the family now successfully grows white maize on a farm just outside London. As from 2007 David came up with another new product in the UK. That is White Sweetcorn, which is so popular as an alternative to yellow sweetcorn. Children love it and would advise you to put it on your list of 5 a day health eating. For that reason it quickly found its way onto shelves of supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and into UK top stores like Harrods and Selfridges.













Betty's Unisex Hair Studio, the most popular Kenyan beauty joint in UK celebrated its one year anniversary on Saturday 2nd September, 2017.  Located London, Barking, Unit 37, Barking Mall, Vicarange Field Shopping Centre, IG11 8DH, opposite Barking Train Station the beauty Saloon is a beehive of Kenyan ladies hunting for beauty. The patron Mrs. Beth Kungu invited her customers to celebrate the occasion. Beth who has many years of experience even before coming to the UK and was the official hair stylist of former Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe among other dignitaries. Beth has taken time to qualify with hair dressing with several certificates in UK. Her studio specialises in Stylist do African, Asian and Caucasian (European), Nail technician and Make-up artist. They also sell X-pression, Kenyan hair, crochet braids and many more. You need to book an appointment for the services. All buses going Barking will drop you at the Studio which is 3 minutes away from Train Station. She is also offering some refreshments in case you wake up late for the appointment - drinks, tea and coffee are on the menu. She is also on digital platform - Tel: 07735389332, 07865939152, Facebook Betty's Unisex hair Studio, Twitter @BUHS and Instagram styledbysandrine. - CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE

The Patron of the Betty's Unisex Hair Studio celebrated her first anniversary on Saturday

Customer of Betty's Unisex Hair Studio (left) joined Beth and her daughter Sandra to celebrate their first anniversary




Kenyan Parents
Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni









Furnished Spacious 3 Bed Holiday home - Bungalow
to let in Kitengela- Kenya (Gated Community)

* 30 minutes to/from airport (JKIA)
* Situated in a clean, secure and gated community comprised of 8 bungalows
* Ensuite master bedroom
* Instant hot water showers
* Fridge, cooker, microwave
* Dining and living rooms
* Free weekly home and clothes cleaning services offered
* 55 inch LED TV with all free local channels
* Living room Ceiling fan
* Access to borehole so no water problems.
* Lockable safe


This is in a gated community of eight units of (3) three bedroom bungalow master ensuite with Dsq on 1/8 acre plot. The units are tastefully, beautifully designed setting of stylish yet affordable home in Kitengela Mililani area. The area is one of the most sort after in kitengela. The houses have perimeter wall with razor wire for enhanced security. Parking spaces for two with individual compound. Common green area suitable as play area for children. The houses are separated by bougainvillea wrapped chain link fence that heighten the beauty of the estate. Wide road that may double as parking area for visitors, modern kitchen with excellent MDF finishes and granite top, large pantry, spacious backyard with dhobi area, spacious lounge with separate dining area, large window to enhance natural lighting , spacious master ensuite with modern finishes and adequate storage space and electric perimeter fence.

Only a few metres from Naivas in Kitengela town.

Contact Mr. Seed for booking on +44 7951220695 or Summer bookings ongoing ......