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Royal Air Maroc/Misterseed Competition
Winners will be announced on 29th July 2017 at Kenya in the Park Party

in London Plaistow Park, Green Gate Street Balaam Street -E13 0AS.



Royal Air Maroc Flies from London to Nairobi on

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Contact 0207 3075840 for bookings



Kenyan security expert accused of land grabbing in Uganda

Ambrose Wekesa Murunga who is being investigated by the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in Uganda. 


A Kenyan security expert who controversially became one of the most powerful people in Uganda’s police force is facing charges of land grabbing and forceful evictions in Luweero district on the outskirts of Kampala. Ambrose Wekesa Murunga, who also served as a technical advisor to Inspector General of Ugandan police Gen Kale Kayihura, was arrested and detained by the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in Uganda last week in connection with the alleged fraudulent land dealings. He has since been released on a police bond pending further hearings.  Mr Murunga, who records show is a Kenyan citizen born in Trans Nzoia County, is accused of falsifying his nationality to acquire more than 400 acres of land under Mailo tenure (a land ownership system in Uganda)  in Gayaza Village, Butuntumula sub-county in Luwero District, in contravention of the Constitution and the Land Act.

Evidence before the commission headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire alleges that Mr Murunga forged his birth certificate, dodged paying government taxes, and holds large tracts of land in the neighbouring country despite being a foreigner with no valid work permit. He is further accused of being in possession of a land title which was fraudulently procured in connivance with the land registrars at Bukalasa land registration office in Luweero district. Mr Murunga is also accused of criminalising, arresting and detaining residents he found on the land with a view to evicting them from the land they occupied for decades. “Is it not true that you were going to use your office and you were going to use all means to ensure that people leave that land and you get vacant possession? Is not true that you actually abused the office because you must have been working for somebody that you have not told us and because of the nature of your evidence you will have to tell us…?” Mr Murunga was quizzed by Justice Bamugemereire who later handed him over to investigators for further grilling.

“You actually abused your office, used our police officers to go and terrorise those citizens who had been lawfully, quietly and peacefully living on their land. We would like to know the land officers you were working with and the big people you are working for or helping you to do that,” the judge declared. The evidence shows that Mr Murunga falsified his particulars to acquire interests on land measuring more than 430 acres before subjecting more than 200 occupants to arrests and detention in police custody. Witnesses told the commission that the land office at Bukalasa in Luwero district offered Mr Murunga another 120 acres of land in the same area without certified documents which led to untold suffering of people.

Mr Murunga, a former Nation columnist, holds a Kenyan passport but has allegedly been living in Uganda on an expired work permit. He is accused of abuse of office for working in cahoots with top Ugandan government officials to traumatise hundreds of people in Luweero whom he allegedly criminalised, arrested and detained using police officers in the area. Appearing before the commission early this month, Mr Murunga said there was a conflict with the people he found occupying the land due to fraudulent transfers perpetrated by the seller, Ms Rose Nalutaaya, who is now deceased. It is alleged that Ms Nalutaaya sold to Mr Murunga the disputed land at USh132 million but the transfers were not signed and no photographs of the seller were provided as required by law. Mr Murunga was quizzed on how he acquired the land titles without getting the photographs of the seller and false declaration of his nationality.

The commission also ordered the detention of Mr Raymond Jjagwe, an assistant superintendent of police in Luweero, who was accused of facilitating arrests and torture of the residents. “People have been in and out of prison because of Mr Murunga and they have suffered at the hands of wrong people in government offices,” Justice Bamugemereire said. Accused of arresting, detaining and torture of women to compel their husbands to appear before Mr Murunga for action, Mr Jjagwe claimed that fears of eviction and torture by the people are unfounded. Ms Madina Nabukeera, a registrar of titles who approved the entries, said Mr Murunga’s registration on the two titles will be cancelled to enable the occupants to use their land freely. Asked how he came to live in Uganda, Mr Murunga, who described himself as a security expert, maintained that he had relatives in Uganda. ‘My wife, too, was Ugandan, but importantly I was asked by the government to come and work here.”

“I was head hunted by the late Brig Noble Mayombo to come and work for government. It was 2005/2006 that the late (Mayombo) came directly to meet me and my company got a contract with the government of Uganda and I was seconded to work here,” he said. He told the commission that he is a qualified lawyer from Kings College London but is currently a farmer growing bananas and coffee in Kiboga and Luwero. Tasked to explain the particulars of the land he owns in Luwero, Mr Murunga revealed that while looking for land for agriculture in 2009, he used brokers to access it. He told the commission that his late mother who was a Ugandan national had property in Lugazi and Jinja. Mr Murunga claimed that he was born at Mulago Hospital in Kampala but documents including his passport showed he was born in Trans Nzoia in Kenya where his father lives to date.

“With the Ugandan birth certificate, I couldn’t be given a Kenyan passport at that time. The Kenyan government insisted that I had to get a Kenyan birth certificate in order to get a Kenyan passport,” he argued while maintaining that he holds two birth certificates which are both valid. “I have children here who have two birth certificates, one Ugandan and one Kenyan because they were born in Uganda and got birth certificates which were converted in Kenya for them to get Kenyan passports and both of them are valid.” Media reports indicate that Mr Murunga was hired as a technical advisor to Inspector General of Uganda Police Gen Kale Kayihura in 2004 in unclear circumstances.

According to the reports, Mr Murunga served as a policeman in Kenya and was a newspaper columnist before moving to Uganda.  In April 2013, the Uganda Police Force declined to renew Mr Murunga’s contract after it expired with the Ugandan police boss stating that he did not want to be associated with “controversial things.” During his time in the Uganda police force, Mr Murunga is said to have wielded a lot of influence such as determining who would be deployed where including directors of police. Gen Kayihura claims that Mr Murunga was introduced to him by former Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary, Brigadier Noble Mayombo, who died in May 2007. It is alleged that Mayombo met Mr Murunga through Els De Temmerman, the former editor-in-chief of The New Vision, when she was operating an NGO in Gulu district. 

Mr Murunga was reportedly in Gulu to investigate a story on the activities of Joseph Kony, the elusive Lord’s Resistance Army rebel leader. Prior to Mr Murunga’s recruitment, Gen Kayihura had asked President Yoweri Museveni to hire a technical advisor to the IGP’s office. Mr Murunga said that he was seconded to Uganda Police Force as a technical advisor by Corporate Technical Service Limited, a company based in Nairobi after the post was advertised. Despite being employed by Uganda Police Force, Mr Murunga had no work permit, a requirement for all foreign nationals in gainful employment in Uganda. During his nine years of service in the Uganda Police, Mr Murunga was a common sight around major police operations. Mr Murunga is known to drive around in a bullet proof BMW and a Range Rover. - Daily Nation



Nine cargo planes will ferry ballot papers every two days, says Chiloba

IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba with Vice Chairperson Consolata Nkatha inspect the Gubernatorial

ballot papers before being offloaded from a Saudi Cargo Plane at JKIA on Tuesday

Nine cargo planes will deliver ballot papers into the country every two days until August 3, the country’s electoral agency has said. IEBC executive director Ezra Chiloba (pictured, in spectacles) said the planes have been landing at JKIA with the materials since the first batch of deliveries was made on Tuesday. Speaking during a TV interview on Thursday night, Chiloba said the commission is working round the clock to ensure the electoral exercise takes place smoothly next month. He said, “As we speak, we have received a batch of deliveries for the Senate position for 30 counties and 28 for woman representatives.” On Thursday, the Court of Appeal handed the IEBC victory and dealt the opposition a double blow after it reversed an earlier order that had stopped the printing of presidential ballot papers. In a landmark ruling, the Appellate Court also rejected NASA’s claims President Uhuru Kenyatta had influenced the contract to Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company. The five-judge bench of Erastus Githinji, Alnashir Visram, Roselyn Nambuye, Jamila Mohammed and Otieno Odek ruled that public participation is not mandatory in direct procurement. The bench unanimously faulted High Court judges Joel Ngugi, George Odunga and John Mativo, saying they committed a serious error when they failed to consider millions of voters, whose rights to a free, fair and regular election would have been violated, should the August 8 polls fail to go on. - The Star




The Presidential Debates Have Flopped,

Watch This Hilarious one By XYZ




City Preacher to Sue Raila for Calling on Women to Deny Their Husbands Conjugal Rights



Isaiah 26:3


Living in a peaceful state of mind
We read in Isaiah 26:3: "You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You." Who are you trusting to solve your problems, God or yourself? Before you answer, read this: ‘You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you…whose thoughts are fixed on you!…for those who are righteous, the way is not steep and rough. You are a God who does what is right, and you smooth out the path ahead of them’ (vv. 3, 7 NLT). What a great promise! If you want to maintain a peaceful state of mind, live by this principle: ‘Do your best, and trust God with the rest.’ Some of us grew up with the notion that it’s wrong to enjoy ourselves when we have problems. We’ve been conditioned to think that if we can’t do anything else – at least we can worry and be miserable. Paul addresses this: ‘Do not [for a moment] be frightened…for such [constancy and fearlessness] will be a clear sign…from God’ (Philippians 1:28 AMPC). Satan doesn’t know what to do when he can’t get you upset; you’ve taken a powerful weapon out of his hands. By trusting God completely, you’re no longer at the mercy of circumstances, other people, or your own emotions and limitations. Broadcaster Paul Harvey once quipped, ‘In times like these, it’s helpful to remember there have always been times like these!’ The question isn’t ‘Will trouble come?’, it’s ‘How will you handle it?’ The Bible says, ‘We which have believed do enter into rest’ (Hebrews 4:3 KJV). When things go wrong – don’t go wrong along with them. Follow God’s leading, stand on His Word, then rest in Him and trust Him to work on your behalf.



Our guest singer today is Adepr Gasave from the Republic of Rwanda - CLICK HERE





Chia: New crop in town that fires up libido and is easy to grow

A number of farmers in Nyanza have discovered a highly nutritious plant that is quite promising — chia seed. One of the reasons chia seed is fast gaining popularity is because it boosts libido, a fact backed by credible research and nutritional experts. Lilian Aketch, a nutritional and dietetic based in Nairobi says Chia seeds are super nutritious. “If taken in adequate amounts, chia seeds improve brain health, which in turn increases one’s sexual desire. The seeds are a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids which the body cannot produce. The seeds are also high in fibre, calcium and other minerals,” the nutritionist says.

The Palestinian president has suspended all contacts with Israel until metal detectors near the al Aqsa mosque are removed.





White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has quit, reportedly in protest at an organisational shake-up. Mr Spicer stepped down because he was unhappy with President Donald Trump's appointment of a new communications director, according to reports. Combative Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci has been picked for the role that Mr Spicer partially filled. Mr Spicer's press briefings were a cable news hit, but he withdrew from camera in recent weeks. He told US media that the White House "could benefit from a clean slate". The shake-up comes amid several investigations into alleged Russian meddling in last year's US presidential election and whether Mr Trump's campaign team colluded with Moscow. The New York Times reports that 45-year-old Mr Spicer "vehemently" disagreed with the appointment of Mr Scaramucci, which he believed to be a "major mistake".




Bank of America picks Dublin for EU hub

Bank of America has chosen Dublin as its new base to service EU clients as part of its Brexit contingency plans. It is the first US bank to confirm the Irish capital as its preferred site. Citigroup has picked Frankfurt as the base for its EU trading operations, and reports say Morgan Stanley has also chosen the German financial centre. Banks had been required to submit plans to the Bank of England earlier this month, detailing their preparations for when the UK exits the EU in March 2019. Many banks intend to set up subsidiaries in Europe so they can continue to look after EU customers if their UK-based operations lose the ability to operate across the bloc following Brexit. Bank of America currently has 700 staff in Dublin and 6,500 in the UK, of which 4,500 are based in London. Brian Moynihan, chairman and chief executive of Bank of America, said: "Dublin is the home of more of our employees than any other European city outside of the UK. "We already have a fully licensed and operational Irish-domiciled bank which, combined with Ireland's strong commitment to business and economic growth, makes Dublin the natural location to consolidate our legal entities as we transition."


What The Health Documentary - Full 2017




Nasa loses bid to stop polls in case kits fail on August 8

IEBC chief executive Ezra Chiloba. The commission will use manual back-up if the electronic kits fail. 

The National Super Alliance (Nasa) has lost yet another court battle against the electoral commission. The Raila Odinga-led coalition on Friday lost its bid to have the August 8 elections put off in affected counties, constituencies or wards if the electronic system fails. In its petition, Nasa had argued that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had failed to put in place a complementary system as required by law. The opposition had hinged its case on Section 55(b) of the amended Elections Act, which allows the IEBC to postpone the elections until a complementary system is put in place. But Justices Kanyi Kimondo, Hedwig Ong’udi and Alfred Mabeya dismissed the case, saying the IEBC had adopted mechanisms to counter system failures. They agreed with the IEBC's argument that the commission has adopted regulations to cater for both identification of voters and transmission of results in case the system fails. Nasa, the bench ruled, failed to plead precisely in the petition, and that regulations 69 and 83 have already been put in place to cater for a complementary system as required by section 44(a) of the amended elections Act. The judges said the Nasa application would also plunge the country into political uncertainty. "It would not be feasible to postpone the election as the date has been cast in stone," they ruled. The case was dismissed and Nasa was directed to pay the IEBC and the Jubilee Party the costs of the lawsuit. The latter two had supported the commission's defence. Nasa's loss comes barely a day after the Court of Appeal overturned a High Court judgement that had stopped Dubai-based Al Ghurair from printing presidential ballots. The opposition had won the case at the High Court. - Daily Nation



Heri Homes team currently visiting the UK visited the Kenya High Commission offices on Thursday 20th July, 2017. The team were welcomed at the mission by the Deputy High Commissioner Mrs. Grace Cerere (centre seated) other staff at the mission. Seen above seated from right is Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes and Heri Home CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho (3rd from left). Standing from left is Mrs. Anne Kamau the Commercial Attache, Mary the secretry of the Commissioner, Mr. Evans Kinyanjui the Immigration Attache and Mr. Seed. 1st Consular at the mission Mr. Fredrick Kidali also attended the meeting. On right is Heri Home CEO and Deputy High Commissioner Mrs. Grace Cerere. Heri Home CEO explained that the have done a lot of calculation and feasibility study where they came up with the Equity Model where everyone can afford to join the housing ladder. He explained that their aim and objective is to see that Kenyans in the Diaspora have bought a property in Kenya. He continued to say that those who cannot be able to raise the deposit can be helped by joining their Investment Housing Sacco. Heri Home CEO invited the team for their Dinner in London on Saturday. Another Heri Homes team arrived today ready for the dinner on Saturday 22nd July, 2017. For more information please contact Mary Njonjo currently in UK on 07404679182 or +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:




Make sure you have booked before you come.

You can make another appointment with

Mary seperately for a one to one meeting on 07404679182


For more group meetings and personal meetings contact

Mary on 07404679182 or Mr. Seed on 07951220695





 Excellent Evening Today with the Great People of Milton Keynes

 The air will be filled with inspiration talk, unveiling what one can do to tap Zillions of Opportunities, We shall challenge & Educate each other to take up opportunities in East African.Call up your friends in Milton Keynes or environs to secure a seat for free. It will be an Evening like no other.  See the Brief about the Speaker - CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO




Do we all need someone to inspire us to reach our

full potential and be the best we can be?

In June 2010, 13 year old Sarah Kerr was just like any other school girl among a group of classmates when Kenyan athletics World Champions and Gold medallists visited her school in Bedford to inspire young people and the community to be the best they can be. A polite, innocent and shy teenager, the Stars noticed her potential in a run.

They told her that she was a very good and talented runner. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing bearing in mind who was telling her. She became overwhelmed and started crying hysterically. Our caring athletes surrounded her and comforted her. To her disbelief, Ben Limo a World Champion even offered to run with her alone encouraging her around the field to assure her until she composed herself. He promised to mentor her.

With the support of her mentor and armed with the encouragement and inspiration she received, Sarah worked hard and grew in confidence. Determined, she made it to Team GB.

The future is bright for her…

As much as we all need inspiration, you too can inspire someone…

#Encouragesomebody #Inspiresomebody #mentorsomebody

#Count down to London World Athletics Championships…14 days to go

By Jack Waiyaki



35 saccos sign up to offer interest-free house loans

A group of 35 savings and credit co-operative societies (saccos) has unveiled a housing loans plan in which their members will get interest-free mortgages. The scheme dubbed Africa Tenancy Purchase Initiative will see credit union members pay an upfront deposit of 10 per cent of the cost of a unit and then pay the balance in “rent” instalments for up to 20 years. The unions, including Kimisitu Sacco, Safaricom Sacco, Habitat Housing Co-operative, and Nation Sacco, have a pipeline of five projects under the tenant purchase scheme comprising high-rise apartment blocks within the Nairobi metropolis. Up to 5,000 members are expected to benefit in the next two years, a number that is projected to rise as more saccos join the scheme. “With more than 90 per cent of Kenyans being tenants, this scheme converts their rent payments to make them homeowners. You just pay the deposit and the balance as rent. There is no interest rate,” said Mr David Ndegwa, a real estate developer and member of the scheme’s steering committee. “We have critically analysed the consumer behaviour and the dynamics around how much a typical Kenyan in urban areas pays for rent and structured an affordable rent-and-purchase mechanism,” he said in an interview. Saccos are banking on the tenant purchase scheme to tap into the lucrative property market by offering cheaper mortgages to low-income earners, who have largely been shunned by commercial banks. The International Finance Corporation — the World Bank’s private sector lending arm — will offer partial credit guarantee for the housing projects, while Co-operative Bank and Shelter Afrique will provide short-term financing to develop the units, said Mr Ndegwa.

State backing
Upcoming projects include Sh2 billion Sunset Boulevard phase two located in Athi River, Sh800 million Komarock Wendani Heights, Sh6 billion Karen Heights, Sh6 billion Art Stone in Juja comprising 400 apartments, and Sh22 billion Habitat Heights in Athi River made up of 5,200 units. For example, a sacco member who wants to buy a Sh3.8 million two-bedroom apartment at Sunset Boulevard — whose construction begins next month — will pay Sh380,000 as down payment, and the remainder in monthly rent instalments of between Sh15,000 and Sh25,000. It would take 14 years to clear the balance, assuming monthly pay of Sh20,000.  The project is also backed by UN-Habitat and the State department for housing and urban development.Credit unions turned to setting up their own rent-to-own scheme following the State’s pussyfooting on plans to set up a special kitty where saccos would draw cheap cash for onward lending to members as mortgages. “We are working with our development partners to put in place a mortgage liquidity facility, which will provide long-term funding to financial institutions, to enable them provide longer tenure mortgages,” Treasury CS Henry Rotich said in June. - Daily Nation.




Giraffe Ark Game Lodge CEO Mrs. Annette Mahu final moments in the UK business tour was a guest at the launch of the 1st Album of Rosemary Wa Sam in St. Mark Community Centre in London on Sunday 16th July 2017 It was at this moment when the CEO of Giraffe Ark Game Lodge Mrs. Annette Mahu gave thanks to God for a successful business tour. She was also grateful for the support and kindness bestowed to her during her stay by the UK community. She was there to support the good work the gospel artist is doing to spread the gospel in praise and worship. The praise and worship atmosphere was witnessed and the event was well attended. - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS


Praises for Nicholas Biwott as he is buried




All Roads heading to Kenya and Friends in

the Park followed by After Party


After Party at BOLEYN BANQUETING SUITE 7-11 BARKING ROAD E6 1PW 10 minutes walk from the Park.





Nasa loses presidential ballots case, Al Ghurair to print papers

The Court of Appeal has overturned a High Court judgement blocking Al Ghurair of Dubai from printing presidential ballot papers. The second highest court in the land on Tuesday said the High Court erred in granting orders on the grounds of public participation.


The judges ruled that public participation is not a requirement in direct procurement, which was applied by the electoral commission in awarding the contract to Al Ghurair. They also faulted the High Court for failing to appreciate that there was no time to award another tender. However, the appellate judges agreed with their High Court counterparts in rejecting claims that President Kenyatta met Al Ghurair officials and that he influenced the awarding of the tender. The High Court, they said, was right in holding that newspaper cuttings were not sufficient to prove that the President met directors of the firm. “Such articles remain hearsay unless the author appears in court and is interrogated on the authenticity of the article,” they said.


Nasa, they said, should have also provided unmistakable evidence to prove that during the alleged meeting, the ballot printing tender was discussed. The court has not found any such evidence, they ruled. They also agreed with the High Court decision converting judicial review to a constitutional petition. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had appealed the nullification of the tender. High Court judges Joel Ngugi, George Odunga and John Mativo had made a finding that the commission had failed to engage the public in awarding the tender. They had directed the IEBC to start the process afresh and come up with a framework for ensuring public participation.


In the papers filed at the Court of Appeal, the IEBC had argued that the judges made an error in law in finding that public participation is a mandatory precondition to direct procurement conducted as provided under the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act. The commission is also dissatisfied with the order directing it to craft a programme of public participation to operationalise Article 10 of the Constitution. “By the said finding, the judges were, in effect, directing IEBC to usurp Parliament’s role of legislating,” IEBC had argued. The commission said the judges erred when they assumed the constitutional function and autonomy of the IEBC to set operational programmes, including the timetable for procuring election materials. The IEBC says the High Court judgment split the tender in contravention of the procurement Act. - Daily Nation


Court okays printing of presidential ballots - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Home Heri Homes CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho (2nd right) arrived in London on Thursday 20th July 2017. After his arrival at the City Airport London he was met by Mary Njonjo of Heri, Mr. William Wango and Mr. Seed. He was happy to God for giving him a safe journey to London. The jovial CEO had this to say: "I am here to push Kenyans in the UK with money or without money to start the journey of owning a property in Kenya. If one has no enough money for the deposit, we can teach him or her how to start the journey. Buying a house in Kenya is just a matter of determination. You mindset is the beginning of the journey." the CEO said. Seen on left with Mary of Heri Homes sharing a copy of KARIBU MAGAZINE where they have 5 pages of advertisements and on right being welcomed by Mr. William Wango. For more information please contact Mary Njonjo currently in UK on 07404679182 or +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:




Amazing! This is Video You Need To See Before You Die - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO






Six million men and women in UK will have to wait a year longer than they expected to get their state pension, the government has announced. The rise in the pension age to 68 will now be phased in between 2037 and 2039, rather than from 2044 as was originally proposed. Those affected are currently between the ages of 39 and 47. The announcement was made in the Commons by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, David Gauke. He said the government had decided to accept the recommendations of the Cridland report, which proposed the change. "As life expectancy continues to rise and the number of people in receipt of state pension increases, we need to ensure that we have a fair and sustainable system that is reflective of modern life and protected for future generations," he told MPs.Anyone younger than 39 will have to wait for future announcements to learn what their precise pension age will be. The change will affect those born between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978. The government said the new rules would save the taxpayer £74bn by 2045/46. While it had been due to spend 6.5% of GDP on the state pension by 2039/40, this change will reduce that figure to 6.1% of GDP. Labour said the move was "astonishing", given recent reports suggesting increases in life expectancy were beginning to stall, and long-standing health inequalities between different income groups and regions in retirement.



You Buy a Plot and They Farm it for You.





The father is a community leader who have achieved hundreds of Awards, the mother is Leader in Business Innovation and Leadership, their first daughter is a banker, oldest son is in Westham Football Team, 2nd daughter in the University, 3rd daughter in A-level and the last born son is training as a professional boxer. They now have a grandchild who might end up to be another Obama. Full information in the magazine.

Close friends call him Mr. Samsom Kamau Ochieng.









Nairobi, Africa account for over half mobile money transactions

Kenya and other Sub-Saharan Africa countries account for more than half of all mobile money transactions worldwide according to new data by cellular lobby GSMA. The report reveals that the number of live mobile money services in the Sub-Saharan Africa region reached 140 across 39 countries at the end of last year, accounting for more than half of the 277 mobile money deployments worldwide. In the last decade there has been tremendous growth in mobile money services in the region following the launch of Safaricom’s M-Pesa in 2007. It notes that there are now seven markets in the region where more than 40 per cent of adults are active mobile money users including Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. “Mobile money is now achieving mass-market adoption in all corners of Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling millions of people to access financial services for the first time and contributing to economic growth and social development,” said Mats Granryd, director general of the GSMA.
“Mobile operators in the region today are using mobile money to create new financial ecosystems that can deliver a range of innovative new services across multiple industry sectors, including utilities and agriculture.” The volume of these new types of ‘ecosystem payments’ almost quadrupled between 2014 and 2016 and now account for about 17 per cent of all mobile money transactions, driven by a significant rise in the number of mobile-based bill payments. There were 277 million registered mobile money accounts across Sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2016 and 1.5 million registered agents. Mobile money users have historically been concentrated in East Africa, home to major mobile money markets such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. However, the latest data suggests that user growth is now being driven by other markets in the region, notably West Africa. Almost 29 per cent of active mobile money accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa are now based in West Africa, compared to just 8 per cent five years earlier. -






Family and friends' tributes reveal soft side of mysterious Nicholas Biwott

Nicholas Biwott's grand children during the memorial service of former Minister Nicholas Biwott at AIC Milimani on 18/7/17-BEVERLYNE MUSILI A rare character of the late Kipyator Nicholas Kiprono Biwott was on display as family, confidantes, and business associates mourned the former powerful Cabinet minister. Away from the secretive and highly guarded personality that was known of Biwott, whose name was mentioned in the 1990s' unresolved murder of his former Cabinet colleague Robert Ouko, those close to him disclosed a soft side of the man, away from the clench-fisted persona, revealing him as a statesman, patriot and a philanthropist. And for the first time, Biwott’s family, one of his otherwise closely guarded life, was revealed to the public, with his wife Hannie Biwott, leading his children and grandchildren in mourning the man, whose attributes in improving the livelihood of the Kenyans he interacted with, led to him being nicknamed “Maendeleo (Development) or Karnet (Kalenjin for steel hardened)”. Though details of his family were not contained in the eulogy delivered by his most publicly visible child, former Investment Secretary in the Treasury, Esther Koimett, Kenyans had the rare opportunity of seeing some of his children and grandchildren as they delivered their personal tributes. Hannie, who was the only widow publicly recognised at the funeral service held at AIC Milimani Church, termed Biwott as a noble and a humble man who helped many but did not wish to be recognised for it. “I am privileged to have been his wife of 52 years and the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of his family. I am here to tell you that he was a noble man, very proud to tell you that he was my husband,” she told the mourners, who included former Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete and Opposition leader Raila Odinga. - The Standard



Mobile phone is the new king of delivery for firms

Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (or the GSMA), through their famed GSMA Intelligence, has just released their much coveted The Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa 2017 report—which contains some very insightful data on the mobile economy in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). GSMA is the worldwide grouping of mobile operators uniting nearly 800 operators in the broader mobile ecosystem. GSMA Intelligence, on the other hand, is the GSMA’s research unit. It houses extensive database of mobile operator statistics, forecasts and industry reports. Some three sets of statistics from this report strike me as significant. First is penetration. Overall, they are putting SIM connections in SSA at 731 million at the close of 2016, which translates into a penetration of 74 per cent. Unique subscribers (probably the most vital statistic) stood at 420 million at the close of 2016 implying a penetration rate of 43 per cent. Kenya’s unique subscribers stood at 28 million (or a penetration of 59 per cent). They project SSA’s unique subscribers will hit 535 million by 2020 (or a penetration rate of 50 per cent). This means that the cake is still big enough for our telcos in as far as domiciliation of more unique subscribers is concerned. Second is the growing smartphone adoption. GSMA Intelligence puts users in SSA at 200 million at the close of 2016. They project that 300 million additional smartphones will be added to this pool by 2020. This should be juicy news for utilities. In East Africa, they’ve put adoption at 21 per cent. Finally, the mobile phone continues to drive a big plug-in economy. These guys (GSMA Intelligence) are estimating in 2016, the industry generated some Sh11 trillion (or $110 billion) of economic value in SSA. That’s an equivalent to eight per cent of the GDP. And there’s more.

The mobile ecosystem also supported some 3.5 million jobs in the region in 2016. That’s significant. To bring it closer home Safaricom, the leading telco, in its 2016 annual sustainability report, says that the total value it created for the Kenyan economy stood at Sh414 billion (or equivalent of $4 billion). The telco adds it sustained some 182,883 direct and indirect jobs in its ecosystem—and if the wider effects on economy are factored in, then the figure rises to 845,846 jobs. Essentially, the mobile phone has transformed into such a powerful economic tool public and private sectors. The public sector is already doing very well in as far as adoption is concerned. The Treasury has just launched the second tranche of the mobile phone-based bond sale (or otherwise known as M-Akiba); I can pay my water and electricity bills via the phone. Some public sector entities have even transitioned into the smartphone space. For instance, Kenya Revenue Authority now has an iTax app on Android platform; e-Citizen platform, too, has an app. We are still waiting for such key entities as Land ministry to follow suit. For private sector, any mass-market focused business that’s not already thinking mobile phone is planning for extinction—from banks, insurance companies, saccos, microfinance institutions to capital market intermediaries. There’s no doubt the mobile phone is the new king of delivery. Forget feature phones. The smartphone is the newest battle ground. As aforementioned, SSA expects to add 300 million more smartphones by 2020, primarily driven by increasing affordability: GSMA notes that sub-$100 smartphones, mostly from Asian manufacturers such as Gionee and Tecno (and not forgetting my beloved Blackberry), are now commonplace across the region. As I always tell banks, stop referring to the mobile phone as an alternative channel-it’s the new title of the branch.


Optiven Group CEO Joins the Optiven team in UK as they

get ready to attend Kenyans in the Park Event on 29th July

Mr. George Wachiuri (left) with his team arrived on Wednesday 19th July, 2017 ready for Kenya in the Park

George Wachiuri is finally here as he joins the Great Optiven team. The CEO brings with him a wealth of experience in business spanning over a period of 18 years. He will offering valuable investment advice as well as motivational talks to all. The Optiven team heads to meet the Great people of Milton Keynes from 20th to 27th July.

Friday 21st July
We are at Bedford from 12.00 to 9pm
300 Cardington Road
Bedford MK42 0DA

George will be speaking from 6.30 to 7.30pm
Topic - How you can be part of Kenya is rising narrative

Saturday 22nd July
We shall have a Nyama Choma & Inspiring Talk on  Saturday 22nd July Moorlands family centre, Beanhil Local centre Dodkin, Beanhil. THE talk start from 6.30 to 7.45pm

Sunday 23rd July

Later on Sunday 23nd, George Wachiuri will be in Nottingham at the Clock Bar, Craven rd Nottingham. You are invited for Nyama Choma and a great Motivational Talk that will start at 6.30 to 7.30pm



Isiolo Airport: Airport set for grand opening - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





Ballot papers for Governor, Woman Rep and Senator seats arrive in Nairobi

The printing of ballot papers for Governor, Member of Parliament, Senator, Woman

Representative and Member of County Assembly started on June 23/COURTESY-IEBC

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 19 – Ballot papers for Governor, Senator, and Woman Representative positions arrived in the country Tuesday night ahead of the General Election set for next month. According to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), all is ready for the exercise that has attracted 14,552 candidates for the six elective seats. The Commission stated that the ballot papers will be stored in its warehouse “before being dispatched to counties.” The voting materials arrived even as the electoral body awaits the Court of Appeal’s ruling challenging the decision of the High Court directing the electoral agency to tender afresh the printing of presidential ballot papers by Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing firm. The printing of ballot papers for Governor, Member of Parliament, Senator, Woman Representative and Member of County Assembly started on June 23. The printing of the ballot materials has been a source of conflict between the Commission and the Opposition National Super Alliance. In its ruling, a three-judge bench comprising Justices Joel Ngugi, Joseph Mativo and George Odunga granted an application filed by the Opposition, after establishing that IEBC did not undertake adequate public participation while sourcing for a printer. - CapitalFM



Jacaranda, San Valencia hotels closed over cholera concerns

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 19 – The Ministry of Health has closed down the Jacaranda and San Valencia hotels following a cholera outbreak in Nairobi. Health CS Cleopa Mailu explained that the hotels will remain closed until they comply with new food safety requirements. He indicated that many more may follow after the government ordered all food handlers to acquire fresh certification within 21 days. He explained that the certificate will only be issued once the staff and premises are tested and found to comply with set standards. The Health Cabinet Secretary was speaking after visiting patients at the Kenyatta National Hospital which has received 101 patients, 67 of whom are currently undergoing treatment of a particular strain of cholera. He also put water vendors, water bowser operators on notice saying they will need to go through inspection by the County Government to disclose their sources of water. The Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko indicated that 500,000 water tablets will be distributed in areas susceptible to the cholera bacteria. He stated that the ministry will also be setting up treatment centres in six informal settlements including Mukuru, Mathare, Kibera and Mbagathi hospital. He further urged Kenyans to be in high alert and observe high personal hygiene directed the county government to ensure all broken sewers are fixed as they are a source of the outbreak. - CapitalFM



Githurai 44 matatu crew sentenced to death for sexual assault

The incident was captured on a video that was widely circulated on social media prompting the Director of Public Prosecutions to act/CFM NEWS
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 19 – Three men accused of violently robbing, stripping and sexually assaulting a female passenger three years ago at a petrol station in Githurai 44 have been sentenced to death. Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi directed Edward Gitau, Nicholas Mwangi and Meshak Mwangi to face death for the offence which he described as most heinous. The incident was captured on a video that was widely circulated on social media prompting the Director of Public Prosecutions to act. The court handed the matatu driver, his conductor and a pump attendant at Millennium Petrol Station the sentence, saying the prosecution had proven the case against the accused persons beyond any reasonable doubt. For the offense of sexually assaulting the woman, the court ordered the convicts to serve a jail term of 25 years each but this will remain in abeyance if they are hanged. The death sentence in Kenya has since been commuted to life sentence, meaning that they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. While handing the sentences, Magistrate Andayi said it is important to respect all human beings “because we are equal but it is equally important to respect the dignity of a woman.” He said that what started as a joke by spanking the woman “led them to commit a serious offense.” “This is what many uncultured men do out there,” he said. - CapitalFM





Optiven Limited CEO Mr. George Wachiuri arrived in the UK on Wednesday 19th July, 2017. He will be visiting different cities in the UK where he will be selling properties to the Kenyans in the UK. George and his team will be in Milton Keynes on 22nd July and in Nottingham on 23rd July, 2017. George had this to say: "In God we trust for His Favour as Optiven creates new partnership, visit cities and empower Kenyans in a new way. May the 14 days we are here create Inspirations to people's hearts and in their personal wealth creation May Divine favour be upon Optiven team , our customers in UK and other countries . May the people who support us get double favour as they lead the team to the right favourable customers. May the customers we deal with love Optiven. We are servants and we are ready to serve. May God annoit our lips as we talk to clients. We value all our customers Amen" - George Wachiuri, and website is




Rerieve for IEBC as court dismisses BVR kits case

 The High Court has granted reprieve to the electoral body in a case where United Nations Special rapporteur Maina Kiai had sued it for allegedly flouting rules in the importation of Biometric Voter Identification (BVR) devices. High Court judge John Mativo dismissed the case saying there was no sufficient evidence tendered in court to compel the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to acquire alternative BVR kits. The case was filed by Mr Kiai, Mr Khelef Khalifa and Mr Tirop Kitur. The trio had in April sued the IEBC and the Kenya Bureau of Standards over claims of flouting pre-export verification standards in the acquisition of the kits. BVK kits will to be used by IEBC in identification of voters during the August 8 elections but three had alleged that there was misapplication of the law in the manner in which the said devices were acquired. - Daily Nation



UK inflation unexpectedly slows to 2.6% in June

The UK's inflation rate dropped unexpectedly to 2.6% in June, down from 2.9% in May, official figures have shown. It is the first fall in the rate since October 2016 and was largely down to lower petrol and diesel prices. Fuel prices fell for the fourth month in a row in June, according to the Office for National Statistics. Economists say the fall in inflation could ease pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates. The UK inflation rate has risen sharply since the referendum on membership of the European Union last June, partly due to an increase in the cost of imported goods following the fall in the value of the pound. "These numbers are a real surprise, showing the first drop in inflation since autumn 2016," said Lucy O'Carroll, chief economist at Aberdeen Asset Management. "This is going to kill the chances of a rate rise in the short term. We'll learn more about the Bank of England's thinking in a couple of weeks, but we can expect the calls for a rate rise to reduce to a whimper." But June's fall in inflation is a blip, according to some economists. "We have not necessarily passed the peak of inflation," said Andrew Sentance, senior economic adviser at PwC. "Oil prices are volatile and could bounce back later this year. Meanwhile, the big fall in the value of the pound since last summer is still working its way through the pipeline and has not yet fully fed through into shop prices." Another measure of inflation, the Retail Prices Index (RPI), edged lower from an annual rate of 3.7% in May to 3.5% in June. RPI is used to calculate the interest rate for student loans, for example. The ONS also reports a version of consumer price inflation that includes housing costs known as CPIH. That rate fell to 2.6% in June from 2.7% in May. Also contributing to June's fall in inflation was a decline in prices for recreational and cultural goods, which includes items such as toys, computer games and sports events.

Jubilee Rally  In Ukunda Kwale County on Tuesday 18th July, 2017 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Biwott requiem mass held in Nairobi




Swiss glacier reveals couple lost in 1942

A shrinking glacier in Switzerland has revealed two frozen bodies believed to be of a couple who went missing 75 years ago, Swiss media report. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin disappeared at a height of 2,600m (8,530ft) after going to tend to their cows in the Alps in August 1942. They were farmers whose seven children never gave up hope of finding them. Their youngest daughter, 79, said she was now planning to give her parents the funeral they deserved. Mr and Mrs Dumoulin were never found despite extensive searches. "We spent our whole lives looking for them," Marceline Udry-Dumoulin told Lausanne daily Le Matin. "I can say that after 75 years of waiting this news gives me a deep sense of calm." A DNA test will be conducted in several days' time, police say.



Leaders pay tribute to former Moi era Cabinet Minister Biwott - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Kenyans in UK Community Magazine






The widow of the late Nicholas Biwott speaking - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Giraffe Ark CEO joins Golden Pearl team in US

Giraffe Ark CEO joins Golden Pearl team in US. With her is the CEO Golden Pearl properties Mr Peter Mahu and Golden Pearl properties advisor Mr Kelvin Githuka.To find out more on the property deals and holiday packages in Giraffe ark kindly contact Annette Mahu +17472202473. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Why Biwott Demanded to be Buried in Bullet proof Coffin - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO







Wildfires rip through southern and central Europe

Wildfires are raging in parts of central and southern Europe, with thousands of firefighters tackling blazes in five countries. About 12 wildfires broke out in Croatia's second largest city of Split, a popular tourist destination. Several cars were burned and a shopping centre was evacuated in the suburbs of Split, covering the area and thick black smoke. Around 4,500 hectares (11,120 acres) of land was destroyed, including homes, according to initial estimates. Firefighters worked through Monday night to bring the fire under control, but some parts of the city reportedly remain without water or electricity. In neighbouring Montenegro, forest fires forced the evacuation of more than 100 campers on the Lustica peninsula and spread further inland but were all under control, the interior ministry said. The country requested two firefighting planes from NATO to help contain the blaze, according to state TV. The cause of the fires in the two countries is still unknown




Give us Sh2 billion to bring down illegal buildings, says State regulator

Rescuers at the scene where a seven-storey building collapsed in Pipeline last month.

According to the construction authority, it is costly to demolish illegal buildings.

The National Construction Authority has often been accused of being a toothless dog when it comes to demolishing illegal structures. However, it has now emerged that demolitions are an expensive affair, besides a host of other factors that come to play whenever the authority’s intervention is required. National Construction Authority chairman Stephen Oundo says demolishing an illegal building, in a professional manner, would cost the authority Sh3 million to Sh3.5 million. Although it is supposed to claim the money from the owner of the condemned building later, he says, it is never easy. According to an audit report by the National Building Inspectorate, over 600 houses have been marked for demolition. So far, only 40 buildings have been brought down. Oundo said professionals are needed to execute the job so as not to interfere with other nearby buildings. He said there have been instances where NCA gives notices, but the owners ignore forcing the authority to demolish the buildings. But he insisted that the bylaws governing construction in the city should be fully implemented. For example, Oundo said, it is a legal requirement that buildings with more than four floors have lifts. “This is a bylaw that was to be effected in 2012. Buildings constructed before the law came into effect should provide an alternative means,” said Oundo.
Enforcing the law
He, however, agreed that enforcing the law on all the buildings was not easy since NCA was formed in 2014 while the bylaws have been in existence since 2012. By the time the authority started working, most buildings had already been constructed without approval, forcing it to go through the courts to handle the situation. According to Oundo, there are procedures to be followed with regards to buildings that do not meet construction requirements. “One, the owners should be forced to provide an alternative means... guaranteeing the tenants’ safety,” said Oundo. Oundo also mentioned some of the challenges they face include owners rushing to court to stop demolitions and the court proceedings take time. He also added that some of the buildings are owned by cartels, and they find it hard to carry out demolitions due to security risks. Security concerns “There are cartels who own buildings and cannot be accessed, this is one thing we are really trying to harmonise with the police as the NCA staff face a lot of intimidation,” said Oundo. Oundo explained the categories of buildings that were marked for demolitions by the audit; these included the ones where no architect was involved though the structure was sound. Owners were asked to regulate and get approval. The second category were buildings with structural weaknesses; that involved poor lighting and sewerage, and lack of lifts. Owners were to enforce and implement proper systems. The final category were buildings that did not matter and could not be salvaged in terms of structure for example buildings in road reserves. Oundo linked the collapsing of buildings to so many factors including the design, mix of concrete and using poor materials. He appealed to the Media and society to report any marked houses and take pictures of those in bad states. - The Standard




The CEO of giraffe ark Mrs Annette Mahu was at

Milton Keynes where she meet with Kenyans in the park

Secure yourself a valuable piece of land as low as 100GBP from

Golden Pearl Properties Limited. For more information click: 





6 reasons why Kikuyu women are

heavily stereotyped in Kenya today




Citi Bank to move from London to Frankfurt as Brexit plan emerges

The Wall Street bank, which employs 9,000 people in the UK, will unveil its Brexit contingency plans this week, Citi will become the latest Wall Street giant to unveil plans to cope with the UK's departure from the European Union this week when it names Frankfurt as the location for a major new trading operation. Sky News has learnt that Citi executives have finalised plans to establish a second EU-based broker-dealer, which will handle many of the market trading activities currently undertaken in London. The US bank has decided to name Frankfurt as the location for the new broker-dealer after also evaluating Paris as an alternative, according to insiders. Citi's decision reflects the issue confronting all international banks which rely on the EU's passporting regime to trade seamlessly across national borders. The likes of Barclays, JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS have talked in recent weeks about the acceleration of their contingency planning, even as Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, stressed his determination to secure a transitional period enabling companies to contend with the impact of Brexit. David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, led a new round of talks with EU officials on Monday, although the post-election period has seen growing concern in the UK business community about the Government's ability to negotiate a good deal. Jim Cowles, the chief executive of Citi's operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told a conference earlier this year that it would make a decision about the bank's Brexit plans within months. "Our issue is with our broker dealer, which is located in the UK and will lose, presumably, passporting rights," he said. Citi, which was among a quartet of Wall Street banks which donated money to the campaign to keep the UK in the EU, warned staff shortly before last year's referendum that a vote to leave would have implications for some of its 9,000-strong UK workforce. "To continue to serve our clients and maintain efficient access to those markets currently enabled through the EU passporting regime, we would likely need to rebalance our operations across the EU," James Bardrick, Citi's UK chief country officer, said at the time. Initially, Citi's decision about its new EU-based broker-dealer will not affect more than approximately 150 UK-based jobs, an insider said.


We will bury you, President Kenyatta tells Al Shabaab over Lamu attacks






Australian Justine Damond shot dead by police in Minneapolis after calling 911

An Australian woman who called 911 to report a disturbance outside her home has been shot and killed by police in Minneapolis.
Justine Damond, 40, from Sydney, is thought to have lived with her fiance in the US city. According to the Star Tribune, her family said she had called emergency services after hearing "a sound" in the alley near her home late on Saturday night. Witnesses said she was in the alley, wearing pyjamas, when officers arrived in a squad car. She is said to have gone to the driver's-side door and talked to the officers through the window. The police officer in the passenger seat is reported to have pulled out his gun and shot at her. No weapon was found at the scene and the investigation is expected to include a focus on why the officers' bodycams were not recording. The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension confirmed that an officer had fired a weapon, fatally striking a woman. Mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges said she was "heartsick" over Ms Damond's death.


The Ministry of Health has cancelled all medical certificates for food handlers and directed County Health Departments to review the applicants following the outbreak of Cholera which has left three people dead and dozens hospitalised.





Cholera claims more lives in Nairobi amid shortage of staff

Your regular bite of fruit could lead to a cholera infection, doctors warned on Monday, barely 24 hours after two patients died of the disease at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). At least 50 people were admitted in ward 1F, most of them from diverse parts of Nairobi County. “We have patients from Kileleshwa, Githurai, Kawangware, Pipeline, Mukuru kwa Njenga and Embakasi South,” said a nurse at the hospital’s emergency wing, which is now awash with patients suffering from cholera. With patients drawn from all over Nairobi, there seems to be no safe place as the cases are sporadic and not concentrated in one place. And although the hospital said there were no cases of sick healthcare providers, it was battling with a shortage of staff. - Daily Nation.




Sunday’s endorsement of President Uhuru Kenyatta by the leader of the Tanzanian Opposition, Mr Edward Lowassa, is just the tip of the iceberg.




Optiven Group, one of the leading real estate establishments in East Africa was on Monday 17th July 2017 certified as a Superbrand joining the league of some of the top brands in Africa. This latest major fete was conferred by SuperBrands East Africa Projects Director Jawad Jaffer and witnessed by Optiven's visionally Captain George Wachiuri and team. SuperBrands East Africa is an independent and World leading arbiter and this new development will catapult Optiven to great global heights.


Mary Njeri of London has lost her mother in Kenya

It is with humble acceptance that we announce the death of our beloved mum-Helen Wamaitha Wambugu of Nakuru, Kenya on Saturday the 15th July, 2017, after a short illness. The late Helen Wambugu was the wife of the late Sospeter Wambugu of Metal Engineering Works, Nakuru. Mother to Dorothy Wanjiru of Nairobi, Judy Muthoni, Mary Njeri of Croydon, South London, the late Fred Kanyagia, Victor Kigotho. Mother in law to Daniel Njoroge (Dee). Grandmother to the late Michael Mwenda, William Wambugu, Arnold Kanyagia. Mathew Wambugu, Duncan Mungai, Jema Wambui and Kamau, Koine.  Friends and family are meeting every evening for prayers at 32 Hillside house, Duppas Avenue,Croydon, CR0 4BX. For further information please contact Mary on 07411383054 or Judi on 07956904293.  May Mum’s soul rest in peace





CBK tipped to hold rate as credit fizzles

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is today widely expected to leave its policy rate unchanged even as banks continue rationing credit, inflation remains high and the shilling is under pressure. The last meeting ahead of the General Election comes against the backdrop of sentiment by experts that Kenya’s decision to peg interest rate cap on its base lending rate has eroded decision making of the CBK. Analysts polled by the Business Daily on Friday expect the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to hold the rate, just like in May, at 10 per cent. “I expect the MPC to stay their hand, against a backdrop where the interest rate cap has created some interference in the transmission of monetary policy and where if you look at the composition of the inflation basket, you will note that excluding food the basket is close to turning negative,” said independent investment analyst and Rich Management CEO Aly Khan Satchu. “The next rate move will be down but not until after the election and near the end of the year…So no change.” Stanbic Bank CFC • 76.00 regional economist for East Africa Jibran Qureshi said recent inflation print had vindicated the MPC, which has previously argued inflation was predominantly driven by food prices. “Despite soft domestic demand and weak private sector credit growth, risks associated with political uncertainty could still prompt the MPC to maintain a neutral stance for now,” said Mr Qureshi. In a pre-MPC outlook, Cytonn Investments said on Friday that based on the trend in private sector credit growth, which is now at an eight-year low and the slowdown in gross domestic product growth, it expects the MPC retain the rate to support economic growth. Razia Khan, chief economist for Africa at Standard Chartered, citing a research note by the lender, concurred the next cut could be in November. “The persistence of low-double-digit inflation poses risks to our call for a 50bps rate cut in November, but weak demand and muted secondary price pressures should allow the Central Bank of Kenya to cut the central bank rate to 9.5 per cent by end-2017,” says her report on Kenya. Kenya’s inflation fell to 9.21 per cent year-on-year in June, from 11.70 per cent a month earlier. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics partly attributed this to a drop in food prices. Month-on-month inflation was minus 1.2 per cent.








After a very successful World Under 18 Championships in Kasarani with Kenyans making it a magical night by showing their support and love with the event recording over 60,000 spectators on Sunday (the largest ever crowd in the History of the event), attention now turns to London for the World Athletics Championships in less than 18 days.

Kenyans in UK and elsewhere are urged to come in big numbers to show the same Love and support witnessed in Nairobi. David Rudisha, Helen Obiri, Asbel Kiprop, Ezekiel Kemboi and London Marathon Champion Daniel Wanjiru are among 49 athletes that will be arriving shortly to compete in one of the greatest Global events that will see the Historic retirement of Usain Bolt. It will be also the last appearance of Sir Mofarah on Track and field before moving to Marathon. Winners will be crowned World Champion.

If you don’t have stadium tickets, you have a big chance and opportunity to cheer Team Kenya’s marathon both men and women on Sunday 6th August. The Men’s race starts at 10am while the women’s race will start at 2pm. The World Championships marathon route course will be different from the usual London Virgin Marathon route where the race traditionally starts at Greenwich and ends at THE MALL.


We urge Kenyans and friends of Kenya to turn up in large numbers to show our Love, patriotism, and cheer our athletes. Bring your children to connect with their heroes/heroines and cultural background. Come dressed in Kenyan attire, bring your flags, drums etc. Make friends and make as much noise as possible. Create a carnivore atmosphere with Kenyan Patriotic songs. By attending, you will be promoting Kenyan Tourism at the Heart of London therein creating employment back home. See you all there!


By Jack Waiyaki






Social media sites to delete hate mongers’ accounts in a day

Kenya Social media sites will be required to pull down accounts propagating hate speech within a day of being notified by the government, according to newly published guidelines. The Communications Authority (CA) Friday published guidelines to prevent the spread of “undesirable political messages” via mobile phones and social media. Kenyans using social media to disseminate political content have been warned against using language that amounts to hate speech, ethnic contempt, incitement to violence, harassment, or defamation. Administrators of social media platforms are required to moderate conversations and steer them from dangerous waters.  However, if messages fit into the State’s definition of “undesirable” content, sites will be required to take action.

Pull down accounts
“Social media service providers shall be required to pull down accounts used in disseminating undesirable political contents on their platform that have (sic) brought to their attention within 24 hours,” say the guidelines. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter already have their own guidelines for weeding harmful and hateful content. These guidelines do not always match with the wishes of the State, as was seen last year when the Kenya Film Classification Board tussled with YouTube over a video. Those posting political content on social media will also be required to state any allegiances to politicians and ensure that it is truthful. If unsure whether it is inflammatory, those posting are supposed to cool their heels for 24 hours as they seek approval from the National Cohesion and Integration Commission. The CA amended the rules from the draft first proposed in June getting rid of clauses that would have required Kenyans to be “polite” and “civilised” on social media. The guidelines also cover the spread of political content via SMS warning parties against disseminating hate speech.- Daily Nation.


Down With Haters of Country




More tear gas, guns arrive to deal with any mass protests after August elections




Cabinet Secretaries carry the flag-draped coffin of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery

before his burial ceremony at his home in Bisil, Kajiado, July 15, 2017. /REUTERS




Joan Njeri Miano is coming to the UK with goodies


"I am Joan Njeri Miano. I am a Director at Miamu Properties Limited and I have over 16 years of work experience in the property industry having worked in various firms here in Kenya. I am visiting the UK with the soul purpose of making friends and building lasting relationships by helping those people interested in investing back home in Kenya. I will be at Kenya and Friends in the Park, London on Saturday 29th July, 2017." They have properties in different areas. They have good properties along Kiambu road, going for KShs. 9 million. These spacious in the modern art of state apartments are located along Kiambu road, approximately 8 kms from cbd. features; a club house. a gym, superb naturally lit rooms, stylish finishes, solar water heating, standby generator, in-built furniture’s, open plan kitchen with built in appliances, 2 basketball hoops, ample 1.5+ parking,2 service gates, electrified fence, outdoor entertaining area, 400 metres of Kiambu road,24 hours security (cctv and alarm response) with police post 300metres away…Asking Price is 8.5 million Kshs. For more information please contact Joan on Phone : 0764865864, Mobile : 0724729581 and Email : Visit:

Miamu Properties is a real estate company registered under the Companies Act in Kenya. We are a unique property company that offers you solutions in property management, sales and conveyancing consultations as well as property scouting. Our aim is to give our clients that opportunity to get exactly what they want while looking for their dream home, property or office, land, management among many others.


Miamu Properties focuses on:
· Providing the best possible service to our clients at all times so as to provide the highest standard of professionalism.
· Providing a property management service second to none so as to obtain the best return possible and minimize expenses.
· Establishing and developing mutually beneficial business relationships by implementing instructions to the letter.
· Leasing ones property to the most suitable tenant as quickly and efficiently as possible.
· Maintaining and enhancing an investment.

Company Strategy and Vision
Purpose To be a leader in the real estate industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
Vision To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission statement To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core values We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith• We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.• We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Goals Regional expansion in the field of property management and develop a strong base of key customers. • Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.








One Bedroom Holiday Flat near Nairobi City Centre near State House. Security in that area is very good. Minimum 2 weeks let. If interested please call 07908521056 Email:



To All Kenyans living in UK

Starting This Weekend

The Optiven team will be visiting the UK to offer you investment advice and amazing investment

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Hundreds of naked swimmers have taken to the water in Finland in a bid to break the world record for the biggest naked swim. Some 789 people at a music festival in eastern Finland went skinny dipping on Saturday, organisers said, beating the previous record set in Australia by just three, reports said. Organisers were waiting for Guinness World Records to confirm the record. It is the third Finnish attempt at the record, Yle news website said.




SGR gets 18 engines, 60 wagons ahead of launch

 Kenya Railways has received more locomotives and wagons in readiness for the commissioning of the standard gauge railway freight services. The fleet of 18 freight locomotives and 60 wagons designed for double-stacking of containers was offloaded at the Port of Mombasa on Saturday. KR Managing Director Atanas Maina said freight services will commence this year. Double stacking will play a critical role in reducing congestion at the port. “We have a team working round the clock to ensure all aspects of freight operations are in place. "The inland container depot at Embakasi (Nairobi), which is a key installation for Kenya’s railway operations, is on course for completion by September,” Mr Maina said. He added: “Already, the freight trains have been engaged to assist in the transportation of relief food imported by the government. We have transported close to 30,000 tonnes to date. “This has also served as an appropriate testing phase for the freight rolling stock, which I must say has performed as required.” - Daily Nation


Appeal for Aaron's medical fund

 Aaron is 9 years old and has been diagonised with T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. He is in Getrude's Children's Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. His condition can only be treated abroad, because of lack of facilities in Kenya. The financial burden has become too heavy for us as a family and I am appealing to all well wishers for help. Help me bring that smile back! He is my nephew. His name is Aaron. - CLICK HERE TO DONATE




One cup of raw red spinach contains:
 27 calories.
 0.86 grams of protein.
 30 milligrams of calcium.
 0.81 grams of iron.
 24 milligrams of magnesium.
 167 milligrams of potassium.
 2,813 micrograms of Vitamin A.
 58 micrograms of folate.



Bitcoin value drops from $2900 to $1872.10 one month down the line(16th July 2017)



Possible health benefits of spinach

Diabetes management
Spinach contains an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid, which has been shown to lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes in patients with diabetes.

Studies on alpha-lipoic acid have also shown decreases in peripheral neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy in diabetics.

However, most studies have used intra-venous alpha-lipoic acid and it is uncertain whether oral supplementation would elicit the same benefits.

Cancer prevention
Spinach and other green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which has been shown to be effective at blocking the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines, which are generated when grilling foods at a high temperature.

Asthma prevention
The risks for developing asthma are lower in people who consume a high amount of certain nutrients. One of these nutrients is beta-carotene, of which spinach is an excellent source. Apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, pumpkin, and carrots are also rich sources of beta-carotene.

Lowering blood pressure
Due to its high potassium content, spinach is recommended for people with high blood pressure; it can help reduce the effects of sodium in the body. A low potassium intake may be just as big of a risk factor for developing high blood pressure as a high sodium intake.

Other high-potassium foods include avocado, banana, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, lima beans, and oranges.

Bone health
Low intakes of vitamin K have been associated with a higher risk of bone fracture. Adequate vitamin K consumption is important for good health, as it acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins, improves calcium absorption, and may reduce urinary excretion of calcium.

Promotes regularity
Spinach is high in fiber and water, both of which help to prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract.

Healthy skin and hair
Spinach is high in vitamin A, which is necessary for sebum production to keep hair moisturized. Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. Spinach and other leafy greens high in vitamin C are imperative for the building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair.

Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, which may be prevented by an adequate intake of iron-rich foods, like spinach.



Amarantha is Terere in Greek



Visa considers incentives for UK firms to go cashless

Visa has said it is considering offering incentives to UK businesses to go cashless, after introducing a similar scheme in the US. The payments company is selecting 50 small companies in the US to receive $10,000 if they only use cards. The companies have to bid for the money by explaining how going cashless would affect them, their staff and customers. However, the idea has been criticised by consumer groups, who say cash is still vital for many people. "It is easy to categorise it as a bribe, but ultimately they are incentivising companies to do away with cash, and that's not the job of people like Visa," said James Daley of consumer group Fairer Finance. In any case, the offer could be of limited appeal to many retailers, who have to pay fees every time a customer uses a debit or credit card. Even though interchange fees, as they are called, have been capped by the EU, retailers still pay an average of 16p on each credit card transaction, and 5.5p on each debit card. In total UK retailers still paid £800m in such fees last year, charges that have been criticised by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Vulnerable customers
Cards have already overtaken cash for retail payments, according to figures for last year from the BRC. But banks and card companies should not be driving that move, Mr Daley said. In 50 years it seems unlikely that most of us will be using cash. But banks need to let evolution follow its natural course, rather than accelerating it," he told the BBC. "As a responsible society we need to look after vulnerable customers who rely on cash." Last month Victoria Cleland, the Bank of England's chief cashier, said that 2.7 million people in the UK rely almost entirely on cash - that's 5% of adults. Nevertheless at least one cafe in London - Browns of Brockley -has already gone cashless. In a statement, Visa said that following the launch of the scheme in the US, "we hope to bring similar cashless initiatives to other countries, including the UK". "At this time, we do not have a firm plan on when such an initiative would be available in the UK." In June this year, Visa chief executive Al Kelly told investors that the company was "focused on putting cash out of business". "The number one growth lever [for the company] is the conversion of cheque and cash to digital and electronic payments."


Acid attack offenders 'could face life sentences' in new crackdown

The Home Secretary has indicated acid attack convictions could soon carry life sentences as a crackdown on corrosive substances was unveiled by the Government. Amber Rudd claimed an overhaul of current guidelines would ensure those who use noxious liquids as a weapon "feel the full force of the law". "I am clear that life sentences must not be reserved for acid attack survivors," she wrote in The Sunday Times. Plans to ensure acid and other corrosive substances can be classed as dangerous weapons are among the changes included in the shake-up. The Government will also aim to put in place measures which restrict the sale of such substances by retailers. The Home Office will work with police and the Ministry of Justice to assess whether powers available to the courts, including sentencing, are sufficient. Possession of acid or other corrosive substances with the intention to do harm can already be treated as possession of an offensive weapon under the Prevention of Crime Act, which carries a four-year maximum penalty. Crown Prosecution Service's guidance to prosecutors will now be reviewed to ensure it makes clear that acid and other corrosive substances can be classed as dangerous weapons, and what is required to prove intent. The Poisons Act 1972 will be assessed to consider if it should cover more harmful substances, while retailers will be asked to agree to measures to restrict sales of acids and other corrosive substances. In an earlier statement, Ms Rudd said: "Acid attacks are horrific crimes which have a devastating effect on victims, both physically and emotionally. "It is vital that we do everything we can to prevent these sickening attacks happening in the first place. "We must also ensure that the police and other emergency services are able to respond as effectively as possible, that sentences reflect the seriousness of the offences and victims are given the immediate support they need." Sarah Newton, minister for crime, safeguarding and vulnerability, will outline the Government's strategy in the Commons on Monday.




Kenyan woman named Director of Human

Relations at University of Oklahoma

Assistant vice president and director of Intercultural Initiatives at the University of Oregon, Jane Irungu, Ph.D., has been named the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, beginning Aug. 2.

As director of the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, a program of the University of Oklahoma Outreach, she will focus on project management and program growth, including the highly successful National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE). She will also continue the center’s supporting role with the Freshmen Diversity Experience, initiated by President David L. Boren, which helps prepare OU students to engage in a diverse campus community. The Freshmen Diversity Experience was created and maintained in conjunction with the Office of University Community.

“I am excited to have Dr. Irungu join us as director of the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies (SWCHRS) under Outreach at the University of Oklahoma,” said Belinda Biscoe, interim vice president for outreach at the University of Oklahoma. “Her experiences in the social justice field including working with underrepresented groups and working on multicultural and international issues will serve to complement the significant work underway at OU. Additionally, Dr. Irungu will work with the center staff and Outreach administration to ensure that the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in American Higher Education remains the premiere conference on race and ethnicity and issues of social justice in the United States.”

At the University of Oregon, Irungu oversees initiatives with goals of promoting cultural understanding, equity and well-being of underrepresented populations with the aim of creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for students and staff impacted by policy changes in local, state and federal government.

Before February 2017, Irungu served as assistant vice president and director of the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence in the Division of Equity and Inclusion at the University of Oregon. Her portfolio included oversight of programs for historically underserved, underrepresented and first-generation students, faculty and staff resource groups, leadership development and training, scholarship administration, diversity and inclusion programs, community outreach and pipeline programs, ethnic organizations, social justice initiatives and post-graduation success.

Irungu has more than three decades of experience in the field of education and intercultural relations. She has worked extensively with K-12, higher education professionals and private organizations in the U.S. and in Africa. Prior to joining UO, Irungu worked at the University of Kansas for twelve years in many different capacities, such as associate director for the federally funded Title VI Kansas African Studies Center; program director with the Office of International Programs; Outreach and Foreign Languages coordinator; and lecturer in the Department of African and African American Studies.

Irungu received her PhD in Higher Education Administration and Policy Studies with minors in African Studies and Women and Gender Studies in 2010, and a Masters in Higher Education Administration in 2000, both from the University of Kansas. She received her Bachelors in Education in 1986, with majors in KiSwahili, Philosophy and Religious Studies from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, where she was a high school teacher and eventually principal. She migrated to the U.S. in 1997.

Irungu is multilingual and provides consultancy in curriculum design, translation and interpretation in her two native languages, Swahili and Kikuyu. She is also an active member of several national organizations including Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE), the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) and the International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS), among others.

Irungu believes that education is a human rights issue; it is transformative and should be used as a tool for societal change and for the improvement of the quality of life for all citizens. She advances this philosophy in her daily work as well as community service through her non-profit organization, Renewed Hope International Inc.

“I am thrilled to be joining the University of Oklahoma Outreach under the leadership of the interim vice president for outreach, Dr. Belinda Biscoe,” said Irungu. “There is an incredible amount of transformative work that is ongoing at all levels; locally, nationally and internationally. I look forward to collaborations and partnerships, including those within Oklahoma that will continue the vision of transformative change in social justice education, research, advocacy and intercultural understanding.”

Established in 1961, the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies was designed to extend the resources of the university to Southwest communities faced with civic conflict and controversy. The center’s earliest programs included workshops for public school personnel attempting to comply with mandated school integration. Later, programs extended to intergroup relations training for elected officials, American Indians, journalists and editors, clergy and counselors, law enforcement agencies and others concerned with human rights. -


33 hospitalised with cholera in Nairobi


Uhuru Kenyatta pays tribute to Joseph Nkaissery



Colonel Mugambi: Nkaissery is the best friend I have ever had for 43 years - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Greetings from the Mountains in Wales where we have been holding a family holiday for a week. A land of mountains. If you think there are only hills in the county of Murang'a you are wrong. Just have a visit to the Mountains in Wales. Mountains after mountains without end. That is where we had a holiday with my family as from Friday 7th July, 2017. I thank God for giving me back my family from WhatsApp and Facebook as there was no network at the luxurious holiday home. There was Wifi in the house but we used our allocated data on our first night. In case you want to make a phone call you had to climb the hills to the get network. A nice quiet place with two floor holiday home where you use a bell to summon the family to the dinning room. There was an in-house swimming pool where everyone enjoyed. The nearest shop was 15 minutes away. The residents are only allowed to keep sheep and meat cows and according to the locals it is against the law to milk your cow because there is no processing milk factory in the area. I managed to talk to two shopkeepers in the area and they had this to say. A man with a shoe shop, 82 years told me: "I live with my mum who is 108 years and my two sisters, one 68 years and 74 years and they never married. We live as a family. I never married because if I marry the wife will bring confusion in our happy family. The second shopkeeper, a 33 year old lady told me: "I have never been to London. I am a village girl. I don't like going to town. The furthest town I have ever visited is Birmingham 120 miles from here." the lady said. The family shared the duties including nyama choma preparation. Games in the facility include games of badminton, volleyball and football, in-house swimming competition but the most popular one was mountain climbing. There are 4 mountains surrounding the holiday home which was a few metres from Irish Sea.

The holiday home was built on 1664 and you had to use a bell to summon the family to the dinning room


Mountain climbing was the most popular event where old and young enjoyed



Opposition outfit National Super Alliance has welcomed the appointment of John Kerry as an election

observer in the August polls, but asked the electoral commission to ensure every process remains credible.



Rtd. Captain Muigai eulogises Nkaissery - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO






Francis Ole Kaparo's speech at Nkaissery's burial - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The former prime minister believes public opinion is "moving" on quitting the EU, but admits he called the general election wrong.




His name is Antony Mwaura in UK. His relatives haven't seen him since 2012. Anybody with

information about the above guy, please write to or call George in UK on 07888 88837.



Catch up with them and learn how you can buy your own home in Kenya

Heri Homes Team currently in UK will be in Milton Keynes and Luton as from Saturday 15th July 2017 to Monday 17th July, 2017. Catch up with them to learn how you can easily buy your own home in Kenya. Learn how you can secure a deposit to kick start the housing ladder. We money or without money you can start by joining their Sacco which will later help you to get a deposit for your dream house. Over 350 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year from Heri Homes. 33 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by contacting an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Heri Homes will be having a stand at the Kenya and Friends in the Park on 29th July, 2017. For more information please contact Mary Njonjo currently in UK on 07404679182 or +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:


GG Kariuki passes on aged 79 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



North Korean Military Photos That Are Scaring The Entire Planet

The biggest piece of the North Korean military is the Korean People’s Army Ground Force. Consisting of over 1 million active soldiers, it’s kind of a big deal. In addition, there are several more million in reserve.



A Whispers from London (The cave you fear to enter...)

Written by: Man ManKambugua        E-mail:     Facebook: Man Man Kambugua


On a day like any other day I found myself waking up in the morning, taking my breakfast and flipping channels of the Television and gazing at the ceiling not knowing what to do next. I was not on Holiday neither was I sick but circumstances beyond me had changed so much that they forced me to stay at home. After breakfast I went to the balcony and watched as other people were busy making their way to the city to work and I wondered whether I was indeed dreaming. Never in my life had I imagined myself joining those in the statistics of those who were unemployed. Now that I was unemployed, how was I going to support my young family? How was I going to fuel my car? What would I tell my friends who knew that I was working with a well-known international Company? I raised my head and looked in the sky for an answer and all what I could see were moving white clouds that were very pregnant with rain! If one threw a stone to anybody who was disappointed and frustrated, it would bleed Man Man alias L.J. Carlos.

Our Company had for many years had been doing very well. In each and every year we were voted the best and biggest Company in the world in our field. We had offices in almost every country in the world with Headquarters in New York and London so we were very well connected. So as to avoid diminishing returns, we opened some few sister companies which also happened to have no competition because their sales skyrocketed every now and then. Considering that the company had a good solid financial base with good international connections, our life was very good, so good that so many people wished they were us. May I open the lid and inform you that in the previous year, I had been given an award as one of the employees of the year (So what?!) which came with a generous amount cash and reputation (Again, what has that got to do with the price of fish?). The world was on our feet and we saw no misfortunes.

One morning after we had our ten o'clock tea, we heard a loud BANG, followed by another louder BANG! In the city. It was a bomb blast aimed at the American Embassy! All the buildings around the Embassy had either been flattened or damaged considerably by the effect of the bomb. Many people were killed and maimed thereby creating a very sad day for the country. All the local and international Television stations were focused on what had happened in the country.

When we went back to our offices, we had no idea that our business would be the first to be adversely affected. The cream of our business came from United States of America and the American Government had strongly advised her citizens not to travel to our country because of insecurity. Many other countries followed suit finally making our business to experience very low sales where it could not even break even. Obviously there was no way the company could sustain us so most of us were made redundant. Redundancy in this case meant that we ceased to be employees so our income flow had stopped. I hate living in a life of poverty but with no income, poverty was on its way if I did not play my cards early enough. How could something so good go so wrong all of a sudden? My father used to tell me that women will always find a wealthy man attractive even if he is ugly and has a face that looks like a combination of hills and valleys with a head that is shaped like a mountain peak. He also told me that when a man is broke, the only time he remembers that he is a man is when he goes to urinate because whatever he holds belongs to male gender.
We were all back to square one with many people looking for jobs that were not forthcoming. Others started small businesses with the redundancy money which either dried up or sprang up somehow. In short, our lives were never the same and some might never recover the sudden nightmare. That is how life is. Expect anything in life, do not sit pretty because what has a start has an end. My focus is on you my brother, my sister. Rejoice when everything is going on well but remember that what is good today can turn out to be a nightmare tomorrow.

I am assuming that you as a couple are in a very good relationship together. The devil of relationships in diaspora works overtime so if he has not visited you, a time will come when he will definitely visit you. Now that you can laugh and even take each other to the toilet at night (even if the toilet is only some few metres away from your bedroom), relax and give glory to God. I am also assuming that you are in very good relationship with your in-laws especially the sisters to your husband. If you can call them and they start laughing with you, then you are privileged and you have already won the first prize lottery of life. When all is going on well and your husband is alive, you are the best lady to have been born after Eve the faithful wife of Mr. Adam. To your in-laws you are everything good. All that goodness that they associate you with will disappear when your hubby will pass away. You will no longer answer to the name ‘our mum’ but ‘that prostitute’ who spends their son’s money. If the so called son died with nothing because he was not hardworking, you are to blame. Why? Because when he was alive, you never advised him to buy even a two centimetre plot. If he happen to die mysteriously, according to them, you poisoned him to acquire his property.

It is dangerous when the husband is the only breadwinner because tomorrow he can pass away. As a wife, being a housewife is like stepping on a log to cross a flooded, dangerous river. Chances of being swept away are very real. Get real and start working, enter into that cave of employment that you fear and stand on your feet for a better tomorrow.

Woo unto you my brother who looks after the children when your wife is working. It will be a very big mountain to climb for your wife to respect you if she is the one who pays the bills and buys food. With time, the devil in her will tell her that you are good for nothing. If you find that your feet and hers are very far apart when you go to bed, this is the time to know that there is no love and the relationship is in serious trouble. Forget those names you call yourselves when people are around, those are meant to boost your ego so that you can feed the children well when she is away. The days of her finding you sexy and nice stopped the moment you stopped bringing income in the house. Deep inside, your wife is frustrated that it is taking you too long to think of getting a job. In private, she seeks advice from her friends who highly advise her to find herself a plan B. Plan B is a man like you but the only difference is that he has money and is educated. By the time you realise that things have gone south, she will be in a very solid relationship. If you happen to look at the photos taken in the birthday of your kid sometimes back when you were a house husband, there is a possibility that you might find a man who is a stranger to you who attended. He might be a stranger to you but in reality there could be a triangular relationship between you and him with your wife at the apex. Every person in diaspora is capable of cheating. It is not rocket science! Enter that cave that you don’t know and bring income to avoid being messed aloud because poverty is a curse.

We will all die one day because we are mortal men. Imagine for a moment you are attending your hubby’s funeral and a teenage boy or a girl is reading eulogy and he or she is introduced as your hubby’s kid? What would you do and who do you blame for lack of such vital information? When you visit Africa, you hate to spend nights in the village because those village dwellers are primitive. When you go for holiday, spend time in the village. There is something about your husband that you don’t know that you will know before it is too late. Whether they live in a cave or in a mud hut, swallow your pride and spend time with them to equip yourself with more knowledge. Alternatively, just stay in a five star hotel in the city and you will be blank on what goes on behind your back.

You have heard your children describe those village relatives as animals. In fact, they have a feeling that those people walk on hooves and they are murderers. Last Christmas you were on Holiday when Uncle ‘Njothobu’ (Corrupt name for Joseph) killed a goat on your behalf to welcome you home. Your then thirteen year old kid that you now call Hammersmith and City saw it all. He saw Njothobu cut the goat head and testicles and then started to barbecue them and from there he formed an opinion that the uncle was a murderer. From that time, he does not want to look at him or even greet him with hands that have spilt blood which of course does not reflect very well on the African code of ethics. Your village relatives will not tell you but they have very little respect for your children. Slowly by slowly, they have earned a curse and that curse might affect generations and generations to come.

I am telling you to come out of your comfort zone because tomorrow will come and it will come with its own challenges. What will happen if you are made redundant and you have no income henceforth? Supposing your adopted country becomes hostile due to changing political changes in the world, what would happen to you and your family? If you find that your husband is in another relationship and has nothing to do with you, what would you do? What of if you find that your wife is cheating on you? Is this the time to rebuke the devil in her by praying by jumping up and down and chasing imaginary demons? I would not want to comment on such an issue but in private there is what I tell my children Juma, Fatuma and Idi inside the walls of our home in Birmingham.

Don’t fear to tackle anything or anybody because life is precious and very short. Here is my message - The cave you fear to enter has the treasure that you seek.

*************Inbox me for comments. Make me a better writer by giving me constructive criticism if possible******************




Kenya will remain, after August 8. It has to be peaceful. It has to be secure. It has to be united.

That is the legacy General Nkaissery would have loved to see. That's what we must give him.





Úgî wî mbere ya Hinya


Bitcoin, the most powerful currency on planet earth


The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 15th July 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2023.29 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Sunday 25th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,601.04 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Saturday 10th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,900.00 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 9th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,838.38 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 5th June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,654.96 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 2nd June 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,444.83 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Wednesday 31st May 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,277.85 against the US Dollar

The Bitcoin closed on Friday 26th May 2017 with  exchange rate  of 2,256.87 against the US Dollar

On 3rd May 2017 the Bitcoin was worth $1,555.6 today Thursday 11th May - 1 Bitcoin = 1,873.63 US Dollar

For more information contact Mr. Seed on 07951220695 or







We are looking for experienced carers and support workers who are available

to work long or short shiftsin the following areas




                                           South end on sea, Grays & Basildon








We also train monthly and offer work thereafter.

For more information, please call us on

0208 5904045




The Kenyan Rich Must Voluntarily Donate their Riches

The Kenyan Rich Must Voluntarily Donate their Riches to Worthy causes...Failing which Taxes of up to 35% on death are overdue......

The last few days have seen the death of GG Karikuki and now Nicholas Biwott. Biwott may have been worth nearly 100 billion shillings, perhaps more. GG had land worth hundreds of millions. Njenga Karume, Saitoti, Michuki, Mutula Kilonzo, Kirima, J.J Kamotho are also billionaires who died not long ago. Their combined wealth could buy for cash several Kenyan counties, including their poor and starving inhabitants.

We know the richest men in our country are politicians or ex-politicians. We also know few acquired their riches honestly. Truth be said many of them STOLE or used their positions to access very lucrative business opportunities, including crucially public land.

Rich Kenyans esprcially ex-politicians need to give their grotesque wealth up to benefit society and also as restitution for what they stole or acquired fraudulently. The governmnet should courageously impose death taxes on a graduated scale up to 35% for estates in excess of 500 million shillings, to be used specifically for socially beneficial programs such as health, scientific/medical research and education. Excess wealth must be used to benefit the society from where it was extracted or STOLEN.

This will help reduce the shameful and growing inequality in our country. Some of the most prestigious universities and public facilities in the US are from billions left by individuals who understood better than the Kenyan billionaires the danger of getting enslaved by excess wealth. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett,Michael Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg all understood this common sense. The rich in Kenya too must do likewise.

If the rich knew they will lose much of their billions to the taxman on their death, they would put it into better use while alive.

The richest amongst us have a unique responsibility to make society better than they found it. It's the least they can do.

I invite those interested in understanding the need for higher taxes on wealth to read a book called "Capital in the 21st Century" by Thomas Piketty. - Copyright: Alex Kamau 2017.




Mutula Kilonzo drank with friends died at his home
 Otieno Kajwang drank with friends collapsed at home after the drinks.
 Fidel Odinga drank with friends found dead at home.
 Nkaissery drank with friends collapsed at home after the drinks.
 Stop drinking with friends, drink with enemies and when you drink dont go home






Safaricom goes for photo IDs to block M-Pesa fraud

Telecoms operator Safaricom’s mobile money agents will soon start using photos to identify those withdrawing or depositing money on the popular M-Pesa platform in a new push to curb fraud. Safaricom said it has distributed about 25,000 pre-programmed smartphones to its mobile money agents to be used in registration of new SIM cards. The process involves capturing faces of SIM card owners and storing digital copies of the same for retrieval during M-Pesa transactions. Safaricom, which has 28.1 million registered customers and 19 million active M-Pesa users, said the special phones in use for registration are linked to the Registrar of Persons’ database, helping verify the data as it is fed into the system. Safaricom says the digital database, which is also being populated with photos of existing subscribers, should ease service delivery as agents and customer care representatives need not ask for proof of identity prior to allowing a transaction. The Business Daily has established that M-Pesa agents will be conducting all transactions through the company-issued mobile phones, allowing them to validate the national ID card details presented to them and the person doing so. “Using an application in the phone, the agent keys in the customer’s registration details then takes a photo of the documents and the person registering,” Stephen Chege, Safaricom’s corporate affairs director, told the Business Daily. “The big win from this process is the photo evidence of the person registering. This will eliminate use of stolen personal identification documentation to commit fraud,” Safaricom says. The law requires telecoms firms (or their appointed agents) to register SIM card owners after noting down their “full name, identity card number, date of birth, gender, physical and postal address.”

Improve security
Safaricom, however, seems to be using the new registration format to enhance its database and lift its customer security levels to those of commercial banks. M-Pesa has been the target of fraudsters who explore loopholes in its processes to steal money from customers. Fraudsters have used different methods, including stolen or forged national identity cards, to register different M-Pesa accounts and use the same to steal funds from other people’s M-Pesa accounts. Besides, conmen have called customers to inform them that they have won some money in a competition and through a series of instructions shepherded unsuspecting users to the point of sending money to the fraudsters as a prerequisite to accessing their winnings. Fraudsters have also got some customers to reveal year of birth (which is often but insecurely used as PIN numbers), ID numbers and a few recent transactions and used the information to draw funds from their M-Pesa accounts. In 2011, a convicted criminal serving time at the Kamiti Maximum Prison, forged an ID card belonging to retired Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), General Jeremiah Kianga. The fraudster conned Kenyans off thousands of shillings via mobile money with the promise of enrolling them in the army. Last March, police in Eldoret arrested a man suspected of stealing over Sh180,000 from mobile money agents in Nandi using dozens of stolen SIM cards and ID cards, which were used to register M-Pesa lines. The failure by some mobile money agents to countercheck the identity of a customer with that on the ID card presented often leads to fraudulent withdrawals from customers’ accounts. “This (photo capture process) will translate to better data integrity, adding to the security of M-Pesa services as well as other value-add services which are dependent on customer identification,” said Mr Chege.

Rise in M-Pesa deposits
In the year to March, the telecoms firm recorded Sh1.84 trillion in M-Pesa deposits compared to withdrawals of Sh1.6 trillion – demonstrating to the volumes of money trading on this platform. Safaricom, which has 135,500 agents across the country, made Sh55.1 billion in revenue from the platform in the year to March, a 32.7 per cent year-on-year growth. Other transactions like Lipa Na M-Pesa, gaming, M-Shwari, KCB M-Pesa, and airtime purchase accounted for Sh1.8 trillion while person-to-person transfer recorded Sh1.6 trillion during the period under review. This growth has necessitated the telecoms firm to introduce steps to improve the platform, including a feature that allows customers to preemptively cancel mobile money payouts to an unintended user. Safaricom is currently undertaking an upgrade of the M-Pesa system – the third of its kind in 10 years – to enable the rollout of more features, including automated functions, on the platform. -




Kenyan's in the UK Magazine

KARIBU MAGAZINE Kenyan's in the UK Magazine is now in the printing stage and will be out next week. The 80 pages high quality magazine will be both HARD COPY and ONLINE.

We are printing over 10,000 copies which will be given FREE on Kenya and Friends in the Park Day on 29th July 2017 - biggest Kenyan gathering in U.K. Over 10,000 guests are expected with hundreds coming from Kenya and other parts of Europe.




Moody’s accords Equity Bank Kenya first-time

global ratings of B1 with a Stable Outlook

Equity Bank - Kisumu Supreme Branch, is one of the Bank’s Supreme branches situated in major

towns in Kenya offering personalized banking services to many SMEs and Large Corporates

Nairobi, Thursday 13thJuly, 2017…..Equity Bank Kenya has been assigned first time ratings by Moody’s Investors Service with a stable outlook based on the Bank’s strength.The globallocal currency rating captures the Bank’s strong credit profile which is closely aligned with the B1 (stable) rating of the Kenyan government. At the same time Moody’s has assigned a national scale rating of Aa1 which ranks Equity Bank Kenya the best credit rated bank in Kenya.

Equity Bank has been rated by Moody’s Investors Service as having strong brand recognition, established domestic franchise, and its extensive use of digital and alternative distribution channels which support high and resilient profitability. The Bank also has solid liquidity buffers and a resilient funding profile supported by its retail funded depositor base. As of March 2017, Equity Bank was the most profitable bank as per the published financial results.

Commenting on the achievement, Equity Group Holding CEO & MD, Dr. James Mwangi said that the ratings reflect on the Bank’s strong market position within the regional banking space making it well positioned to take advantage of positive growth, infrastructure and other developments within the local economy.

“As the Bank enters the next phase of growth, there is a renewed need to mobilize fundsto finance major infrastructural developments as well as local and regional SMEs. This is bolstered by the fact that we have continued to reinforce our corporate product offering, management team and IT reliability and capacity in order to improve customer service and offer a more complete product suite to cross-sell to existing and new customers in Kenya and the region,” Dr. Mwangi said.

Moody's expects that Equity Bank's profitability metrics will remain strong, supported by its low cost funding, an increasing proportion of non-interest income, and an efficient cost structure with the extensive use of digital and alternative distribution channels. The Bank's net income to average assets stood at 4.3% during the first quarter of 2017 and its pre-provision income to average assets at 6.7%, both of which are amongst the highest in Kenya's banking system.

“The rating reflects the Bank’s intrinsic credit strength, significant market size, acceptable risk management practices, profitable business model, prudent capital levels and support from its shareholders. We continue to protect ourselves against slow business volumes by focusing on high margin plays and cutting on operational and funding costs”, Dr. Mwangi added.

With Equity Bank experiencing a strong deposit growth over the past 15 months, in conjunction with lower loan balances, the Bank’s liquidity ratios have improved significantly as of March 2017, with liquid assets at a strong 39% of total banking assets and net loans at a fairly low 72% of customer deposits.


The Bank recently rolled out its new set of digital products dubbed ‘EazzyBanking’. The products give customers a convenient, comprehensive and secure banking experience; in accordance with the customers’ evolving banking trends which are increasingly embracing self-service technology platforms that give them freedom, choice and control.

As of March 2017, EazzyBanking App transactions grew by 28%; EazzyBiz (a cash and liquidity management system for SMEs and Corporates) by 56%; EazzyNet (an online platform for retail and individuals) by 32%; EazzyPay an interoperable payment system by 171%. Additionally Equitel has taken up 23% of the mobile money transfer market share (Q3 CA Report Jan- March 2017).

Equity Bank remains well positioned to respond to emerging opportunities by focusing on SMEs particularly in the energy, infrastructure and export sectors. As at 31st March 2017 financial results, 72% of the loan book was to SMEs and Large Enterprise.

Equity Bank Kenya caters to SMEs and large corporates through its Supreme Banking offering with branches in key locations such as Nairobi’s (Upperhill, Gigiri, Lavington and Kilimani) ; Kisumu; Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret among many other major towns in Kenya.





The Organising Committee of the

Would like to thank all those who paid your contributions through the bank. We are doing our final touches on the preparations.

All those who will pay £10 to the bank by Thursday 13th July 2017 find your food vouchers at the entrance(children included)

For those who will pay at the entrance a minimum fee of
£15. per Adults and
£5 per child will apply

[10/07, 11:43] Maina North Sec: [31/05, 12:48] Peter Ngahu: - MK - Barbecue - 2017 - Wananchi wa MK

Summer is here again and I'm pleased to announce that we shall hold our annual barbecue on Saturday 15th July 2017 at Furzton Lake barbecue area MK4 1GA Opposite The National Bowl (Roni car wash) on V4 Watling Street from 12noon to 6pm.
Last year we held two very successful events.

1. Barbecue in July 2016 fully funded by the Steering Committee

2. Jamhuri Celebration 2016 funded by the Steering Committee and gate collections.

This year we are requesting all Wananchi of MK to deposit a voluntary contribution of £10 or more into our bank account to cover for food and miscellaneous expenses :-

Metro Bank
Oakgrove Branch. Milton Keynes
Metro Bank
Centre MK Branch.
A/c No. 22287375
Sort code 23-05-80
Please put your NAME as the reference

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for your continued support in bringing our community together





Kenya takes the lead in medical tourism

Some tourists from Europe come to Africa to benefit from affordable high quality, specialised medical treatment reconstructive surgery.
Private health and wellness facilities are setting Kenya apart as one of the key medical tourist destinations in Africa, a new report shows. The Economic Development in Africa Report 2017 released by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) last week shows Kenya is one of Africa’s top beneficiaries of cross-border travel for medical purposes. Its health and wellness facilities are wooing hundreds of visitors from neighbouring states and helping to boost tourism industry. “The medical tourism is marked by African nationals seeking high-end specialised medical services and primary health-care services, increasingly in other African countries,” the report titled Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth states. Apart from Kenya, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia are also cited as top destinations for European and Africans seeking medical services. The report states that a number of Europeans also pour into Africa every year seeking low-cost, high-quality specialised medical services and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Generally, four out of 10 international tourists in Africa come from the continent itself with estimates suggesting that the intraregional medical tourism market segment is growing. “Demand by medical tourists for specialised medical care can stimulate job creation for highly skilled health professionals who provide such services,” states the Unctad tourism report. The report also cites wellness tourism — travel for the pursuit of enhancing physical well-being — as another growing market segment that has taken route in Africa. The continent has experienced a growing demand for homeopathic treatments and traditional therapies from international and domestic tourists, the report states. It identifies the Sub-Saharan Africa among the fastest growing markets for wellness tourism, with significant growth in the number of wellness tourists and spa revenues. “The market segment is increasingly emerging elsewhere on the continent, including in Gabon, the Gambia, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria,” it states, adding that Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia already have developed niche markets. Kenya’s health tourism Strategy 2014– 2018 seeks inbound medical tourism from sub-Saharan Africa. It also targets to increase health-care services exports “through the provision of high-quality health-care services and infrastructure.”


Giraffe Ark Game Lodge

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge has become the best destination for wedding venue,

birthdays, honey-moons, anniversaries, retreats, conferencing and all other events.

Click below for  photos of previous weddings held at the lodge.



Can you afford to buy a property in Kenya?

"We are here in UK to make sure that all capable Kenyans join the housing ladder"

Mary Njonjo from Heri Homes Nairobi is in UK with a special offer from Heri Homes team. Heri Homes CEO is joining Mary and Team for a "Housing Ladder Dinner" in London on Saturday 22nd July 2017 where all the guests without a house in Kenya will be helped to join the Housing Ladder. Those without deposit will be helped to join the Heri Sacco for a kick start the ladder. Over 350 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year from Heri Homes. 33 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by contacting an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Heri Homes will be having a stand at the Kenya and Friends in the Park on 29th July, 2017. For more information please contact Mary Njonjo currently in UK on 07404679182 or +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:




Do you know that your property in the UK is jointly owned by the government and yourself when you grow old. Please do some homework or consult an expert. Make sure you are not caught unaware. The government will force you to go to carehome and take up your property to pay for your care.



Japan men find true love with sex dolls

When the spark went out of Masayuki Ozaki’s marriage, he found an unusual outlet to plug the romantic void — a silicone sex doll he swears is the love of his life. The life-size dummy, called Mayu, shares his bed under the same roof as Ozaki’s wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that triggered angry rows before a delicate truce was finally declared. “After my wife gave birth we stopped having sex and I felt a deep sense of loneliness,” the 45-year-old physiotherapist told AFP in an interview. “But the moment I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight,” blushed Ozaki, who takes his doll on dates in a wheelchair and dresses her in wigs, sexy clothes and jewellery. “My wife was furious when I first brought Mayu home. These days she puts up with it, reluctantly,” he added. “When my daughter realised it wasn’t a giant Barbie doll, she freaked out and said it was gross — but now she’s old enough to share Mayu’s clothes.” Ozaki is one of an increasing number of Japanese men turning to rubber romance in a country that’s lost its mojo. He also admits to being turned off by human relationships. “Japanese women are cold-hearted,” he said while on a seaside stroll with his silicone squeeze. “They’re very selfish. Men want someone to listen to them without grumbling when they get home from work,” Ozaki added. “Whatever problems I have, Mayu is always there waiting for me. I love her to bits and want to be with her forever. “I can’t imagine going back to a human being. I want to be buried with her and take her to heaven.”


Around 2,000 of the life-like dolls — which cost from $6,000 and come with adjustable fingers, removable head and genitals — are sold each year in Japan, according to industry insiders. “Technology has come a long way since those nasty inflatable dolls in the 1970s,” noted Hideo Tsuchiya, managing director of doll maker Orient Industry. “They look incredibly real now and it feels like you’re touching human skin. More men are buying them because they feel they can actually communicate with the dolls,” he explained. Popular with disabled customers and widowers, as well as mannequin fetishists, some men use dolls to avoid heartache. “Human beings are so demanding,” insisted 62-year-old Senji Nakajima, who tenderly bathes his rubber girlfriend Saori, has framed photos of her on his wall and even takes her skiing and surfing. “People always want something from you — like money or commitment,” he complained. “My heart flutters when I come home to Saori,” added the married father-of-two as he picnicked with his plastic partner. “She never betrays me, she makes my worries melt away.”

Nakajima’s relationship with Saori has divided his family, but the Tokyo-born businessman refuses to give her up. “My son accepts it, my daughter can’t,” said Nakajima, whose wife has banned Saori from the family home. “I’ll never date a real woman again — they’re heartless,” he insisted back at his cluttered Tokyo apartment, sandwiched between two dolls from previous dalliances and a headless rubber torso. Reconciliation with his estranged wife is unlikely, admits Nakajima. “I wouldn’t be able to take a bath with Saori, or snuggle up with her and watch TV,” he said, slipping the doll into some racy purple lingerie. “I don’t want to destroy what I have with her.” While the pillow talk is decidedly one-way, Nakajima believes he has discovered true love, saying: “I’d never cheat on her, even with a prostitute, because to me she’s human.” As Japan struggles with a plummeting birthrate, a growing number of men — known as ‘herbivores’ — are turning their backs on love and traditional masculine values for a quiet, uncompetitive life.

“In the future I think more and more guys will choose relationships with dolls,” said Yoshitaka Hyodo, whose home is an Aladdin’s Cave of dolls, kitsch toys and Japanese erotica. “It’s less stress and they complain a lot less than women,” he added. Hyodo, a military buff who lives alone but has an understanding girlfriend, owns more than 10 life-size dummies — many of which he dresses in combat uniform to play out wartime fantasies. But he claims to have cut down on doll sex. “It’s more about connecting on an emotional level for me now,” said the 43-year-old blogger, whose curiosity was piqued at a young age when he found a charred mannequin in the street. “People might think I’m weird, but it’s no different than collecting sports cars. I don’t know how much I’ve spent but it’s cheaper than a Lamborghini,” he said. Future doll users can expect more bang for their buck as researchers work to develop next-generation sexbots able to talk, laugh and even simulate an orgasm. But for now, Ozaki’s long-suffering wife Riho tries hard to ignore the rubber temptress silently taunting her from her husband’s bedroom. “I just get on with the housework,” she sniffed. “I make the dinner, I clean, I do the washing. I choose sleep over sex.”



Most AMAZING Skyscrapers In The World!





Nigerian Actors(Mr.Ibu,Tonto Dike,Ken

Okonkwo) in Kenya for Peace Concert



Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery’s Wife - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



A look at Biwott’s larger than life profile








Donald Trump tells Emmanuel Macron: Your wife's in good shape

Donald Trump has been filmed remarking to the French President that his wife is in "such good physical shape". Mr Trump made the remark twice, adding "beautiful" as he gestured at Brigette Macron. The French First Lady responded by putting her arm round Melania Trump, while Emmanuel Macron looked on. It was captured in a video posted on the French government's Facebook page and came as the four toured museums during a state visit in Paris.


Kenyan Parents

Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni




Kenya’s amazing history

The first ever passenger train in Kenya leaves Kilindini Harbour for Voi on 2nd April 1898

First SGR Madaraka Express Train from Mombasa to Nairobi in May 2017




Shocking Huge Truck Heavy Loading Driving on Dangerous Road - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Was Nkaissery Assasinated? Who Benefits?




Riotous youths stone Raila's motorcade in Thika

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga cut short his campaigns in Thika town after rowdy youths stoned his motorcade. Police fired teargas canisters to disperse the violent youths who accosted Raila as he was addressing residents atop his car. The officers had earlier repulsed the youths after they confronted NASA supporters at the ODM leader's meeting. The opposition leader was accompanied by Musalia Mudavadi and Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama. Thika is predominantly a Jubilee stronghold. The youths chanted pro-Jubilee slogans each time Raila mentioned NASA. Before the chaos, Raila said that he is not an enemy of the Kikuyu people as being propelled by his competitors. He said the issues he is addressing and that he will deal with if elected on August 8 affects all Kenyans. "When I talk about the price of maize meal, I am addressing food prices which affect all Kenyans including the Kikuyu." "Thika was known as an industrial town but unfortunately the factories that were here collapsed long ago," he said. "NASA government will ensure that the town regains its lost glory," the ODM leader said. He chided Jubilee over their failure to solve problems affecting the youth including Mt Kenya residents. "Despite the Jubilee administration being in power, they have been unable to address the issues affecting the youth." "NASA recognises that the youth are the future of this country," Raila said adding that violence is a sign of cowardice. On July 4, Raila was given a rousing welcome when he led campaigns in the region. Kiambu is President Uhuru Kenyatta's home turf. The two leaders are the main contestants in the presidential poll. - The Star



ABC Bank team to meet Kenyans in Qatar

 13th July, 2017: As part of its continuous Diaspora market outreach, ABC Bank is on a two- day tour of Qatarwhere it will meet Kenyans living there. The team will pitch tent in Doha, at the Concorde Hotel on the 14th and 15th July, where it will join members of the Corniche Diaspora Sacco and other Kenyans. The team will utilize the opportunity to reinforce relations with its customers there, as well as forge new ones. ABC Bank prides itself in providing distinguished financial service to Kenyans in the Diaspora, focusing not on remittances only, but on investments as well. Some of the investment products the bank offers to Diaspora clients (groups and individuals) include the ABC D’Bouquet, which is an insurance product that provides customers with a host of last expense benefits in case of bereavement. Other products for our Diaspora clientele include investments, construction and project financing, mortgages/home loans, land purchase financing and asset financing among many others. The bank also offers professional investment advice to customers to enable them to make informed investment decisions and enlighten them on the best investment opportunities available in Kenya. Additionally, ABC Bank has a wide range of international money transfer services that customers can use to send funds conveniently and securely to their loved ones back in Kenya. Our award-winning Internet Banking service and user-friendly iOS and Android App which offer customers a borderless, seamless and convenient banking experience; secure local and international account-to-account transfers, mobile transfers and much more. It literally makes you your own bank teller, using PC, mobile or tablet. - CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFORMATION







Banks in Kenya to hit loan defaulters with higher interest charges

Borrowers are in for a rude shock as banks plot to slap them with new penalties if they fail to pay loans on time. Defaulters will pay between 15 and 20 per cent on the outstanding amount, according to letters sent to customers that The Standard has seen. Lenders are exploiting gaps in the interest rate caps law, which does not specify the charge for defaulting, to change the high rates. Central Bank of Kenya did not respond to our queries about the recommended band that lenders could charge defaulters. The Standard has established that Commercial Bank of Africa and Stanbic Bank have already served their borrowers with notices warning that they will start levying the punitive charges. “We take this opportunity to remind you that all credit facilities are meant to be paid on their due date or within the approved limits. In case the credit facilities are in arrears, the bank will levy a one per cent facility fee and an interest rate of Central Bank Rate (CBR) + 4% per annum on the entire amount in arrears until the amount is repaid in full,” CBA wrote to its clients.

The bank said the one per cent per month facility fee will be applicable to loan facilities that are in arrears as well as credit cards and overdrafts that are in excess of approved limits. In the case of Stanbic Bank, the rate will be as high as 20 per cent. “If any sum payable by the borrower under the facilities is not paid when due, and therefore resulting in an event of default, such sum will attract an overdue payment charge at a rate equivalent to the facility lending rate prevailing from time to time plus six percentage points for amounts drawn down in Kenya Shillings,” said Stanbic in a notice. The bank will also charge defaulting Dollar, Sterling pounds and Euro loans, which are mostly issued to corporates, at the bank’s applicable base rate plus 10 percentage points.

Foot expenses
The Standard could not establish whether the punitive rates will be a one-off or perpetual once a borrower defaults, but a Stanbic communications officer emailed that ‘the interest is charged on the defaulted amount only’. Stanbic says the penalties, which will kick start on August 1, will be used to foot the bill of expenses that the bank may incur in realising a security interest or protecting the subject matter of a security interest. It will also meet expenses that the bank may incur after a cheque or other instrument of payment given by the borrower is dishonoured and the loss that the bank may suffer in funding the default of the borrower, says the bank. - The Standard




Widow whose husband died after she banished him to the sofa in row over him working 16-hour days finds love again with his BROTHER just two months after the tragedy - CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY




Kenya Shilling slides to six-month low on high dollar demand

The shilling has depreciated to a six-month low of 104 units against the dollar, raising concern the fall might spill over to inflation which is already above the desired range. News agency Reuters said dealers had attributed the weakening to heightened dollar demand from oil marketers, food importers and firms looking to pay dividend to foreign investors on their books. The shilling exchanged at an average of 104.10 to the dollar on Tuesday morning, with the #ticker:CBK indicative rate standing at 103.91 units, the lowest it has traded since mid-January. Analysts say the currency has also come under pressure due to a weaker economy and political uncertainty as the country heads to the General Election. “The concern for the CBK is the potential pass-through effects of further shilling depreciation on inflation, which has been trending above the upper limit of the statutory target band of 2.5-7.5 per cent for the last five months,” said the Commercial Bank of Africa in a weekly fixed income note. 

“This comes at a time when the effective conduct of monetary policy is considerably undermined by interest rate caps that are evidently having negative effects on the transmission channels for the policy signal.” Inflation in June fell to 9.2 per cent from 11.7 per cent in May, but still remains above the target range. Attention now turns to the CBK’s monetary policy committee (MPC), which meets next Monday for its final sitting before the polls. Analysts though anticipate that a policy rate hike may not be on the cards due to uncertainty of the effect on the wider economy now that the rate is also the pricing tool for bank loans. The analysts said that CBK has largely intervened through withdrawal of liquidity from the money market to prevent shilling volatility in the past month. The regulator is also holding a healthy foreign exchange reserve, which currently stands at $7.92 billion (Sh824 billion) equivalent to 5.23 months of import cover — although it is at the lowest level since the end of March. Although it is unclear whether CBK has sold some dollars into the market in currency support, the reserves have fallen by $276 million in the last one month. -



Co-operative Bank will be having a stand at the Kenya in the Park

Some of the Co-operative Bank Diaspora Team coming to the UK this month posing with Mr. Seed in their office


The giant lending bank, Co-operative Bank of Kenya team is coming to the UK for 10 days. The team arrives on 26th July 2017. The team will be having stand at the Kenya and Friends in the Park on 29th July, 2017. The team will also be meeting clients in several other UK cities as well as in their hotels. They would like to meet individuals, investment groups and Saccos during their short visit. Many Kenyans abroad have of late benefited with their 10 per cent loan interest. The 10 per cent interest is only for those the diaspora. They will also have services for existing customers who would like to update their contact details, activate their dormant accounts, register for internet banking etc. Co-operative Bank products and services that they shall offering during their trip include:

1. Account products: Transactional and Current account

2. Investment products: Fixed deposit and Call accounts. Investment in treasury bills and bonds

3. Mortgage product: To buy land, to buy residential or commercial property, to construct residential or commercial property, borrow against ones property to purchase another one (Equity release)

4. Insurance product: Return ticket insurance and take me home insurance

5. Advisory services by our relationship managers especially for investment groups and Saccos.

For more information please contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department, +254 722343097, Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609, Email 1:|Website: or Milka Wachira +254 722451885 (on Whatsapp) -, Email 2:, Relationship Manager, Francis Manyonje, +254 720 360 405 Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -





Hellen Nkaisserry recalls her last moments with husband - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Proverbs 12:25


Be an encourager

We read in Proverbs 12:25: "Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up." When Joseph Kamaru of Ken;ya  took his first voice lesson at ten, the teacher said, ‘You haven’t any voice at all.’ But Kamaru’s mother Wanjiru heard greatness in her son’s voice. She believed in his talent. And even though they were very poor she put her arms around him and said, ‘My boy, you are going to make it.  Her confidence in him and her constant encouragement paid off, because he became one of the most beloved and widely acclaimed singers of all time in Kenya.  His name? Joseph Kamaru wa Wanjiru. When the world tries to tear us down, we need people who build us up, people who recognise our talent and help us make the most of it. Consider these ‘commands for parents’, written from a child’s point of view: 1) My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make a bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball. 2) My legs are short; slow down so that I can keep up with you. 3) My eyes have not seen the world as yours have; let me explore it safely, and don’t restrict me unnecessarily. 4) Housework will always be there; I’m only little for a short time. Take time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and do so willingly. 5) My feelings are tender; don’t nag me all day long. Treat me as you would like to be treated. 6) I am a special gift from God; treasure me as God intended you to - holding me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to live by, and disciplining me in a loving manner. Today, be an encourager!




Our guest singer today is Samaria Band from the Republic of Tanzania - CLICK HERE







At the Lee Funeral Home is a meeting of sorts...
Senator G.G. Kariuki, Nicholas Biwott, and Joseph Nkaiserry

No Drinks, No Sizzling Steak, No Credit Card, No Fine Whiskey, No SUVs, No apple Bottomed women, No Designer Suits, No Body Guards....Just a Silent Meeting, in a very cold room. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow, Thank God and appreciate the finest things of life; Good Health, Love from True Friends & Family, Peace with your Maker, yourself and everyone else. Don't Fret about looking for power, elegance or wealth, let them come easy. - By Paul Otieno, London.








Deputy County commissioner details the Langata plane crash and rescue efforts - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Buckingham Palace state banquet in honour of

Spanish royal couple's first official UK visit




Nigeria's President Buhari to return 'soon' - Osinbajo

President Muhammadu Buhari is "recuperating fast" and will return home "very soon", says Nigeria's acting head of state Yemi Osinbajo. He made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday morning, after visiting Mr Buhari at the London hospital where he is being treated for an unspecified illness. Mr Osinbajo, now back in Nigeria, said he had discussed a wide range of issues during the hour-long meeting. Mr Buhari has been in London since May. The 74-year-old leader was elected to power in 2015, becoming the first Nigerian opposition leader to win an election. It is his second period of medical leave in the UK, the first began in January and he returned home in March. His long absence has led to speculation about whether he will be able to resume his presidential duties. In his absence, President Buhari has given Vice-President Osinbajo full powers to act, in contrast to the situation in 2009, when the long illness of then President Umaru Yar'Adua led to a power vacuum.



Our BBQ this Year is youth Lead and has lots of fun. Music and game for All. Come and witness our children taking part in what we do. Where!! 180 Spa Hill SE19 3TU near Harvester Beulah Hill. When!! this Saturday 15th July 2017. Time!! Starting at 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Come hungry, come thirsty and keep Time. - Pastor Jesse - 07956823406.



A section of members of the Luo Union Mombasa chapter have withdrawn their support

for Governor Hassan Joho ahead of the August 8 general election.


Somali schoolteachers arrested for 'al-Shabab meetings'

Somali authorities have arrested seven head teachers who they accuse of meeting al-Shabab militants. They are said to have discussed changing the curriculum at private schools to favour the Islamist group's ideology. Each of the principals is responsible for around 1,000 students, ranging in age from seven to 15. Al-Shabab has been waging a war against Somalia's federal government for the last 10 years.



Plane carrying journalists’ crashes in Kibera after take-off from Wilson Airport

Wreckage of the plane that crashed shortly after departing Wilson Airport in Nairobi (left)

and residents mill around the damaged aircraft in Kibera, Nairobi.

A pilot and three journalists were injured on Wednesday when a light aircraft crashed shortly after take-off from Wilson Airport, Nairobi. The Cesna plane was ferrying three Citizen journalists- two reporters and a cameraman- to a rally by the National Super Alliance (NASA) in Baringo County, Academy near the National Housing Corporation Houses along the Southern Bypass in Lang'ata. Nickson Wanyonyi, a security guard who witnessed the crash, said he thought the plane was looking for a landing zone when he saw it move in circles before it crashed inside the school compound, about two kilometers from the airport. "I realised there was a problem when the plane hit an electric wire and immediately the engine went off. The plane landed on its back," he said. "They were very lucky. The crash could have been worse if the plane landed on the Southern Bypass or the school building. But they hit a tree and fell on an empty field," he added. Lang'ata Deputy County Commissioner Philip Lemalasia said the pilot and co -pilot sustained severe injuries and were rushed to Nairobi hospital. The three journalists from Royal media services, identified as Sam Ogina, Joseph Njane and Mauritius Oduor, helped themselves out of the aircraft with minor injuries. They were taken to Kibera South Dispensary with the help of residents who had arrived at the scene before they were referred to Nairobi hospital. The plane was however badly damaged. Pro-Aviation- Company in charge of maintaining the plane- manager Peter Kamau, said the Control Centre had called the pilot a few minutes before the crash, asking why they were flying so low but the pilot assured them that all was well. "They are in stable condition and we have talked to them in hospital," said one of their colleagues who saw them. National police Air wing commandant Rodgers Mbithi confirmed the crash and added the victims had been rescued. "Experts including Kenya Airforce Authority, Advantage Air who were the operators of the plane and the Kenya Red Cross are on the ground to investigate possible causes of the crash. The victims are recuperating at the Nairobi hospital," said Mbithi. NASA leader Raila Odinga has wished victims the crash quick recovery. NASA was scheduled to hold a series of rallies in Kabarnet, Tiaty and Eldama Ravine in Baringo County. The alliance leaders were already on the ground with the rallies when the accident happened at about 1.30pm. The Standard.





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Uhuru tours Narok as Raila woos Mandera voters

President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) takes his campaign tour to Narok County as his main competitor, Raila Odinga, traverses the North Eastern County of Mandera.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will today take his campaign tour to Narok County as his main competitor, Raila Odinga, traverses the North Eastern County of Mandera. With only 27 days to the high-stakes August 8 polls, the two leading presidential contenders will be reaching out to what they see as critical voting zones in the battle for the magical 50 per cent plus one votes to be declared president. The duo will also visit Ilmotiook in Narok West, as well as Olmegenyu at the edge of the expansive Mau Forest in Narok South.


Mr Odinga has consistently fought for the conservation of the Mau and what he argues is the alienation of the Maasai by unfair land buying practices. In 2013, President Kenyatta lost to Mr Odinga in Narok, getting 109,413 votes (46 per cent) against Mr Odinga’s 118,623 (50 per cent), despite his coalition winning the governorship, senate, all MPs and majority of county assembly seats. The two issues will likely dominate the UhuRuto tour of Narok. In 2013, President Kenyatta lost to Mr Odinga in Narok, getting 109,413 votes (46 per cent) against Mr Odinga’s 118,623 (50 per cent), despite his coalition winning the governorship, senate, all MPs and majority of county assembly seats. In Mandera, Mr Odinga and his National Super Alliance (Nasa) team will be taking the message of how unequal the Jubilee government has been, and why they will be the solution if elected in August.


The county is almost an exclusive Jubilee affair. In 2013, Jubilee took every top seat in Mandera County right from that of Governor Ali Roba, Senator Billow Kerrow and the six members of the National Assembly, including woman representative, with the Head of State getting 92 per cent of the vote against Mr Odinga’s paltry 4.3 per cent. But following Mr Roba’s refusal to accept a Garre Council of Elders’ decision to have him and all the other elected leaders not seek re-election, Mr Kerrow and governor aspirant Hassan Noor formed the Economic Freedom Party (EFP). Although they argued that they will back President Kenyatta’s re-election bid, internal divisions between them and the Jubilee leadership in the county led by Governor Roba has led to disagreements that Mr Odinga hopes will result in votes for his camp when the 175,642 voters in the county go to the ballot. - Daily Nation.




Total Man' Nicholas Biwott dies in Nairobi

Nicholas Biwott when he was still serving in the Cabinet (left). FILE PHOTO and right, President Mwai Kibaki (left) confers with Nicholas Biwott after the official launch of Family Bank Silver Jubilee celebrations of the bank on June 22, 2009 at the KICC in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | FREDRICK ONYANGO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Former powerful Cabinet minister Nicholas Kipyator Biwott is dead. Mr Biwott, popularly known as 'Total Man', passed on in Nairobil after a long illness, his personal assistant said. His body has been moved to Lee Funeral Home. Born 77 years ago, Mr Biwott bestrode Kenya’s political landscape like a colossus in the post 1982 attempted coup era —helping retired President Daniel Moi deal with the growing opposition. Most of his peers hold that when the story of Moi is exhaustively told, he will occupy a number of chapters. Even though Mr. Moi had a vice president, it was an open secret that Total Man was closer to the Head of State and no one in the Cabinet dared to go against his word. Sources indicate his health had taken a downward spiral in the last one year. He has been in and out of hospital. Total Man's death s yet another personal loss for President Uhuru Kenyatta, coming less than a week after the demise of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery last Saturday. Mr. Biwott’s National Vision Party of Kenya (NVP) had endorsed Mr Kenyatta for a second term in office and he was one of the key opinion leaders he was relying on to campaign in the North Rift.

For a man who was an MP for 28 years representing Keiyo South Constituency, the loss to ODM’s Jackson Kiptanui Kamai in 2007 dealt a humiliating blow to Mr Biwott who had himself became an institution in the regiona/l politics. It is worth noting that before he formed his party, Total Man's faction in Kanu had lost the control of the party to another wing led by Mr. Kenyatta following a successful petition in the High Court. For a man who was an MP for 28 years representing Keiyo South Constituency, the loss to ODM’s Jackson Kiptanui Kamai in 2007 dealt a humiliating blow to Mr Biwott who had himself became an institution in the regional politics. It is worth noting that before he formed his party, Total Man's faction in Kanu had lost the control of the party to another wing led by Mr. Kenyatta following a successful petition in the High Court. Nation Media Group.



Matiangi declares dusk-to-dawn 3 months

curfew in parts of Lamu, Garissa and Tana River



In a gazette notice issued Yesterday, Saturday 8th July, the acting Interior and Co-ordination of national government Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi – issued a 3 months curfew on parts of Lamu, Garissa and Tana River effective from July 8th to October 9th 2017. The notice said that the parts were “disturbed and dangerous” areas. The areas include: Holugho Border Point, Galmagala, Sangailu, Masalani, Bodehei, Milimani, Baure, Basuba, Mangai and Maralani, Ijara, Hola, Garsen, Kipini, Kiunga and Ishakani/ Dar-es-Salaam Border Point. The order shall apply during the hours of darkness, between the periods between 6.30pm in the evening and 6.30am in the morning. The notice excludes the Island of Lamu, Manda and Pate. “Every person who resides within this Sub-Counties shall except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a written permit granted by the respective Deputy County Commissioner of the affected areas, remain indoors in the premises at which they reside or at such other premises as may be authorized,” the notice read. The notice just comes a day after fresh attacks were experienced on Friday 7th July, in Poromoko and Jima villages in Lamu County, where nine people were slaughtered using knives by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.


Uhuru appoints Fred Matiang'i as acting Interior CS


President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed Education CS Fred Matiang'i as acting Interior CS. Dr Matinag’i replaces Major General (Retired) Joseph Nkaissery who died suddenly on Saturday morning. The appointment, the president said, would ensure there is no vacuum in the country’s security apparatus. “I have taken the decision toappoint Dr Fred Matiang’i as the acting Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security to ensure there is no vacuum, ”President Kenyatta said in a televised message to the nation from State House, Nairobi on Saturday morning. “I wish to assure all Kenyans that Kenya is secure and also to tell those who wish to see an unsettled Kenya, a destabilised Kenya, that we are strong and ready,” the president said in his brief speech. President Kenyatta’s decision to appointed Dr Matiang’i to came after he (the president) chaired a National Security Council meeting early Saturday.



Security Minister Joseph Nkaissery dies in Nairobi

Joseph Nkaissery (left) being sworn-in as the Internal Cabinet Secretary, centre, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery (third from right) during a prayer event at Uhuru Park on July 7, 2017 and right, friends and relatives at the Lee Funeral Home. PHOTO | STELLA CHERONO.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery is dead. The CS died at Karen Hospital, a few hours after he was admitted for check-up. Chief of Staff and Head of the ublic Service Joseph Kinyua confirmed the news in a statement early on Saturday. "The country will be updated as more information becomes available," Mr Kinyua said. Sources close to Mr Nkaissery said he went to Karen Hospital on Friday evening after leaving Uhuru Park where he accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta at a prayer eventHe actually looked okay but he said he needed to go to hospital as he was not feeling well," the source said. His body has been moved to Lee Funeral Home.

President Kenyatta picked Mr Nkaissery from the opposition to head the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government on December 2, 2014, to replace Joseph Ole Lenk Before that, he was the Member of Parliament for Kajiado Central constituency on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.





Rais Uhuru Kenyatta ahudhuria maombi ya amani katika uwanja wa Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta (left-centre) walkng to the Saba Saba Day peaceful prayers at Uhuru Park Nairobi and (right) Bishop Kariuki preaching during the peaceful prayers. Pator Odima is 7th from left in the picture on the left.



Isaac Gitau (Baba Joy) of Dagenham, UK, have lost his father in Kenya.


It is with great sadness and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on to glory of our Dad, Mr. Daniel Ndichu Gitau who went to be with the Lord on Thusday, 6th July, 2017 . He was husband to Mrs. Mary Wairimu Ndichu of Ngochi Village, Githunguri in Kiambu County. Father to Isaac Gitau (Baba Joy) and Ruth Githaiga (Mama Godfrey). Father-in-law to William Githaiga and Esther Isaac, all of Dagenham, UK. Grand-Dad to Joy, Daniel, Victor, Godfrey, Rachel, Mary, Daniel and many others in Kenya and France. Family and friends are meeting for prayers at 207 Birkbeck House, Academy Way, Dagenham, RM8 2FR from 7.00pm to 9.00pm until Tuesday, 11th June, 2017 when we shall hold the last prayers.

The burial will take place on Tuesday 18th, July, 2017 at his home in Ngochi Village, Githunguri, in Kiambu County. For any financial support, please, use Barclay Bank; Account Name: Isaac Daniel; Account No: 40909912; Sort Code-20-72-91.

For more information, please, contact: Isaac – 07949829907; Ruth – 07447499673; Esther-07883008736 or Githaiga-07582353424.



The family to A Diaspora Tragic car Accident Victim Appeal for Help

The accident car before it was towed away (left), the young man, Ian Kamanu Nguyo, in the ICU in the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX (centre) and recovering in the Hospital (right).

We, the family of Mr and Mrs Newton Nguyo Kagika wish to thank family, friends and well-wishers for your continued prayers for our son IAN KAMANU NGUYO who was involved in a tragic car accident on May 30th, 2017. Mr. Nguyo is brother to Mr. Duncan Kidd Kamanu (Baba Kevin) and brother-in-law to Mr. Peter Karanja (Mr. Seed) of UK. We are kindly seeking for assistance from friends, family and well-wishers to aid in the high hospital bill now at $315,000. Your assistance in financial support & prayers is highly appreciated. For further information you can contact Newton Nguyo +19034220148 or Margaret Nguyo +19038306323. CLICK HERE -





Hamburg riot police fire water cannon at G20 'hell' protest

Riot police have fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters who hurled bottles and bricks on the eve of the G20 summit. At least 76 police officers were injured in clashes with the demonstrators on the streets of Hamburg. Donald Trump and other world leaders are due in the German city on Friday for the summit. The demonstration was dubbed 'Welcome to Hell' by anti-capitalist groups. Police said the trouble involved around 1,000 people, but as many as 100,000 are expected to descend on the city to take part in protests during the two-day summit. Sky's Alex Rossi, at the scene, said the violence - near Hamburg's fish market - was expected and that police had been preparing for trouble as demonstrators attempted to march through the city. He said a few had been carried off with what appeared to be "quite serious" injuries. m"When we arrived earlier the atmosphere was peaceful and calm, people drinking and enjoying the sun, listening to speeches," said Rossi. "Within that group there were people who looked like they had come here to cause trouble. "As it got to early evening we saw a number of people coming down dressed in black, some of them masked with handkerchiefs across their faces." The trouble died down after several hours and the situation became calmer, Rossi added. Up to 20,000 police are on hand for the Hamburg summit given the history of violent protests at previous gatherings. The G20 countries - whose members represent about 80% of the world's population - are meeting with their usual broad remit of making the world a more stable and prosperous place. Climate change is set to be a major talking point after President Trump withdrew the US from the landmark Paris Agreement. All eyes will also be on his meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin, although it is not certain if the pair's first exchange - and handshake - will be caught on camera.





Gilbert Muchoki Kirera of Harlow, Essex, UK  lost his Mother in Kenya


Gilbert Muchoki Kirera of Harlow, Essex lost his Step-Mother, Monica Njoki Kirera, suddenly in Kenya, yesterday Thursday 6th July, 2017.  The late Monica was the wife to the late Danson Kirera Muri of Kamahuha location 17, Maragwa District, Muranga County. She is the Mother to Gilbert (Harlow-UK), Rev'd Gachucha (USA), Mburu, Murigi, Capt. Kirera (Air Kenya), Peris, Rosemary, Muiruri, Mercy Kirera (Nairobi County) and The Late Chief Mburu (Maragwa Ridge Location) among others. Grandmother to Capt. Wanyoike (KQ),  Gichuru, Lydia (Dubai), Jane (USA), Anne, Judy, Jimmy, Eileen, Joy, Phillip, Naomi, Osker, Mwangi, Rachel, John, Danny, Sindi both of USA, Dennis, Elex, Cathleen and Wairimu, among many others. The Funeral will take place on Thursday 13th July, 2017 in Kenya at her home in Kamahuha Location 17, Maragwa District from 12.00 noon.

Family and friends are meeting for prayers at No. 36 Halling Hill, CM20 3JJ today Friday 7th and tomorrow Saturday 8th June, 2017 'ONLY' from 7.00pm. Pray for the family.

A Memorial Service will be held on Sunday 09/07/2017 from 5.00PM at PCEA UK Outreach, Memorial Community Church (formerly, Memorial Baptist Church). 395 Barking Road, E13 8AL (opposite Plaistow Police Station).

You can contact Gilbert on 07985425775, Koimburi Joseph on 07931490468 or Mercy Kirera in Kenya on +254722262221. Any financial assistance can be sent to MR G M KIRERA, Santander Bank, Account number 14293340, Sort Code 09-01-27. Gilbert will be travelling to Kenya for the funeral. CLICK HERE FOR MORE




Following the untimely death of Joel Gatu Muturi son to Pastor Joel & Lydia Gatu on Tuesday 29th June, 2017 after being killed by the police in his residence in Marrietta Georgia. Meetings are being held at KACC, 771 Elberta Drive, Marietta 30066. FRIDAY 7/7/17 and SAT. 7/8/17 at  6PM MEMORIAL/FUNDRAISER SUN 7/9/17 at 2pm at KACC. The family appreciates your prayers, presence and financial support through the following channels: 1.  Joel Gatu Muturi memorial fund. Wellsfargo bank Acct. 8217739955, Routing: 061000227. CashApp handle $661-302-6908 Lydia Gatu Gofundme -



The biggest Kenyan day in the UK is around the corner on 29th July 2017. My wife has just come back from Kenya with gifts for the occasion. Kenyans are very creative and they have come up with a beautiful dresss code available in many shops in Nairobi. The crown dressing it is a President Uhuru Watch matching with the colours of the dress. You can ask your family or friends in Kenya to send you the dresses which are availabe in many colours and designs. Kenya tuko mbele.


Mutua launches Chap Chap manifesto, announces 2022 bid

MACHAKOS, Kenya, Jul 6 – Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has launched his re-election manifesto and used the platform to officially declare his presidential ambition come the 2022 elections. Mutua said he had what it takes to seek the country’s top job in 2022 adding he had made wide consultations with elders , opinion shapers and leaders from all walks of life. “I have traversed across the country and people tell me they want rapid development .That is why I have accepted their call that I ran for the presidency come 2022,” said Mutua. He termed his manifesto as thorough, saying it was a pilot program of what will be done to improve the lives of the people. Mutua unveiled the manifesto themed “Propelling Machakos from the third world to the first world” at the Machakos University. Among the ambitious programs in the manifesto include the construction of the Machakos International Airport with special import and export zones. “Already approval has been sought from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and the completion of the airport will connect Machakos directly to the world,” said Mutua. - Source






Bishop John Gichiri has achieved a PhD. He held a celebration on Saturday and he is taking this time to thank those who attended. "I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my family, to sincerely thank you for been with us on my Ph.D thanksgiving day on Saturday 1st July. It was such a great honour to have you and I believe as the Bible says that "He who watereth others will also be watered...Prov 11:25. May you be rewarded heavily in Jesus name. I also therefore decree unto you, that God's blessing be with you forever. God is not unjust to forget your kindness & services ministered to us. May every blessing follow you wherever you go. I cannot also forget your kindness towards me. I also thankful for all those wished me a salutation of "Congratulations" to Me. Thanks that you came. Again I will say a Big Thank you. Remain blessed." - Bishop John Gichiri, Birmingham, UK.


President Trump threatens North Korea with 'severe things'



Kenya moved 21 places to 92nd in the world’s most conducive business environments,

and Africa’s most reformed country according to World Bank’s Doing Business 2017 Report.


Robert Trigg jailed for life for killing two girlfriends

A man who killed two girlfriends five years apart has been jailed for life. Robert Trigg was convicted of murdering 52-year-old Susan Nicholson in 2011 and of the manslaughter of Caroline Devlin, 35, who died in March 2006. Both were treated as not suspicious at the time Trigg, 52, was told he would serve a minimum of 25 years in prison. In a statement in court, Ms Nicholson's elderly mother questioned why she had been able to gather enough evidence to bring the case to court but not police. Despite initial investigations into both deaths, in Worthing, West Sussex, finding nothing suspicious, Ms Nicholson's family refused to believe them. They started what would be a five-year campaign to get to the truth. Ms Nicholson's parents Elizabeth and Peter Skelton complained on three occasions to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) but were unsatisfied with its response. In 2014 they hired a barrister and a forensic pathologist, Dr Nathaniel Carey, to re-examine the original pathologist's report. In a victim impact statement read out in court, Mrs Skelton said the family wanted answers over why she and her husband, now both in their 80s, were able to bring Trigg's case to court and not the police. She said the fight for justice had caused "mental torture" which triggered a mild heart attack in her and caused depression in Ms Nicholson's brother. Sussex Police has apologised to both families of Trigg's victims for not presenting all the facts to prosecutors following the original investigation. The IPCC said it upheld two complaints into the way Sussex Police dealt with complaints about its investigation into Ms Nicholson's death. A third appeal was not upheld, a spokeswoman said.

Japanese young people 'not having sex'









Father John Ndikaru wa Teresia is in UK attending a conference for two weeks. Father Ndikaru is attending a conference at Sheffield Hallam University. He he is a professor at Technical University  of Nairobi former Kenya Polytechnic, Nairobi. His contact is through his Kenya no. and his WhatsApp +254 722511361.



Dashcam captures A47 'rescue' of driver who had stroke

A lorry driver from Norfolk has been honoured for his actions in bringing an out-of-control van to a stop on a dual carriageway. Russell Dagless used his HGV to slow the van against the central reservation of the A47 on the outskirts of Norwich. Its driver had suffered a stroke. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Dashcam captures A47 'rescue' of driver who had stroke
 A lorry driver from Norfolk has been honoured for his actions in bringing an out-of-control van to a stop on a dual carriageway. Russell Dagless used his HGV to slow the van against the central reservation of the A47 on the outskirts of Norwich. Its driver had suffered a stroke. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Kenyan student found dead in Australia

It is with great sadness that we write of the sudden passing of our brother Paul Muriithi in Australia on Tuesday 27th June, 2017. He was a loving , young and full of life, enjoying his studies as a first year student at Victoria University. He is greatly Loved by many and has been taken far too soon in his young years of life. As we arrange for his send off, we appeal for your assistance in meeting the expenses to give him befitting sendoff including repatriation from Australia to Kenya . Contributions can also be made to: Name: Linda Wambui Khamis, BSB:733695, ACC: 711244. MPESA details: Caroline Chirchir 0722 279 992 Or click here to help- -




Uhuru, Raila bow out of presidential debate

President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga have pulled out of Monday’s planned debate. All the debates are scheduled to be held at Catholic University of Eastern Africa at 7.30pm and aired by all participating media houses on television and radio stations. Each debate will run uninterrupted for 90 minutes. Uhuru will not participate in the debate to avoid being drawn into a shouting match, Jubilee Party vice chairman David Murathe said. Murathe also cited the lack of consultation by organisers, saying the President was “not aware of the rules of engagement”. “How can we go into a debate not knowing what the format is? So let them do it without him,” Murathe said on the phone. The organisers were to announce the thematic areas of the debate on Monday but had not done so by yesterday, another reason cited by the Jubilee team. Sources within the presidency said debating Raila alone would be of no benefit to Uhuru. “If he debates all the candidates, the President will only popularise their bids, which is not in his best interests. There is no clear benefit of the debate,” a senior official said. - The Star



Dear Heri Investors

Its with pleasure to let you know am in london now and will be around for the next one month.

Any queries, updates on upcoming projects ( we have something quite exciting), investment tips on investment opportunities, booking appointment for chamas/groups,one on one meetings, invitations to speak to group members, etc pls feel free to contact me on;

We are inviting all existing and new would be heri investors to a heri dinner to be held in London on 22 nd this month. (venue to be confirmed shortly).

Our guest of honour will be no other than the CEO of Heri Homes Mr.Kimani Kimotho.

Am looking forward to meet each and every one of you and hope to be of assistance to you all.

God bless
Kind regards
Mary Njonjo
Heri homes, 4th July, 2017.




Proverbs 3:13


Be willing to learn from others

We read in Proverbs 3:13: "Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding." Certain people can make us feel ‘less than’ when we’re in their company, but truly wise and mature people never try to do that. If you’ve had a bad experience with this, don’t allow it to drive you back in defeat. If you don’t stand near a ruler, you won’t be able to measure your growth or monitor how much you’ve developed. Whatever successful people know, they haven’t always known it - they had to learn and grow too. So don’t pretend you know what you don’t know. It’s best to speak genuinely and sincerely, asking questions when appropriate. Most successful people enjoy a chance to discuss and share what they know, so take advantage of this. Fear of rejection keeps us from going forward in life and in relationships. You’d be surprised how many people limit themselves to socialising only with those who are comparable to them. They feel uncomfortable the moment they’re surrounded by people who are different from them. An important part of your development occurs when you decide to cross the tracks and relate to people who are ahead of you in some way. These relationships create a chance for you to grow. It’s not wrong to lack knowledge; it’s wrong to be unwilling to learn. Joshua learned the principles of good leadership from Moses. Ruth learned how to find the right relationship by listening to Naomi. Make this Scripture a guiding principle of your life: ‘Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.’



Our guest singer today is DJ Ruxx - CLICK HERE



Dubai based firm in 100% buyout of Java House Group - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Moody’s accords Co-op and Equity high deposit ratings

Moody’s Investors Service has rated as strong the capacity of Co-operative COOP • 13.50 ? 9.09% and Equity EQTY • 37.75 ? 0.66% banks to continue mobilising deposits from the domestic and global institutional investors in a capped rate environment. The service has assigned the tier-one lenders a first-time B1/Not Prime global local-currency deposit rating, with a stable long-term outlook. Moody’s said that Equity and Co-op — with some of the largest retail networks that fund their businesses — are in a strong position to absorb losses arising from reduced interest earnings and have liquidity buffers to withstand their weakening asset (loan) quality. The rating firm, however, noted the banking industry was facing a challenging environment, largely characterised by a biting drought, which has affected agricultural production and power generation. The August 8 General Election has, on the other hand, delayed investment decisions, while the capping of interest at four percentage points above the Central Bank Rate has constrained their flexibility to price risks, it added. “Equity Bank’s and Co-op Bank’s B1 global local-currency long-term deposit ratings are fully aligned with the B1 (stable) rating of the Kenyan government,” the firm said.


“Both banks reach this rating level solely based on their stand-alone strength, as indicated by their B1 standalone BCAs, Moody’s highest ratings in Kenya.” Equity’s deposit rating at the national level has been put at Aa1 while Co-op’s is at Aa2. Equity deposits in the first quarter of the year grew by 16.1 per cent to Sh347.5 billion while Co-op’s were up by a marginal 6.9 per cent to Sh279.8 billion in the same period. Moody’s said Equity’s defensive strategy to cut lending to customers, largely small- and medium-sized enterprises, and shift the same to high-yielding government securities has shielded it from risks associated with the SMEs in the rate-cap regime. The rating firm expects Co-op Bank to pursue a more aggressive loan growth strategy in the coming months after its loan book expanded by 15.06 per cent year-on-year in three months ended March 31 to Sh245.9 billion. Moody’s sees Co-op Bank’s focus on stronger borrowers — largely saccos and salaried government employees —helping “contain asset quality pressure arising from pocket exposures to weakening sectors, such as in the trade sector”. -


Deputy President William Ruto campaigns in Western Kenya - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The Biggest Kenyan Kenya in the UK

Have you booked your accommodation on 29th July, 2017

Have you booked your accommodation on 29th July, 2017 during Kenya and Friends in the Park?

Many Kenyans are coming from across the UK, Europe and Kenya for the day and night.

An After Party has been requested because many guests want a nightout.

Make sure you book your accommodation in advance to avoid disappointments.




It with great sadness that we announce the death of our beloved sister Norah Nduati who passed away on Monday, June 26, 2017 following a battle with cancer. Norah was the wife of Wilson Nduati Njoroge (Anaheim, California, USA). She was the mother to Jane W. Nduati (Rongai, Kenya), Evans P. Njoroge (Irvine, California), Gideon K. Nduati (Thika, Kenya), Nelius W. Muchoya (Kamiti, Kenya), Titus M. Nduati (Nairobi, Kenya), Peter K. Nduati (Atlanta, Georgia), Simon K. Nduati (Sweden), and Duncan M. Nduati (Kamiti, Kenya). She was the mother in law to John Muchoya (Kamiti, Kenya), Catherine Mungai (Irvine, California), Teresa Njeri (Nairobi, Kenya) Emily Kimani (Sweden), and Catherine Kamau (Atlanta Georgia). Norah Nduati was an active member of the Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI) in Santa Ana, California (formerly Kanitha wa Utugi wa Magegania wa Gikuyu). As a deacon and a leader in the church, Norah mentored and was a spiritual mother to many teaching them to serve and honor the Lord. Please join us – her family and friends – as we celebrate her life, knowing that she has touched our hearts in many ways. You can send in your financial support using one of the following methods: Fundraiser: Please join us in fundraising for Norah Nduati’s funeral on Saturday July 8, 2017 from 2:00 PM at Brookhurst Community Park 2271 W Crescent Ave, Anaheim, California 92801. Bring a friend! Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. GoFundme: Funeral Account: Chase Bank, Account # 921566175 (Evans Njoroge & Edward Karori). CashApp: 714 728-1615. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated in helping us honor her legacy as we lay her to rest. For updates, use this link: -


 A UK resident John Kimemia of Luton has passed

away in a tragic road accident in Kenya

It is with great sadness and acceptance of God's will to inform you that Macharia Kimemia of Hull, Moses Njihia (Luton) and Paul Anthony Kanja of Kent have lost their dear brother & uncle John Kimemia of Luton in a tragic road accident in Kenya on Tuesday 27th June 2017. The late Uncle John wife and children are in Canada and we are trying to organise for them to travel for the funeral. Friends and family are meeting from Monday 3rd June 2017 to Wednesday 5th June 2017 to offer prayers, comfort and support at Moses house, 77 Brookstreet LU3 1DZ from 6.30-8pm. A memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased Uncle & dad John will be held on Thursday 6 July 2017 as many family members are travelling home and the church has another event on Friday. JCM Luton 88 - 90 Inkerman Street, LU1 1JD from 6-9pm. For financial support, please use this account name: Name: P. A Kanja, Sort code: 30-84-22 and Account no. 10767260. For more information contact: Moses Njehia 07446110215, Paul Kanja Message 07728 821100, Peter Kahoro 07984 637357 or Pastor Steve Mobile 07447 918131 or Mobile 07447918131.



While on my visit to Kenya a few weeks ago, I met an NGO by the name LODI Kenya which is in a class of it's own. Lord Kenya vision is: "To sustained food secure, healthy and crime free society." The NGO is coming to the UK and will be having a Stand at the Kenya in the Park day on 29th July, 2017. You don't need to give money the community in your village, you only need to sponsor them to go and study at LODI Kenya and their live will be no longer the same. I am in the process of sponsoring 10 people from my village for this programme. RODI Kenya believes that a fundamental cause of poverty is not lack of resources, but rather a lack of capacity to mobilize local resources and flawed structures that stifle indigenous capacities and undermine local development initiatives. RODI believes in the principle and power of positive thinking and as such uses Resources Oriented Development Approach (RODA), School-based Development Approach, Restorative prisoner Rehabilitation Approach, Peer Education Approach, Group- based Approach, Community Based Development Approach to identify and mobilize local resources. Their target groups are pupils, prisoners, ex-prisoners and their home communities. We train them in among other things- Agro-processing and value addition, making soaps and detergents, motorbike repair, Eco-construction, income generation. Ex prisoners are followed up in order to monitor their performance and to work with them and their home communities. They are encouraged and supported to pass on the training to the wider community and where possible form community groups to ease training and reduce poverty and crime. The groups are called Community Livelihood Improvement Groups (CLIGs). RODI Kenya is establishing branches in all 47 counties of Kenya.
• Meaningful change for all beneficiaries, Power of positive thinking.
• Creativity, innovativeness and trending on unique grounds.
• Enhancing a sense of self esteem as a basis for empowerment.
• Identifying and mobilizing local resources for development.
• Organizing, informing and linking farmers for empowerment.
• Evolving, learning and partnering for sustainability.

For full information and to sponsor a person or a group please contact Mr. Ngunjiri +254 722307576, Tel: 722307576 or 720717419,
Email and then visit Website: More information to follow.


Barclays Bank closes seven branches in Kenya, employees safe

Barclay's Bank has announced the closure of seven branches across the country, effective October, in a move to save costs. In an email to staff on Monday, Managing Director Jeremy Awori noted employees will not be affected. “This is a consolidation move aimed at aligning our business to the current environment. No staff will be sacked,” he said. The branches that have been closed are five in Nairobi, one in Meru and another in Wundayi. The Haile Selassie branch will be consolidated with the one on Harambee Avenue, Moi Avenue with Queensway House, Waiyaki Way with Westands, Kawangware with Lavington and Rahimtullah with Bunyala. The branch at Nakumatt Meru will move to another branch in the town and the one in Wundayi to Voi. Awori said workers will be redeployed based on available opportunities and skills. "We have briefed impacted colleagues. HR will help them make a smooth transition as the changes take effect," he said. The MD added they are in talks with customers whose accounts are domiciled in the past one year in order to redirect them. "Customers will have the freedom to choose any branch for their accounts to be hosted." In 2016, Awuori said there were no local, regional or group level plans to shut down Barclays Bank of Kenya.This was after reports that the institution will exit Africa. He was responding to a decision by Barclays PLC chief executive Jes Staley to leave Africa as reported by the Financial Times. The review came after South African President Jacob Zuma decided to change his finance minister at a time when the economy is under severe stress. The board appointed a subcommittee to study how and when to sell Barclays Africa, the Financial Times said. - The Star


Secure yourself a valuable piece of land as low as 100GBP from

Golden Pearl Properties Limited. For more information click: 

The CEO of the giraffe ark Mrs Annette Mahu will be in Manchester from Tuesday the 4th July to 7th July for one to one session, even you

leave Manchester and surrounding please come and experience a great investment in kenya. - For more information click:



A 16-year-old girl in UK has pleaded guilty to killing seven-year-old

Katie was described as a "daddy's girl"

A 16-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to killing seven-year-old Katie Rough. The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility. Katie was found with severe lacerations to her neck and chest on a playing field in Woodthorpe, York, UK on 9 January. She died later in hospital. The girl did not speak as she entered her plea via video link at Leeds Crown Court. She denied a separate charge of murder. Katie's family were in court to hear the guilty plea. Nicholas Johnson QC, defending, asked the court if the charge of murder could be put to the girl again and she wrote her plea on a piece of paper. Her solicitor told the court: "I can confirm she has indicated not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter." Graham Reeds QC, prosecuting, said: "We are going to accept that plea of manslaughter by diminished responsibility."


I would like to invite you to my 2nd album Thanksgiving n launch on Sunday 16th July 2017 at 4.30pm

at St mark Community Centre 218 Tollgate Road. Beckton London E6 5YA. .
 May God see you through as you prepare to attend.



G.G. Kariuki burial set for July 14

-Laikipia Senator Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki, better known as G.G. Kariuki, will be buried at his Rumuruti farm on July 14, the family has said. Family spokesperson and his son Robert Mwangi said the committees tasked with burial arrangements in his rural home and Loresho residence in Nairobi had started preparations for the send-off. The veteran politician, who served under all the four past governments, succumbed to a cardiac-related illness at Nairobi Hospital on Thursday night. His family on Sunday also disclosed that the senator had been ailing for the past 18 months. “We are meeting with the organising committee to come up with the programme. We have agreed to bury our loving father on July 14,” said Mr Mwangi. - Daily Nation.





Contact Diamond Property Merchants Limited, pacesetter in the Kenyan real estate industry.Our products are packaged in a way that allows an investor to get benefits and returns that few can offer.

Diamond Property Merchants – Home of strategic Land Investment, winner of Top 100 mid-sized companies of the year club of 2016, best property merchant at the Kenya Homes Expo 2017 held at KICC and full member of the Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA).
Diamond Property Merchants have variety of investment opportunities in Joska, Kamulu, JujaFarm,Ruiri, KahawaSukari, Kajiado,Isinya and Konza, we believe that whatever your taste we have an opportunity for investment for you.

Our dedicated and experienced Diaspora Department is always ready to receive and act on your enquiries and queries, we believe in keeping you informed. You can get us on +254735103050 or +254 739 444400 Email : or

We welcome you to book a plot today in konza so that you can grab an early bird opportunity, Just call the numbers above and we will be more than glad to be of service to you.

Konza Greens
Konza Greens is located within the Konza Techno City Buffer Zone adjacent to the SGR and 2kms to the Malili SGR station. Konza Techno City is a proposed technology city expected to attract big technology companies like Google, IBM, Lenovo and HP among other global brands. Several universities have also expressed interest in setting up at Konza including the proposed Kenya Advanced Institute of Science & Technology and JUAT university. The future value of Konza Greens is residential and commercial houses targeting employees and students at Konza and those working in Nairobi who will conveniently commute to Nairobi via the SGR. In the meantime, we are offering land with value added services that guarantee higher returns! Our agri-business project at Konza Greens is tailored to ensure you get additional income from your land as it appreciates in value awaiting full development of Konza Techno City. The Greenhouse returns can go up to a guaranteed minimum of Kshs. 370,000 for two seasons, for a single greenhouse on an 1/8, payable every 8 months i.e. Kshs. 185,000 per season per greenhouse. One 1/8 plot can hold a maximum of two greenhouses earning you Kshs 370,000 per season. A 1/4 can hold a maximum of 6 Greenhouses earning you 1.11m per season.


• Land 1/8th acre (50×100) going for Kshs. 700,000 and Kshs. 800,000 (Residential and Commercial plots respectively).

• An 8X15 m greenhouse going for Kshs. 320,000. This includes; The structure, Drip irrigation, water tank, Agronomical support, farm management, Insurance and a guaranteed buy back market for the produce.

EBENEZER GARDENS – JOSKAThis project is located 5 kilometers off Kangundo road, within the fast growing Joska area. Ebenezer Gardens is serene, tranquil, very affordable and adjacent to the proposed Greater Eastern Bypass. Access to the property is via Kangundo road. All the plots measure 1/8th of an acre (50 x 100). Ebenezer Gardens is a buy and build project with pre-approve house plans ready. INVESTMENT OFFER

Eden Park is a gated community development in the East of Nairobi 800 meters off Kangundo road within the Kamulu area. The close proximity to Nairobi CBD makes the project very attractive for residential purposes.The plots measure 40×80, the is water supply by the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company. The neighborhood is fully developed with amazing residential properties.


These properties are located in Juja Farm area, near Athi Town. They are accessible from Juja town of Thika Super Highway through murram roads. All the Phases are near the proposed Greater Eastern Bypass within a radius of 500 meters – 2 kilometers off the bypass. The plots are well demarcated with permanent numbered beacons. There is a water pipeline passing near the projects, Kenya Power Electricity lines and there is reliable public transport from all the major trading centers.

For news and updates about our products and services follow us on our social media platforms.

You can get us on +254735103050 or +254 739 444400 Email : or

Kenyan Parents

Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni






A client in UK buys a house from Golden Pearl Properties.

Click here for more information:






It was a digital wedding with digital dance in a wedding in Oxford, UK on Saturday 24th June 2017.

The bridal party joined the wedding in a style. One message was clear: "if you are an analogue, give space"



Moroccan Airline comes up with the Lowest Price Ever

Now flying from London to Nairobi via Casablanca





Get Ready! Get Ready for a powerful time in the presence of the Lord in Coventry,

on 15/07/2017 from 12 to 6pm. Admission is FREE and All are Welcome.

The Sick will be Healed, do not miss.




 1) KARIBU MAGAZINE - Kenyans Community in UK Magazine
 a) The 2nd edition of the Magazine is on it's final stages. Those in Kenya or in UK who would like to advertise should contact us before 1st July, 2017.
 b) We are printing over 10,000 copies of the magazine which will be given FREE at the Kenyan's Biggest Event - KENYA & FRIENDS IN THE PARK on Saturday 29th July, 2017 in London where over 10,000 Kenyans and friends are expected. The magazine will also be delivered to all Kenyan Community Cities in the UK.
 c) Some of the topics covered in this 80-page magazine incude: i) Who is the longest Kenyans resident  living in UK? ii) Our Kenyan family living in Alaska for over 20 years. 50 miles to Russia and a walking distance to North Pole? Who are they? Where do they come from in Kenya? iii) A family of Achievers. Who are this family living in UK? iv) They came to the UK with their parents when they were young. After both of them graduated in Law the moved to Kenya to start their own Law Firm. They are a brother and a sister. Who are they? v) Our Golden Buzzer Girl. Who is she? Catch up with these stories in the magazine.
 For advertising information contact Mercy Kiminta on 07403159285, or Lydhia on 07853207075,
 We do both hard copy and online issues. visit our last issue with the link below:

 a) It is the biggest Kenyan Community in the UK which is held once a year. Last time we have over 6,000 guests and this year we expect over 10,000 guest at the event where Kenyans and friends come dressed Kenyan, eat Kenya and behave Kenyan.
 b) Like last time we have BUSINESS STANDS where over 50 groups are coming from Kenya among them corporate, money transfers, property developers as well as banks.
 c) Those wishing to have a STAND at the event should contact us before 15th July, 2017.
 d) We have SPONSORSHIP in different categories and you can contact us for more information.
 e) This year many Kenyans coming for the event want to spend the night in London. They have requested the management to organise AFTER PARTY which will be held 6-8 Thames Rd, Barking IG11 0HZ as from 8.00 pm. till morning.
 For advertising information contact Mercy Kiminta on 07403159285, or Lydhia on 07853207075,
 You can visit

 a) All those coming to the event can catch with updates in our popular area of IKO NINI BWANA SEED NEWS SECTION
 b) Those who want to advertise with us can contact us or visit our advertising link below:
 c) Mr. Seed contact is +44 7951220695 or where the website have changed the life of many Kenyans in the diaspora. Over 40 couples have met and married from the website and over 5,000 people have bought properties in Kenya through the website.




1 Thessalonians 5:14



Try to be more patient
We read in 1 Thessalonians 5:14: "And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone." You’ve probably heard the joke about the lady who prayed, ‘Lord, give me patience; and I want it right now!’ That’s not so funny when it reflects how you live. If you get annoyed at having to wait for anything, your impatience can hurt you. The only person who has the power to make things happen the way He wants them to, is God. But even He is gracious, and respects our will and waits for us to get in line with His will. And since we’re not God, think how foolish it is to become upset with the supermarket assistant, the bank cashier, or the slow driver who doesn’t move at warp speed. Jesus said, ‘By your patience possess your souls’ (Luke 21:19 NKJV). Here the word souls refers to our emotions. Jesus is saying, ‘Take control of your emotions and show a Christlike attitude.’ Your ability to handle delays, disappointments, and detours will determine your level of joy and peace. When you discover that you cannot control what’s going on around you, decide to control what’s going on within you. Overcoming impatience involves three things: 1) Admitting you have the problem. As long as you rationalise and justify your attitude, you won’t grow. 2) A commitment to allow the Holy Spirit to produce patience in you. Patience doesn’t come by making New Year’s resolutions or counting to ten; it’s the ‘fruit’ of the Spirit, and it grows with your cooperation (see Galatians 5:22). 3) A decision to ‘be in the moment,’ rather than obsessing over what must happen next.



Our guest singer today is Carol Wanjiru from Kenya currently visiting the UK - CLICK HERE



Furnished Spacious 3 Bed Holiday home - Bungalow
to let in Kitengela- Kenya (Gated Community)

* 30 minutes to/from airport (JKIA)
* Situated in a clean, secure and gated community comprised of 8 bungalows
* Ensuite master bedroom
* Instant hot water showers
* Fridge, cooker, microwave
* Dining and living rooms
* Free weekly home and clothes cleaning services offered
* 55 inch LED TV with all free local channels
* Living room Ceiling fan
* Access to borehole so no water problems.
* Lockable safe


This is in a gated community of eight units of (3) three bedroom bungalow master ensuite with Dsq on 1/8 acre plot. The units are tastefully, beautifully designed setting of stylish yet affordable home in Kitengela Mililani area. The area is one of the most sort after in kitengela. The houses have perimeter wall with razor wire for enhanced security. Parking spaces for two with individual compound. Common green area suitable as play area for children. The houses are separated by bougainvillea wrapped chain link fence that heighten the beauty of the estate. Wide road that may double as parking area for visitors, modern kitchen with excellent MDF finishes and granite top, large pantry, spacious backyard with dhobi area, spacious lounge with separate dining area, large window to enhance natural lighting , spacious master ensuite with modern finishes and adequate storage space and electric perimeter fence.

Only a few metres from Naivas in Kitengela town.

Contact Mr. Seed for booking on +44 7951220695 or Summer bookings ongoing ......




The Big Question: Winning numbers - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





Contact OLX Engineers : Tel: Petter 07923333018 or Alex 07533015525



You can easily open an Account with Co-operative Bank while in the Diaspora. See below



Julieanne Onsando,
Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking,
Retail Banking Department.
Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609
Email 1:|Website:

or Milka Wachira +254 722451885 (on Whatsapp) -
Email 2:

Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -







+254 708 345 355



+254 722 343 097



+254 720 360 405



+254 722 451 885













For all your UK property requirements visit us at or call/whatsapp +447501309029





Co-operative Bank of Kenya team (5th and 6th from left) joined Mr. Seed (4th from left) at the offices of Heri Homes, Nairobi on Thursday 18th May, 2017. They agreed that they will be financing loans at 10 per cent for Heri Homes customers in the Diaspora.  Heri Homes team who are coming to the UK for the Kenyan in the Park day on 29th July 2017. Currently Heri Homes is constructing several projects along Kikuyu Road, Kikuyu Road Heights one which was handed over on 13th May, Kikuyu Heights II which is half way done by all sold out and Kikuyu Road III which is half way sold. All the three projects are 400 metres from each other. There are other two projects in Kitsuru I and II where a three bedroom house is going for KShs. 7.5 without DSQ and KShs. 8.5 with a DSQ. Few Bedsitters are remaing at Daystar University going for KShs. 1.6. Heri Homes will be hold a dinner for it's customers in UK in July this year where the CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho will be attending. For more information please contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email: - Co-operative Bank Manager Milka Wachira contact is +254 722451885 (on Whatsapp) - - Email 2: - CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO




Kenyan Parents

Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni



Republic of Ireland here we come

We are taking Banks and Property Developers from Kenya to the Republic of Ireland this year.

For more information please contact Mr. Seed on +44 7951220695.




Royal Air Maroc, the Moroccan national airline is now flying to Nairobi, Kenya through Casablanca, Morocco with a low price of £349 return ticket. The airline is flying 3 days in a week. The airline, naturally African, aims to placing Africa at the centre of the world. The airline prides itself with the slogan or Royal Air Maroc, where Africa begins. A major player in air transport, Royal Air Maroc has given Mr. Seed and his wife an open air ticket to Nairobi from London to experience a high level of service. The airline is giving out tickets through a Raffle to be run in June and July this year where winners will be announced at the Great Kenyan Day - Kenya and Friends in the Park on 29th July 2019 at Plaistow Park, E13 0AS as from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Over 10,000 visitors are expected at the venue and Royal Air Marc will be participating.

Mr. Seed (2nd left) with Royal Air Maroc team in their offices in Central London on Thursday 25th May 2017. Far left is Mr. Achraf El Hassani, General Manager UK and Ireland and MaryseBergel (3rd from left) the Sales Manager who have worked with the Airline for the last 44 years. Mr. Danny Lutaaya (2nd from far right ) joined the team. For more information please visit or you can make your booking through 0207 3075840.






Greetings from Kenya where I have been visiting for the last 13 days. I was invited by Heri Homes to witnesses the handing over of 60 units two-bedroom apartments along Kikuyu Road in Nairobi. The colourful ceremony took place on Saturday 13th May 2017. Hundreds of the invited guests as well as developers attended the ceremony to witness the handover ceremony where the owners were given their keys and Lease Certificate for their apartments. 18 customers from the diaspora were among the beneficiary of this project where the rent is going between KShs. 35,000 to KShs. 40,000 per month. The beneficiaries bought the apartments 18 months ago at the price of KShs. 2.6 million and the price has shot up to KShs. 5.2 million after completion. Many of those interviews by Mr. Seed said that it was their dream come true. An elderly lady Jencinta from UK who attended the ceremony was one of the beneficiaries. Heri Homes team who are coming to the UK for the Kenyan in the Park day on 29th July 2017 have three projects in the area. Kikuyu Road Heights one which was handed over on 13th May, Kikuyu Heights II which is half way done by all sold out and Kikuyu Road III which is half way sold. All the three projects are 400 metres from each other. Heri Homes will be hold a dinner for it's customers in UK in July this year where the CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho will be attending. For more information please contact  Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

Mr. Seed (4th from left) joins Heri Homes Management team and some of the beneficiaries of Kikuyu Road I Apartments to cut the cake to mark the official opening and on right is Jecinta from UK receiving her Lease Certificate from Heri Homes CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho (far right)


The beautiful Kikuyu Road I Apartments where the price was KShs. 2.6 million and now going for KShs. 5.2 million 18 months down the line








Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Fredor 39
39 Dames Road, Forest Gate, London . E7 0DR .

There will be All Tyes of Drinks, Nyama Choma, Wings Choma, Ugali,
Kuku Choma, Firigisi Choma ( Gizzards), Matumbo and Cassava (Mihogo )
From 9pm Africa Jambo full band will be performing live till late.


For more information contact Marie Contact 07412223108 or Contact 07473494161.





TEL,7956114514 - TEL FAX 02477671365



We sell the following Kenyan Foods in our shop in Coventry, UK



















Mrs. Mabel Muruli Mark a businesswoman from Wembley, West London won the Jubilee nominations for Governor of Kakamega among other 5 contestants


Rev. Peter Kinyanjui a church minister in Church of England, Stratford, London is going as an Independent candidate for Loitokitok, Kajiado as an MCA. Rev. Kinyanjui contact in Kenya +254 7557223160.












The bitcoin price is very volatile and has seen some large fluctuations since its inception in 2011 when you could buy one bitcoinfor just a few cents. A unit of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has exceeded the value of an ounce of gold by far. It closed at $1,555.64 this week while a troy ounce of gold stood at $1,233. The current high is being attributed to surging demand in worldwide by the instability of the world currencies. Many businessmen are now channelling their money into Bitcoin for security reasons. The currency is not under government control.




Write it down. It is rumoured in the business circles that the Bitcoin will be worth £10,000 in THREE YEARS






We are excited to present to you Kitengela Manor! 





We are excited to present to you Kitengela Manor! Another Genuine and Affordable prime property with Property Reality Limited (PRC) located in Kitengela, Kajiado County. Kitengela Manor is a must own property that is strategically located behind KAG University and only 11km from the tarmac. . The area has experienced rapid growth in  the real estate sector and is among the most sought after neighborhoods due to its infrastructural developments and affordability. There are numerous social amenities in the area; that include supermarkets, universities, shopping malls, entertainment spots and Maasai Ostrich Park, which hosts Ostrich races on Sundays.

Additionally  electricity lines pass through the property .
Features and Amenities
* Proximity to Kitengela Town
* Water and electricity available
* All-weather Murram roads
* Good Security- Police post within the locality
* KAG University
* Kitengela International School
* Kampala University

Plot Reservation
For only KES 699,000 regular plot ,reservation is on  payment of 30% deposit.
A/C NO: 1167585550




ABC Bank in its endeavors to take care of all your Financial needs has believes that Life, Health and Security of your loved ones is of utmost priority, and so through our banc assurance unit we have designed an Insurance product abc D’ Bouquet  - Contact Ann on +254 720807039  or Whatsapp +254 701 700 700 - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION













Get your Funeral Insurance from ABC Bank Kenya

It costs you less than £100 a year.





















DAY 1A - MONDAY 20TH MARCH: When going to Israel from UK we had to check in at Heathrow Airport 3 hours before departure. We all met at Heathrow Terminal 4 on 20th March at 11.00 a.m. The security check is done by Israel Secret Service (Mossad) where they interview everyone individually before allowing you to proceed to check-in. The flight departed on time for the 4 hours flight arriving in Tel Aviv at 21.00 hours. We found our Guide and our bus driver waiting for us at the airport. We travelled 2 hours to our hotel Dona Gracia in the Sea of Galilee, Taberias next to Syria for the night. Talk of Syria?




From left is Mrs. is Mr. Githinji and Pastor Jane Njiiri posing in front of Sycamore Tree near Jericho, Israel where Zaccheus (Zakayo) - Luke 19:4 - climbed to see Jesus as he passed by. On right is Mrs. Mary Nzambu posing with the statue of King David in Mount of Zion where King David was buried. - CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO







Prime Land for Sale with ready Title Deeds ( Owner in the UK)

1/8 plots for sale at Mwalimu farm in Ruiru, Kiambu near the proposed Eastern By-Pass adjoining Thika Rd Superhighway and Kangundo road. Price KShs. 575,000 TITLE included ( Approx GBP 4,520/ USD 5,580). The land is located about 15 kms (9 miles) from Outer ring road (under construction into the super Highway); about 30 Kilometres from Nairobi City Centre and about 5 Kilometres from Kangundo Road/Eastern By-Pass Junction

The Land is viable for various development projects including Commercial and residential, some already with Gated Communities.

If interested Contact:
Mr Wilfred on +254 711 923 157 for directions and Site visit.

Payments to be deposited at:
Mohammed & Kinyanjui Advocates
Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Account Number: 01136126648200
Branch: Nairobi Business Centre
Swift Code: KCOOKENA
Branch Code: 11051

Once you make payment send Email to or alternatively drop the payment slip to the following office:
Mohammed & Kinyanjui advocates
Bemuda Plaza,
1st Floor, Suite B5,
Ngong Road
Telephone: +254 714 650 001
1. Bank Payment Slip (Three equal months Installment can be considered and discount for cash buyers as well)

2. Kenyan ID or Passport

3. KRA Pin No

4. Two Passport photos

Once a 50% deposit or full payment is received , a plot will be allocated . A Title will be issued within 90 days. For further details please contact the owner in UK on +44 7724037585 or gain you can contact Mr. Seed in UK on +44 7951220695  -






Jerusalem City in Israel


In Israel we have Old Jerusalem City and the New Jerusalem City. The old Jerusalem city is within the walls of Jerusalem while the New Jerusalem is the area surrounding the Old Jerusalem City. Currently the population of the Old Jerusalem is 28,000 people of which 16,000 are Arabs. I've been reading my new Israel guide book and noticed that the Muslim quarter of the old city is rather large in comparison to the Jewish and other quarters. I am rather surprised to see this as I was always under the impression it was mostly Jewish. Is the old city more Arab/Muslim than Jewish? The Jewish quarter looks very small. Is it small? It even appears as though the outside of the old city is Arab community. Jewish population of Jerusalem is smaller than the Arab/Muslim population.




Due to public demand Ease World Travel in conjunction with Mr. Seed

To make easier for everyone you can pay instalments.

1) TOUR ONE: 11th June 2017 to 20th June 2017 - PRICE £1,150

1) TOUR TWO: 6th November 2017 to 14th November, 2017 - PRICE: £1,150

2) TOUR THREE: 12th March 2018 to 20th March 2018 - PRICE: £1,150

3) TOUR FOUR: EASTER 2018 - 26th March 2018 to 4th April, 2018 - PRICE £1,280.

PRICE inclusive of Flight, accommodation, bed, breakfast and tour bus and guide.

Money paid directly to EASE WORLD TRAVEL. A deposit of £200 required but if you start early they can accept a £100 deposit.

Over 20 people have already booked.

For more information and to book contact Grace of Ease World Travel on + 44 7425 750438 - email: or Mr. Seed on +44 7951220695.

NOTE: All prices are based on current cost of flight; hotel and ground transport charges and are subject to adjustment in the event of any significant change in accordance with travel agency booking terms and conditions.

Hotel/Hostel accommodations
Breakfasts and Dinners while in Israel
All standard tips (driver, guide and all hotel tips)
(Jerusalem Encounter 2017) with afternoon tours
Ground transportation in chartered buses to all sites listed and hotel transfers

A deposit of £200.00 per person is required to secure your booking and the remainder of the balance is to be paid within 8 weeks of travel. Or the full amount of the booking should be paid up front should you book within 8 weeks of travel.

Passport Fees
Travel Insurance
Visas and Passports

EU passports must be the full 5 or 10 year type and valid for at least 6 months after date of LEAVING Israel. No visa is required. Non EU passport holders require a visa and are advised to check with the Israeli Embassy, Consulate section.

AFTER PAYING THE DEPOSIT you are connected with the Whatsapp Group so that the journey starts immediately.

A Kenyan group from Luton have just come back from Israel and another group including Mr. Seed is leaving on Monday 20th March 2017.

You can book for your parents or relatives in Kenya and you meet in Israel. That is how a group of Zimbabweans have done.

EASE WORLD TRAVEL are the one who booked Dennis Njiiri (Baby Seed) 4 months World Tour as from 4th October 2016 to 6th February 2017. There was no single problem on his booking.

We thank God for everything.
Mr. Seed – London














Can you afford to buy a property in Kenya?

You don't have to settle in Kenya but have a lifeline - you never know of tomorrow!

Over 200 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year. 23 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by calling an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:







Several Kenyans living in the UK renewed their baptism in River Jordan on Friday 24th March, 2017. The team later visited the City of Jericho before heading to Lazarus Tomb in Betheny. On right is Mr. Seed caught at the reception of Bethlehem Hotel.












    "Hold a true friend with both hands". ~ African proverb






















Do you have your PIN from KRA in Kenya?

Do you know that you cannot buy or sell a property in Kenya without a Pin?

Do you know that so many people in the Diaspora have lost their cars, land, plots and even containers at the Port of Mombasa because they don't have a PIN? Wake up and get one whenever you are in the diaspora. The PIN will come to you through your Whatsapp or email whenever you are. Do you have your Identity Card with you or a copy of your Identity Card with you or somewhere in Kenya?

If YES, you can get it online or we can help you get one through Misterseed Kenya Services. Ask whoever is having your Identity Card to send you a copy through Whatsapp or Email and forward this to us and you get your PIN within TWO DAYS whenever you are. For more information please contact Mr. Seed through Whatsapp +44 7951220695 or - serving the Community INSIDE and OUTSIDE  Kenya - Giving Service to the Community.




















A Kenyan lady in London is a making a big impact in the community after opening modern Hair Studio (Salon) in Barking, London. Mrs. Beth Kungu and her daughter launched their new premises last year. Betty's Unisex Hair Studio is located at Unit 37, Barking Mall, Vicarange Field Shopping Centre, IG11 8DH opposite Barking Train Station. Beth who has many years of experience even before coming to the UK is the official hair stylist for Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe among other dignitaries. Beth has taken time to qualify with hair dressing with several certificates in UK. Her studio specialises in Stylist do African, Asian and Caucasian (European), Nail technician and Make-up artist. They also sell X-pression, Kenyan hair, crochet braids and many more. You need to book an appointment for the services. All buses going Barking will drop you at the Studio which is 3 minutes away from Train Station. She is also offering some refreshments in case you wake up late for the appointment - drinks, tea and coffee are on the menu. She is also on digital platform - Tel: 07735389332, 07865939152, Facebook Betty's Unisex hair Studio, Twitter @BUHS and Instagram styledbysandrine.











Contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or

 Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -


While visiting Kenya a few weeks ago, I visited several Banks,  property developers as well as politicians. I happened to visit Urithi Housing Society where I found several interesting ongoing projects. Below are some of the projects I visited which are quite affordable. Meet Jane Wanjiru who works for Urithi Housing Society, an outstanding sales lady who is doing quite well. Contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or




These  are the Bungalows in Juja along Juja Farm Road, 3.5 km from Juja going for KShs. 4 million.




2) Panorama Gardens along Gatanga Road  coming up 3-Bedroom houses (Selling Off Plan)

Panorama Gardens 3-bedroom coming up houses are  located  along Gatanga Road. These land is in Thika along Gatanga road 6km from Blue Post Hotel and 9mins drive from Thika road.



These Bungalow houses are in Nkoroi, about 4kms from Rongai town, 3 bedroom

Bungalows, water and electricity on site-sh4.2m, deposit 50 per cent balance  in 1 year.



These houses are located opposite Mangu High School, 3.5 kilometres from Thika Road


5) Panorama Gardens along Gatanga Road Plots for Sale

Panorama Gardens is located  along Gatanga Road. These land is in Thika along Gatanga road 6km from Blue Post Hotel and 9mins drive from Thika road with red soil, Ideal for development. 1/8-2.6 (commercial) 1/8 - KShs. 2.25 m (residential), 1/4 acre - KShs. 4.4m, 1/2 acre - KShs. 8.4m.


Just 4.5km from Namanga road and 6km from Kitengela Town.
Price ksh 950,000
Booking ksh 500,000
Size 50x100
Balance 4 months
With ready titles.

For more information please contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or




Contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department.
Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609
Email 1:|Website:
Email 2:
Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -














Coop Bank now giving loan at 10 per cent for Diasporans only


During my recent visit to Kenya, I met the Co-operative Bank Diaspora Team where the team explained to me the wide range of products which they have tailored for Kenyans in the Diaspora. The bank is now offering the best loans at 10 per cent to Kenyans in the Diaspora. They are currently offering the Mortgage product for Purchase of property, Construction and Equity Release where you give them a developed property as a collateral for funds to undertake another project. You can email them or WhatsApp the team for more information including account opening. Alternatively you can contact Mr. Seed on, Tel: +44 7951220695. See above with Mr. Seed (3rd from right) is Julieanne Onsando (2nd from right) Relationship Manager, Tel: +254722343097 (on WhatsApp), Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609 or, Milka Wachira (centre in red) Head of Diaspora Banking - Tel: +254 722451885 (on WhatsApp) and email:, and Francis Xavier (2nd from left) , Relationship Manager, Tel: +254 720360405 (with WhatsApp) and his email is Mention Ref. Mr. Seed London. Many Kenyans in the Diaspora can afford to raise 20 per cent deposit and now Coop Bank is giving the balance at 10 per cent interest.






Kenyan Parents

Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni












Bandit Paradise: Heavily armed herders invade conservancies, ranches in Laikipia - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Mary Njonjo (2nd from left in her office with Mr. Mugo the Marketing Manager and Mr. Seed.

On right Mr. Seed with Heri Home CEO in their office showing him the projects on the pipeline.


Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes contact is +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

"Since I met Heri Homes, things are no longer the same. They are changing lives in the Community" - Mr. Seed


Meet Mary Njonjo the Marketing Manager of Heri Homes, Nairobi, Kenya who has a record sales of property in the Diaspora. From 6th October 2016 she has sold more than 100 houses to Kenyans in the diaspora. That is a record sale because nobody has ever achieved this. What is behind Heri Homes success story? I have just returned from Kenya a few days ago and after touring all of their projects I came up with one conclusion. Their success lies with three things: Honesty, Completing their projects on time and their sales model of OFF PLAN where you buy their property before they start building, you make a deposit of 20 per cent and they give a sales agreement and you will be topping the balance within the construction time of 18 months. If at the end of the 18 months you are unable to complete their payment you then go to the bank for the balance and if you a member of their Sacco, you can go for the balance in their Sacco. During my visit in Kenya last week I took them to Co-operative Bank where the bank has agreed to finance those in the diaspora with 10 per cent three months prior to project completion. Heri Homes have projects going, coming up soon and many projected projects. If you dont have enough money to raise the deposit you can start saving with their Sacco or through Heri Homes and when you save enough, you can then catch up with the next off plan project. Soon they are coming back to the UK and also going to the USA in middle of the year before heading to Australia at the of this year. The company also hosted a dinner for me in a Westland restaurant during my visit. This is a company which is making a big impact with Kenya in the Diaspora. Here are some of their projects you can buy from Heri Homes. They have projects in Daystar University Hostels 1 and 2, Kikuyu Road 1 and 2 and Kitsuru 1 and 2. You can contact them either to buy to fix you in their record so that when they visit the diaspora next time, they will notify you.


Upcoming groundbreaking prices countdown has began;
KIKUYU HEIGHTS: (Kikuyu phase 2, phase 1 complete ).
1 bedroom- Kshs. 2.6 m - 2 bedroom - Kshs. 3.6m
3bedroom - Kshs. 4.8m
All with lifts, very near phase 1 on Kikuyu road of Naivasha road,near ILRI from Uthiru.
Ground breaking of phase 2 was done on 21st January 2017



KITSURU 1 - structure is complete and show house is almost ready, pictures above.


KITSURU 2 - spacious 3 bedroom and 3 bedroom with dsq.( price is Kshs. 7.5 m & 8.5 million) respectively. GROUND BREAKING on 11 th February 2017...current prices are very low. Estimated rental income is 70k & 80k respectively, location is 200 m from new Kitisuru Nakumatt..10 mins drive from westlands,and 7 mins from southern bypass.


Current house price is Kshs. 4.5 million, in the next 2- 3 weeks price expected to be 5.2 m.
Structures complete and interior finishings ongoing. HANDOVER CEREMONY soon.


Near phase 1,
Off plan prices are 1 bed (Kshs. 2.6 million), 2 bed (KShs. 3.6m), (KShs. 4.8m).prices will double by completion which is in18 months.
GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY IS 21st of January 2017.Both this projects are off Naivasha road,near kabete polytechnic, or ILRI .15-20 mins to Yaya and Hurlingham.


Mr. Seed (6th from left) with Heri Homes Management Team at Daystar University

Hostels and on right in Westland Restaurant where they hosted a dinner for Mr. Seed


So far so good, we broke ground on 16 h July last year. we are currently on third floor, structure expected to be finished in May this year, and completion is DEC end of this year. Handover expected next year jan- Feb. dates to be confirmed.
Bedsitters Kshs. 1.6 m, -  One bed KShs. 2.4 m
Project is 200 metres from Daystar university near Athi river great intersection for overpass road running concurrently to Mombasa road - Westlands will start at the Daystar junction.
Daystar project prices projected to appreciate to 1.8 m soon.
Ground breaking coming up soon. Price KShs. 1.6 million.
Those wishing to open an account or Loan @10 per cent interest from Co-operative Bank, please contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department. Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609 Email 1:|Website: Email 2:


I also visited other Property Developers in Kenya. What are they offering. More later.

Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes contact is +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

"Since I met Heri Homes, things are no longer the same." - Mr. Seed


DO YOU KNOW: Over 40 people have met and married through www.mistersed and over 5,000

people have bought a property through - Marking a difference in the community.






UK outreach church has moved to memorial community church, Plaistow


The PCEA UK OUTREACH LONDON congregation has moved from ST. MATHEWS CHURCH, DYSON ROAD Stratford to MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CHURCH (The former Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow), 395 BARKING ROAD, Plaistow, E13 8AL, opposite Plaistow Police Station. It held its first Sunday Service on Sunday 6th, November, 2016 from 2.00pm. For more information please contact Rev. Kibathi on 07946700301 or Mrs. Grace Koimburi - 07908227728.











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